Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture Review

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture Review

Hey gals,

How are you all? Today, I am here to share my favorite day time moisturizer from Dr Dennis Gross skin care, which is one of my trustworthy high-end brands in skin care! I stumbled upon this Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture some time back while looking for a decent moisturizer to take care of my sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin.  I wholeheartedly declare that this moisture really helped me to maintain my weird skin type even in extreme cold/hot/fluctuating weather – where we start our mornings in woolen socks and pullovers and then slip into sleeveless outfits and shorts by noon.  I am sitting in my shorts but still cannot take off the socks as I can feel the numbness from cold feet! Anyway, please read on further to know more about Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture with Chelating Complex.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture


$78 for 1 Fl Oz (30 ml), exclusive of taxes.


It is an opaque, water-based white moisturizer which is neither creamy in texture nor gel type.  It does have a faint smell which is barely noticeable after one week of regular usage! It is enclosed in a sleek and attractive metallic white bottle packaging with a pump dispenser opening. I totally love its innovative pump dispenser packaging though it’s risky for traveling purpose, that’s why I have saved its card board cover to keep it safe while traveling.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

My Experience with Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture:

I have been using it religiously since a month and I must stay that I totally love it except for the fact that it might be too mild for my skin during winters, but never mind, I have Intense Hydrating Amorepacific Gel for winters, so no worries!

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

I am still not sure how this chelating complex actually works to remove heavy metal present in tap water from the skin’s surface (which it claims to do so), but I honestly feel much clear, clean and glowing skin than before! In fact I noticed drastic decrease in my acne and blemishes and also got touchably soft and smooth skin texture within one week of its initial usage which makes me believe on its claims!

I use it once a day post shower as I have Ole Henriksen Night Gel for my night routine apart from Amorepacific gel and moreover, I feel it’s too expensive to be used generously 😛 The best part is that I need one to two pea-sized drops to cover my face as it readily spreads on the skin with gentle finger strokes.  It gets absorbed within seconds leaving behind soft and dewy skin which is not shiny.  I get instantly hydrated skin though it cannot be compared to the Amorepacific hydra fresh gel which comparatively provides intense hydration on my oily skin.  However, personally, I prefer this oil-free moisture over Amorepacific hydra fresh gel because this one is much lighter and fast absorbing than hydra fresh gel and also because it keeps my face shine-free and gives me firm and toned skin for quite a few hours which is my major concern in summers!

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

It is very efficient in smoothing out dry patches on my cheeks and around the lip area, also treats blemishes and keeps oil at bay! I usually suffer from dry and patchy skin post wash (the culprits are the weather and my face wash), but this moisturizer always saves me from disasters. It immediately softens my rough patches and I get touchably soft skin for good 6-8 hours without any greasy or oily cast though my nose feels slightly oily after 5-6 hours, but that’s manageable with face powder! It also tones my pores up to a good extent and I honestly do not use any toner and/or powder unless I need to move out! This also means that it is taking care of my oily skin issues very well.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

It really helped me in fading away the previous acne scars and also current blemishes quickly and I feel my skin getting smoother and clearer than before! Moreover, it also helps in protecting skin from nasty whiteheads and blackheads though it might take time to clear the existing ones! I must say, I am so relieved and happy that I finally found what I actually wanted from my ideal moisturizer! Yes, it is definitely my current ideal day time moisturizer for summers.  I feel it might be slightly gentle for winters when my skin tends to develop dry patches more often! Hence I doubt if it would be great for dry/very dry skin, they might love it in summers though! Overall, for me, it is a winner completely except for the price 😛 I would highly recommend it for summers to all beauties, especially combination/oily skin types including those with sensitive, acne prone skin as well!

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture:

  • A lightweight water-based moisturizer infused with innovative chelating complex technology which claims to remove heavy metal impurities present in water from the skin’s surface.
  • Also infused with the goodness of skin repairing anti-oxidants along with aloe leaf juice which would work wonders on any skin type including ageing, acne prone skin type.
  • Ideal consistency and spreads effortlessly on the skin.
  • One or two pea-sized drops are enough to cover my face and keep it hydrated and soft for quite a number of hours.
  • Immediately sinks into the skin with gentle finger strokes leaving soft, supple and glowing skin within a week of regular usage.
  • Highly efficient in clearing dry patches of my cheeks and chin.
  • Helps in clearing acne scars as well as blemishes.
  • Gives touchably soft, smooth, and visibly clear skin with one week of regular use.
  • Keeps oil at bay for good 6-8 hours.
  • Saved my skin from weather fluctuations.
  • Pump dispenser packaging.
  • Does not have any significant fragrance, suitable for every skin type in summers preferably.
  • No parabens/SLS or other chemicals in the ingredients list.

Cons of Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Oil Free Moisture:

  • No safety cap, not suitable for traveling.
  • Expensive for 30 ml quantity.
  • It might be too gentle on my skin for winters, hence I guess it might be tricky on dry and very dry skin.

Well for summers, it is definitely my favorite and I would like to get it again and again as it not only gives me youthful, touchably soft and supple skin, but also helps me in combating against odd weather changes! Undoubtedly, I will repurchase it again.  I once again recommend it to all of you beautiful gals, especially during summers!

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