Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream Review

If you have been a Dove person, you would know that the drugstore brand offers amazing quality moisturising products at unbelievably reasonable prices. I picked up Dove Pro-Age Body Wash last winter and loved it to the core. So when I spotted this hand cream from the same range, I had no second thought about the purchase. I was so sure to have it. It’s time to review Dove Pro-Age Nourishing Hand Cream with deep care complex.

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream


Dove Pro Age Nourishment Hand Cream has been specially formulated to provide your hands with what they need right now: faster surface cell turnover, plenty of nourishment, and UVB protection. Dove pro age because beauty has no age limit.

Combining active ingredients that will make skin look and feel better. AHA to get rid of dead skin cells and activate new ones, Glycerine to add hydrating nourishment and help improve cell turnover, Olive Oil to provide nutrients to your skin and SPF 5 to help prevent sun damage.

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand CreamPrice:

£4.5 for 75 ml. Made in UK.


Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream

My Experience with Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream:

In my childhood, I started with Dove soap and I have loved and used it forever. That was just the beginning and I have always liked their body lotions, body washes and shampoo even. This is my first hand cream from Dove and after using it, I wish I could get hold of their foot cream too.

Packaging: The hand cream from Dove Pro-Age Nourishment range comes in a maroon plastic, squeezable tube with white flip open cap. The packaging isn’t fancy yet elegant. It is light weight and travel friendly and can fit in your regular sized bags and purses easily.

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream

Consistency, Texture & Finish: The consistency of Dove Pro-Age Nourishment hand cream is thick and very creamy. It is white creamy hand cream which thoroughly moisturises hands with a dime sized amount of the product. It has mild fragrance which doesn’t stay long after application. When applied to dry hands, it provides instant moisturization, covering both hands with a film of cream without making them greasy or sticky. It absorbs within seconds, sinking into pores to provide ample nourishment for soft and supple hands. It has a matte finish and doesn’t makes skin shiny. The product description states that it contains AHA, Olive oil, glycerine and SPF 5 to protect from sun damage. Overall, it provides deep comfort to dry hands. It is a really caring product for hands from Dove.

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream

Results on skin: Whenever applied, it makes my hands instantly soft, providing necessary hydration and moisture for my dry hands. On the longer run, it has improved my hand’s softness and reduced dry lines. The moisture stays on skin for several hours, 6-7 hours on average which is really good and saves reapplication. I am completely in love with this hand cream.

Dove Pro age Nourishment Hand Cream

Pros of Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream:

  • Contains SPF 5, Glycerine, AHA and olive oil for deep care complex.
  • Provides instant and long lasting moisture, on average 6-7 hours.
  • Absorbs into skin within seconds.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Non greasy or sticky feeling.
  • No excess sweating in hands after application.
  • Reduces dryness lines when used regularly.
  • Definitely hydrating on skin.
  • Suitable for every skin type.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream:

  • Not a Parabens free product!

IMBB Rating:

4.75/5 (Deducted for Parabens only).

Would I recommend/repurchase Dove Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream?

This is such a lovely product that I will love to stay loyal to it no matter what. I will keep this as a second option along with my HG hand cream from Neutrogena, and enjoy using both. Definitely a must have for every girl. Ciao beauties.

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