Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath Review

Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath

Hola Beauties!! How have you all been? I am busy in my studies now that I have been officially relieved from work. CA is really a task to complete. Anyway, giving up is just not my thing, no matter how tough the thing may be. 😀 😀 This is my reason for being so on and off on IMBB, but no worries, I always sneak and peak. 😛 On a lighter note, I want to suggest you all a beautiful French movie that I watched recently, “La belle et la bête”. It is a more mature and simply beautiful adaptation of our beloved classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”, that came out in early 2014. I suggest that you download the version with subtitles and watch it in the original language. It will be a beautiful experience, I assure you of that.

Coming to today’s product, it is a body wash from our favorite brand, Dove. It is Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath, which is an imported product. Read on to find out if it is worth it or not.

Price, Description and Ingredients

Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath comes at a price of Rs. 550/- , for a size of 500ml.

Description :
Experience a refreshing bathing experience with Dove Body Wash that forms rich and bubbly lather when used. Your skin feels soft and well taken care of with regular use of this body wash. Start your day on a fresh note with this body wash that leaves you with an invigorated feel. Washing away dirt and impurities, this body wash leaves you clean and refreshed. Indulge in a luxurious bath with this body wash.
Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath comes in a sturdy flip-top open packaging, which is travel friendly as these factors will definitely prevent leakage. However, the massive size of the product itself beats this con, as it will be too bulky a product to be taken with you on your travels. Check out the pictures for product and ingredients.

My Experience with Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath

I had ordered this from one of the sellers of Flipkart, as I found it of a reasonable cost, considering it was an imported product. At first, the wrong product, i.e. a Dove shampoo was delivered to me instead of the body wash. However, thankfully it was replaced by the seller personally, as soon as I raised a complaint. So, after paying a considerably high price, and this mayhem of replacement, I finally got the product in my hands, and this is my review of it after a usage of around 10 days.
The first thing that you notice when you open a body wash, is its smell. For me, the smell of a body wash it its USP, apart from its texture and performance. It’s a kind of first impression. As far as Dove Supreme Cream Body Oil is concerned, I have yet not quite deciphered my exact feelings for the smell. It is quite close to the Lux deodorant which was purple in color. Although I really liked the fragrance initially, but it makes you a bit nauseated if your nose is in constant proximity of it. Thankfully, the smell just leaves a faint trace after bath, which is soothing and not overly strong.

The texture of the body wash is really thick and creamy, like most of the Dove body washes, and exactly the texture that I prefer in my body washes, sans the sticky feeling. A coin size quantity lathers up well on the loofah and is more than enough for one bath. It cleans thoroughly without leaving behind any greasy or sticky residue. However, unlike what I had expected, this does not leave the skin soft. It just squeaky cleans your body, and you will definitely need a body lotion to quench the thirst of your skin. It is good now in the humid rainy season, and even for summers, but I guess if I am unable to finish it by the onset of winters, I shall keep it aside till next summers, as it will leave the skin very dry.
It does not improve the skin in anyway, nor does it claim anywhere to do so, but the least that I expect from a brand like Dove, is that it should leave my skin clean but soft, not a tad rough as this one does, and I just can’t wait to apply my body lotion after I have taken a bath with this one. The only thing that I can say is, that as in the description, the luxurious lather indeed gives you a pampering kind of bathing experience, but that’s the only positive thing about it.

Summing Up :

Pros  of Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath

• Sturdy packaging which prevents leakage.
• Reasonably priced, considering the quantity and the fact that it is an imported product.
• Smells good. Leaves a faint, flowery trace of scent after bath.
• No greasy or sticky residue left on skins. Cleans squeakily well.
• Little quantity is required to generate luxurious amount of lather. Will last long. (A pity here *cry* )

Cons of Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath

• Skin feels parched after shower. Body Lotion is a must.
• The smell, which is strong initially, is nauseating if you are continuously inhaling it.
• Availability is an issue. Not available easily in India.

IMBB Rating & Recommendation on Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath:
I rate the Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath 2.5/5. It a very average product which you can easily miss. No, I shall not recommend. I will happily go back to my beloved Olay body washes after I use this one a few more times, more to get back my money’s worth than anything else.

Hope you all found my review useful. Till the next time, take care my lovelies. 😀

P.S. I have done a mini haul this time, and there are a few products which I shall be reviewing. Excitedly waiting for my couriers to arrive. *drool* *drool*

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12 thoughts on “Dove Supreme Luscious Velvet Beauty Bath Review

  1. Waiting eagerly for ur future haul reviews …. Loved ur review…. And will b sure to download the french movie and watch it… Beauty and the beast…. Awwww…. How cute…. Well done CA madam

  2. I used to love dove body wash especially those basic ones… guess they did go a little wrong with this one….Good review kadamabari. waiting for more products from your haul. :))

    1. Thaaaaanks rati ma’am *puchhi* even i was shocked to c the results as olay n dove r my hg body wash brands *headbang* me too super excited to review the products from my choti sa haul *happydance*

  3. Baapreee what did they do to dove *headbang* *headbang* they fragrances were always sober *hifive* what did they d to this one *headbang* looks soo moisturising but sadly not that great *headbang* and congrats you got a 500 ml *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

  4. Kadambari! *puchhi*
    So disappointing that this did not work out! That too Dove *nababana*
    I too have been trying a body wash from Dove, which has disappointed me so much. Did not expect this from Dove. We can no more buy Dove blindly thinking that it will be great! *waaa*
    Nicely reviewed, Kadambari! 🙂

    1. Thaaanks *puchhi* ya I know….dove and olay are my hg body wash brands..dats y i never gave second thoughts wen i saw this one online…my bad luck i suppose *headbang* *headbang*

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