Dove Pro Age Body Wash – Anti-ageing For Your Skin

Dove Pro Age Body Wash

Heylo Girls….

I am really fond of good bath products. And Dove so far, has really won my trust. It is so far the the most trustworthy brand for me. So I laid my hands on Dove Pro Age Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture from a supermarket nearby. Read on to find out how this product fared with me.

Product Description:

A body wash with –
• With sunflower & olive oil
• NutriumMoisture


Product Claims:

Dove Nourishing Body Wash is committed to making a real difference in your skin’s condition. How it works: it nourishes your skin as it gently cleanses to optimise surface cell turnover for vital, luminous skin. It contains: NutriumMoisture™ – our unique blend of moisturisers enriched with skin-natural lipids, which absorb into the skin to nourish while you shower. Sunflower and Olive oils – rich in conditioning lipids to help maintain skin’s moisture barrier. Because beautiful skin has no age limit.Dove_Pro_Age_Body_Wash__2_

What is Pro.Age??
• Faster cell turnover
• Plenty of nourishment
• Rich emollients
Pro Age beauty products for dull tired skin
Pro Age is different
Because beautiful skin has no age limit

How Pro Age beauty products work:
• AHA Solution to get rid of dead skin cells and help activate new ones.
• Glycerin to add critical hydrating nourishment and improve cell turnover.
• Olive oil to provide additional nutrients to your skin.

Dove uses 100% natural moisturizers, including stearic acid, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, and glycerin, to clean skin without stripping its natural oils


Applications for use:

Lather up in the bath or shower with your hands or a bath lily. Rinse off.

My Experience with Dove Pro Age Body Wash:

I am an ardent lover of Dove. I have used almost all its products. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners and now the Body wash. Delhi winters can be quite drying. So any average body wash does not work for me. My skin type is normal-neither dry nor oily. This body wash leaves my skin soft & supple. It feels moisturized but never dry. I like the mild fragrance of this wash. The body wash lathers quite easily and rinses out quite easily. It does not make my skin greasy or sticky. I end up feeling fresh 😀


Pros of Dove Pro Age Body Wash:

• For luminous skin.
• Heavenly fragrance.
• Not tested on animals.
• Doesn’t leave skin oily or greasy after usage.
• Not much quantity is required per use.
• Leaves skin soft and supple.
• Contains sunflower & olive oil – luring ingredients.
• Affordable.
• Lathers well.
• Sturdy packaging, no leakage.
• Good quantity.

Cons of Dove Pro Age Body Wash:

• Price not mentioned on the product. Other than that, nothing comes to my mind.

Would I re-purchase Dove Pro Age Body Wash?

Yes, Dove all the way for me. I’m fond of all Dove products.

Would I recommend Dove Pro Age Body Wash?


IMBB Rating:

5/5 It deserves it.

Have a lovely day Ladies, Ciao … XOXO

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