Dove Pro Age Cream Oil Body Lotion-Review

Dove Pro Age Cream Oil Lotion-Review

Dove says: Dove Cream oil intensive body lotion is the ultimate moisture from Dove for extra dry skin. It combine two powerful moisturizers-skin nourishing oil and rich hydrating cream-in a fast- absorbing lotion that leaves your skin extra soft, extra smooth and extra beautiful.

DoVe Proage Cream Oil Lotion

• Faster cell turnover
• Plenty of nourishment
• Rich emollients

Pro Age beauty body lotion for dull tired skin
Pro Age is different
Because beautiful skin has no age limit

How Pro Age beauty body lotion works:

• AHA Solution to get rid of dead skin cells and help activate new ones.
• Glycerin to add critical hydrating nourishment and improve cell turnover.
• Olive oil to provide additional nutrients to your skin.
Dove Proage Cream Oil Lotion (2)

Price & Quantity:

$6 for 400 ml

My experience with Dove Pro Age cream oil lotion:

I am always on a hunt for a new moisturizer to try and honestly, I drool over products from Dove 😛
Dove pro age cream lotion offers a deep care complex quick fix for dry skin to make it silky smooth. It claims that it will help get rid of dead cells and activate new ones. Also, it contains some extremely healthy ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin that nourishes the skin. It has SPF5 to help prevent UVB damage. But unfortunately, it doesn’t help in making your skin look any younger. I am totally happy with its results in making my skin soft and help fight all the dryness. It feels good when you apply it on your skin. It’s not greasy and gets absorbed fast. It’s not thick or runny. Dove pro age cream oil lotion comes in a very attractive burgundy colored pump bottle. Very classy and easy to use. The scent of the lotion is good and lingers on for quite a long time. It’s quite subtle and not at all overwhelming.
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Yays for Dove Pro age cream oil lotion:

• It is very creamy, gets absorbed quickly and leaves a radiant sheen on the skin.
• Contains some wonderful ingredients like olive oil and glycerin.
• Scent is pleasant and not overwhelming.
• Not at all greasy.
• SPF 5 for sun protection.
• Keep away dryness all day long.
• Does not leave any oily marks.
• Can be used after shower or before bedtime.
• Perfect consistency ensures smooth and easy application.
• Comes in a sturdy ruby red colored pump bottle.
• Hygienic packaging.
• Very economical.

Dove Proage Cream Oil Lotion

Nays for Dove pro age cream oil lotion:

• I was completely baffled by its name-cream oil lotion, as if someone has to use all the synonyms at one time.
• Does not prove right in its claim of making a real difference in skin condition.
• Might not work well in summers.
• SPF5 is too less for skin protection against sun.
• Not available in India.

IMBB Rating:


Dove pro age cream oil lotion is a good cure for dry skin in winter but if you are looking some miracle product that will give you radiant skin then this definitely is not the answer. And I don’t think I would be using this lotion again.

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  1. Cream-oil sounds so fascinating! 😀 sad that not true to claims, though i wish every body lotion came wit th pump no matter what size, they r so convenient n neat!

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