Dove Intense Damage Therapy Leave On Review

Dove Intense Damage Therapy Leave On Review

Hello Angels,

This post is for beauties with dry frizzy hair, who is in constant hunt for products that will help keep their hair in control. I’m one among them :toothygrin:


dove intense damage therapy leave in conditioner

I thought a brief history about my hair care routine would be a good way to start with. I had not used shampoo until I entered my college. All I used was “Arappu(Ailaa) + Sikhakai Powder” once a week on a well oiled hair. My Sundays were dedicated completely for my hair care. Nicely Oiling(sesame oil), Washing, drying , de-tangling, Oiling again (coconut oil to avoid further tangles) and finally plaiting :toothygrin:


dove conditioner ingredients

My hair was so thick that my mom would struggle to de-tangle and plait it :pigtail:

Gone are those good olden days. It has been 5 yrs since I have moved out of my home town to 3 different cities for work. Today I’m left with only half the volume of hair which is dry and frizzy if not loaded with products 🙁

The reason for change in my hair volume and texture could be
1. Lack of the practice of oiling the hair before hair wash
2. Change of water (Due to change of place)
3. Missing healthy home food 😥
4. Experimenting with so much of chemical products.

Oops, I forgot about reviewing the product 😛 . Lets come to the point.
After shampoo + conditioner I prefer using a serum or a leave-on
conditioner to tame my wavy frizzy hair.

I was religiously using Livon for about 3 yrs and was quite happy with the result. Just that I got bored of using the same product for so many years I wanted to try other products too :))

I had quite decent experience with the Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and conditioner. So picked this believing it would work in the same way. Did it work ? Lets see.

What Dove has to say about this product :

Please refer to the picture above which tells you about their claim, how to use it and what all it contains. Though I didn’t get all the ingredients, I can see that it has castor oil and sunflower seed oil in some form.

It is INR.160 for 50 ml

My Experience :

I have been using this product on and off for about 3 months and thought would do a review on it.

It comes in a blue plastic bottle with a weird cap. Once I have opened the screw cap I found a triangular projection through which the product comes out. The blue screw cap once opened, cannot be closed again 😕 I tired screwing and pressing down really hard and it did not work. So I just left it like that. It did not spoil the product though. You can see that in the picture.

nozzle dove

The consistency of the product is quite thick and it is in pearly white color. I use twice the amount of product shown in the below picture for my long hair which will be around 15 cms below my shoulder length.

dove swatch

I use it on my towel dried hair. When I rub it between my hands and onto my hair, it feels really cool. I detangle immediately with a big comb. De-tangling becomes so easy after applying that. The comb just slides through my hair.

It smell similar to their Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and conditioner, just a stronger version. But The strong smell lingers for a while after applying and gradually fades off.

Though my hair is not severely damaged, I use this to make my hairsofter, shinier and more manageable. It does make my hair softer (In comparison when I use only shampoo+conditioner) but nothing dramatic.

Positive Points :

1. De-tangling is like a dream.
2. Hair feels softer.
3. It does not weigh my hair.
4. Gives nice bounce to my waves.
5. Has a nice strong flowery fragrance (Might be a put off for some

Negatives Points :

1. Weird bottle cap design.
2. Does not add any significant shine to my hair
3. Does not make my hair straight (I used to get straightened effect
when I use Livon. Dove did not claim anything about that though)
4. Did not give any dramatic change on my hair.

Overall verdict :

Overall its a so-so product which acts as a good de-tangler and keeps hair softer to an extend. You can try it if you have difficulty in
de-tangling your hair. It is nothing like a must try.

Rating : 3/5

Catch you later gals.

Bye 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Dove Intense Damage Therapy Leave On Review

  1. I havent tried anything form Dove for ages now.. I am kinda tempted to give this a try.. O:) Especially during monsoons , i get hair fall and if this helps in detangling nothing like it. :thumbsup:

  2. Wowww, you used to take lot of care earlier, age old recipes are seriously better then any cosmtic product!! Its sad, you have to depend on these now ! Awesome review, I enjoyed reading the first part a lot which was not about the review ! 😀

  3. Same pinch Karpagam :toothygrin: I too had never used shampoo until my 10std and used to only use aritha and shikakai powder to wash my hair and now me too facing the same hair is not even half of what it was earlier and i remember my mom used to shout that she got spondilis becoz she had to remove all the tangles from my hair :tongue:
    Grt review :thanks:

  4. Ever since Dove inflicted me with dandruff (and it took me three painful months to get rid of it), I’ve been wary of this brand. :suspense: I hate Livon precisely because it straightens my already thin, poker straight hair and makes them appear limp. Although I may not buy this one for myself, I’ll tell my friend who has thick, wavy hair like yours. :toothygrin:

  5. I hateeee dove’s instense damage therapy range..the only thing they did was intensely damage my already damaged hair . Plus they can never clean the scalp,everything gets build up :weep: :weep:

      1. Currently L’Oreal Total Repair 5 range is helping to bring back the lost shine and volume of my hair…but for frizzyness I am still on the lookout for the right product…both Dove and Livon made my hair look limp 🙁

  6. nice review karpagam :yes: I was thinking about buying this after the pantenee repair & care…but may be i ll go for livon instead 😀

  7. Oh god this is one waste product from Dove! I cant imagine I bot 2 bottles of dis during my college days believing it’d do sumthin! :waaa: did absolutely nothing to my hair except make it smell better and ‘Dove’y..but that’s just about it! Gave me dandruff too!! pfft!!

  8. I think u should try Loreal Liss Ultime srum….it comes in a lavender clear bottle & works great for frizzy hair

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