Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash Review

Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash

I’ve been trying a lot of body washes throughout the years but always find myself getting a Dove bath product every so often. With the dry skin that winter brings to me, I want to get the best moisturizing products there is possible. Today, I’d be very glad to share with you my experience with Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash.


On Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash Label:

More beautiful skin from a body wash?Absolutely.

Designed to soften skin and dry spots. This unique formula with- our highest concentration of NutriumMoisture- contains natural moisturizers, the building blocks to help improve skin’s look over time. Use daily for soft, smooth skin. Skin is visibly more beautiful in just 1 week. And with continued use, see even better results in 3 weeks. Moisturizers that occur naturally in the skin.

My Experience with Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash:

Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash comes in a white plastic bottle with flip open cap. It is very simple looking and consistent with other Dove bath product design. However, on the label, it says that this is a limited product and this early in this review, I want to say that I hope they make this permanently available in the market.Anyways, the bottle I got has 200 ml of product in it and lasted me 2 weeks. It has that Dove signature scent but slightly different. It smells so fresh and lovely. The scent however does not stay that long on skin. I tried not using a lotion after bathing and I observed that the scent lasted only for an hour on my skin.

The crème itself is white in color and thick and creamy. It is thicker than the Dove Nutrium Body Washes. And I think it lathers better as well. I am glad that it rinses off easily and it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after bath. It gave the same soft feeling as that of regular Dove soaps but I felt that this is more moisturizing. My skin has becomedrier with winter and with the body wash I have used prior to this Dove Crème Body Wash. My thighs are a bit rough and dry and I do hope to get some help with this Dove wash. With 2 weeks of use, I noticed that my rough spots are reduced and my skin over all is definitely less dry as well.Dove_Visible_Care_Softening_Cr_me_Body_Wash__2_
I love Dove for the quality if gives in an affordable price. I got my 200ml Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash for $3 only. I trust this bath crème during winter season and I expect that this will perform better during the summer when I am less dry.

Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash- What I Like:

-Simple yet user friendly packaging.
-Creamy and thick formulation.
-Lathers well. It is easy to rinse.
-Smells fresh and clean.
-Moisturizes skin so well.
-Mild on skin.
-Does not cause irritations.
-Better that regular Dove washes.
-Popular brand.


Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash- What I Don’t Like:

-Limited Edition.
-Scent does not linger long on skin.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Final Thoughts:

I am glad every time I come across budget friendly products that truly deliver. Like this Dove Visible Care Softening Crème Body Wash for instance. Only, this is limited edition but I really hope to be a permanently available in the market. Dove has been one of my favorite brands when it comes to body care and I am happy I tried this crème body wash as it improved my skin condition.

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