Dove Intense Repair Conditioner Review

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner Review

Hello Ladies,

Recently, I got an ultimatum from my husband to clean the shower cabinet, and remove the products I am not using regularly. I hope you all understand what a difficult task it is to decide what you do not need regularly. Anyway, I took good amount of time and arranged the cabinet as asked for. While doing that, I found Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, and that reminded me that I was supposed to review it.  I reviewed the shampoo from same range some 6 months back, but the conditioner review was pending. I used the remaining product in the last few weeks, so that I can refresh my memory for the review.


Product Description:

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner with patented MICROMOISTURE Serum and Fiber Actives internally reconstructs hair and prevents split ends and breakage.


Ingredients Conditioner

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My Experience with Dove Intense Repair Conditioner:

First, let me tell you about my hair. I have wavy/curly, dry hair, which is prone to frizz and unmanageable at times. Otherwise, my hair is shiny and when heat styling is done, it looks very good 😉 So, I have used this conditioner with the shampoo from same range and with other shampoos too and the result in both cases was quite the same. It made my hair soft to touch, did not weigh down my hair, controlled frizz to some extent and hair was shiny. But the tall claims of intense repair by controlling breakage and split ends were not met. Yes the hair ends felt soft, and no more new split ends formed (as ends were moisturized well).

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner 2

Texture wise, it is as creamy as other Dove conditioners and has the signature Dove smell.  It contains silicone, so while washing it gives that sticky feel on skin which I do not like at all. This conditioner was used by my niece once when she stayed at our place. She has fine, straight but dry hair, and this conditioner worked wonderfully.  Her hair was so silky after using this. It even worked very well for my husband’s straight, silky, normal hair (lucky people, I wish we can exchange hair).  On the whole, a good conditioner to make hair soft, but do not expect a lot if your hair is like mine.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner 4

Pros of Dove Intense Repair Conditioner:

  • Makes hair soft, does not weigh down hair.
  • Controls frizz to some extent.
  • Makes ends soft, so reduces split ends.
  • Nice smell.
  • Sturdy packaging.

Cons of Dove Intense Repair Conditioner:

  • Contains silicones and parabens.
  • Can cause buildup.
  • Does nothing for reducing breakage and repair of hair condition/texture.
  • Gives sticky feel when washing.

Do I Recommend Dove Intense Repair Conditioner?

For fine, straight hair yes, but for hair like mine no. Average product, contains silicones, so think and decide according to your preference.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (for curly/wavy, unruly, frizzy hair) 3.5/5 (for straight, fine, manageable hair).

Will I Repurchasing Dove Intense Repair Conditioner?


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26 thoughts on “Dove Intense Repair Conditioner Review

  1. U know all the dove shampoos and conditioners make my hair soft and silky but does nothing to damage or split ends what they actually claim *waaa*

  2. i was a loyal user of dove…. but it made my hair really dry after a certain period of time…. Its because of the sillicones in it i guess… Later on i had severe hairfall.. But when i stopped using the dove products my hairfall got reduced to a greater eXtent … So its always stick to shampoos that are free of chemicals especially silicones… dove is so dud *spank* *spank* *spank*

    1. Hey preeti… the silicon in shampoos make a cover on our natural hair which makes it look soft and shiny, but over the time this layer gets thick make makes hair look body less and dry, this is build up and to clear this build up we should use a clarifying shampoo (silicon free) once a week or in 2 weeks.
      for more info read these

  3. sweta, i have as same hair as yours.can u pls tell me which shampoo and conditioner u r using….i want to get rid of my wavy, dry, unruly and frizzy hair *waaa* *waaa*

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