Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum Review

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum Review

If you have wavy/curly hair like me, then frizzy and dry hair must be a nightmare for you. To have a quick fix for these hair problems, we mostly run to serums for rescue. So, after getting impressed by Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Hair Mask, I decided to give a try to the serum from the same range.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum Review


Rs. 300 for 40 ml.

What Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum Claims:

Hair that appears dry and dull on the outside are actually damaged from the inside. To combat this dryness of hair, Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum gives instant nourishment to your hair. It has revolutionary Vita-Oils that get easily absorbed to replenish essential oils.  This nourishment smoothens up to 99% of roughness leaving your hair softer and shinier!

Hair Serum

How To Use:

  • Pump the serum 3 to 5 times onto your palm.
  • Apply evenly through wet or dry hair.
  • Then style as desired. No need to rinse.


Hair Serum

My Experience with Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum:

For me, this serum does what it claims, and I feel, this is the best serum I have used so far. It is apt for my dry, frizzy hair. I mostly use it on dry hair and it brings instant shine and softness to my hair. For me, mostly my bad hair day comes a day or 2 days after hair wash. Hair feels dry and unmanageable, at such times, just 3 drops of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum works as a life saver. Though if I use it for two consecutive days, hair feels a little oily, but that condition is rare.

Hair Serum

It comes in a transparent, plastic, see-through container, with a pump nozzle. This saves me from poring excess serum. This serum is golden in colour, looks like normal almond oil and it has a pleasant smell, which lingers in my hair throughout the day. This has shelf life of 30 months.

Hair Serum

Pros of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum:

  • Has goodness of vita oil (Almond, Sunflower, and Coconut).
  • Makes hair shiny and very smooth.
  • Smoothes down frizzy, unruly hair.
  • Has a pleasant fragrance, which lingers for long.
  • Pump nozzle prevents wastage of serum.

Cons of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum:

  • Hair may look oily if this serum is used every day.
Final Verdict for Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum:
This serum lives up to its clams. It works very well on dry, frizzy hair to smooth them down. Gives nice shine to the hair, with pleasant smell that lingers.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum?

Sure, I will.

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38 thoughts on “Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita Oil Serum Review

  1. Sounds like a good product. i am a dove fan and i use the dry and damaged range. Once the serum gets over will pick this up. Nice review..

  2. I’ve always loved Dove prods… I don know what happend to me last time, I went to the super mart and thought of giving Garnier’s serum a try!!! my gawd! it din work pout for me at all!!!
    My hair is realyy really very curly and frizzy and this Garinier’s serum ruined my curls 🙁
    i don know wat to do with this serum 🙁 i’ll have to give Dove a chance 🙂 hope this works :/

    Nice review sweta 🙂

    1. Great !!! 🙂 congrats IMBB 🙂 and I’m a newbie to IMBB dso Hi to all the lovely ladies out there 🙂 and a very Good morning 🙂

  3. The Oil Care range shampoo and conditioner dries my already dry hair 😮 May be this will work! Will give a try 🙂 Thank you for the review 🙂

    1. Hi namita,
      I have noticed a pattern in the shampoos and conditioners I have used so far, most of them mosturize ur hair in the begining but after sometime they stop working that well…
      Not sure what is the reason behind this.
      But may be because of this only many people suggest to keep changing the shampoo and conditioners from time to time 🙂

  4. nice review Shweta. I love Dove products too and I have used this and its pretty good. I alterate between this and the matrix one and I use a hair serum every day. without a serum my hair will just not behave well.

  5. sounds really good. I guess i would give this a shot . Plus during this humid weather my is getting quite frizzy. this looks like a good tamer. 😀

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