Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo Review

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

I have used Dove shampoo and conditioner since ages. Initially, I used the Intense Repair one, dark blue, then my hair got a lot better because of it, but I started neglecting putting oil in my hair, so I was having hair fall issues. So, I decided to use the Dove Hair Fall Therapy, light brown, hair products. Everyone in my family uses Dove shampoos, but we all have different needs, so we shop according to color, we just search for our color on the isle and pick up our respective colors.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

Product Description:
A unique blend with non-greasy natural almond and mineral oils that are so fine, they are rapidly absorbed to deeply nourish and replenish essential nutrients. It’s next generation nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair.


Rs. 64 for 90 ml.

In December first week, when I went for my usual grocery shopping, I picked up the shampoo which looked brown to me. After coming home, I realized that I had picked up this new Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo! I was disheartened but decided to give it a go anyway and boy was I in for a fabulous surprise! This shampoo was like magic for my hair; especially in winter, my hair tends to get much drier, don’t we all face and hate that, but after using this shampoo, I didn’t feel like I had stripped my hair of all its oil! I do want to try it with its complementary conditioner as I think it will work much better.

Dove shampoo

Call me childish but I was a little disappointed to see that the shampoo did not have ribbons of oil running through it 😀 but was just was a light goldenish-creamish-shiny-white. It has no strong smell but rather soft smelling like any Dove shampoo.

Below is a “before shot” of my hair:

before shot

Now, I present the “after shot.”

after shot

I have brown hair, so in the “before shot,” you can notice that they seem much dull and sort of flat, but in the after shot, notice the shine! There is no change in the flash and I have not edited the photo, it’s just that before my hair was dry but the shampoo delivered a massive wash of shine to it, so they appeared almost golden under the flash! (I have no artificial coloring or highlights!) I was AMAZED!!

The texture also feels so soft! My mother’s comment was “gulab ke phool ki tarha soft lag rahein hain (they feel soft like rose petals!)” and trust me when I say my mother is not easy to please!

Also, it does leave an “oily” feeling, rest assured. I was skeptical about trying an oil-based shampoo because I did not want to have that residual feeling in my hair which I thoroughly despise as I generally tend to have greasy hair. My experience was so satisfying that I’m always going to use this shampoo.

Next, I will buy its conditioner and maybe update you guys about it.  All said and done, this is my favourite mistake of year 2011. All’s well that ends well indeed! 😀

To sum up:

Pros of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo:

  • It really does what it says.
  • Does not have a strong smell, like some other oil-controlled shampoos.
  • It’s from Dove, they know what they are talking about when it comes to hair!
  • Price is worth the product.

Cons of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo:

  •  Ummmmmm, I genuinely have none to give, but like with any shampoo, it may suit some, it may not suit others.

Would I Recommend Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo?

Yes to anyone who has any complaints of dried-out hair after shampooing or those who want to add some shine to their hair with every wash.


5/5 hands down!

Happy Makeuping! 😀

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55 thoughts on “Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo Review

  1. super post dear :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:
    me in love with dove shampoos too :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  2. Hi Nafisa, this is the current fav shampoo of my husband as well, completely solved all his hair problems. I have oily hair so I don’t use dove products as I feel they weigh my hair down. But a very nicely written review :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. Yeah ppl with very oily hair don’t prefer Dove, hope they come up with a crackin product to suit those needs soon too! 🙂 n thanku!

  3. 5/5 hmm perhaps this is the first product that I saw having this score 🙂
    I have a problem of dried out scalp….mayb I shall buy this once my wish list of biotique shampoos is done with…Nice review Nafisa!

  4. i am already using dove nourishing oil care conditioner.. quite happy with it..
    next will try this :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    :thanks: for you review nafisa (and my sis in law name is nafisa too :)) )

  5. wse dove stffs do make my hairz wght dwn..need 2 wash evry 2nd day.. .i have oily scalp wd dry hair. .wil dis one suit me. ?

  6. nice review nafisa! but sadly it made my hair go all limp and oily :(( but it worked wonders for my roomie.. her hair is frizzy and she has a tough time taming it, and this shampoo totally suited her! :victory2:

    1. 🙁 thats the thing with shampoos, its always trial & error, it took me several tries with different brands to finally settle on Dove products…as long as u find that 1 brand that works for u, i guess trial & error is well worth it! 🙂

  7. Nice review Nafisa even i use dove intense repair shampoo and conditioner also have used the treatment conditioner and also the oil one and all of them suit my dry frizzy hair :yahoo:

  8. I have extremely dry, frizzy curly hair.. will this suit me? Does its conditioner helps in detangling.. kindly advise..

    1. U certainly sound the type that it would help, it should suit u. Give it a try i’d say 🙂 & yes, with my experience, conditioners help in detangling. The thing with frizzy hair is that u should be careful not to spend too much time in the shower, the more the water that flows over your hair, the more its natural oils get washed out. So as soon as feel the saopiness of the shampoo clear from ur hair, turn the water down. & oiling ur hair should help u too! 🙂 G’luck & hope this helps u out!

  9. Hi nafisa… I also use the dark blue variant of dove cos its the only one that suits me.. But like u im facing this prob of dry hair in winters.. The other day at spencers i was tempted to pick this up bt was not so sure whether it wud be good or not.. Im glad u reviewed it.. Thank u.. I can safely try it now :thanks:

  10. nice review nafisa…i hav used both the oil nourish shampoo n conditioner…but this weighs my hair down…n the second day it is all flat n limp….which makes it impossible to leave it open….my hair is a little bit on the dry side..i am still looking for my hg shampoo…any suggestions??? ?:)

  11. i have curly and dry frizzy hair. :shocked: will definitely try this shampoo. hope it will suit me too :whistle: :whistle:

  12. even i am a loyal “dove” customer when it comes to shampoo n conditioner. i hav been using the blue one for quite some time nw and m quite happy wid d results. wanna try this one nw. just hav 1 question. i always oil my hair, one night in advance. so the oil based shampoo + oiled hair already… do u think that wud leave my hair oily? ?:)

  13. hey hi

    agree with you..well said.. i have a long waist length hair but recently i was struggling with its dryness..i gave this shampoo a try..i was really satisfied than any other shampoo that promises dryness care(even Dove dryness care doesnt do this) was awesome..i used just the shampoo and not the conditioner..after this my hair was not that dry and shiny n soft..i used this for a month..the result gets better on wash after wash…since i got dandruff i was compelled to choose an antidandruff.. but m longing to get back to this shampoo ASAP..

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