Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam Review

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Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam

Product Purchased by IMBB

Hey gals

Hope all of you are doing fine! I am here again to share my latest skin care purchase which is another lovely gesture and pampering from IMBB. I am totally happy with previous Dr Jart O2 cleansing foam but when I noticed this particular acne clearing foam in shop I could not resist an urge to try it out. Moreover, I already own toning and moisturizing products from Dr Dennis Gross brand hence all I needed was this cleansing foam to complete my skin care kit. I am quite happy that I decided to proceed with this purchase. So, let’s start with today’s review for Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care, All in One Cleansing Foam.

Dr Dennis GrossSkin Care All In One Cleansing Foam

Price: $36 for 5.0 Fl Oz (150 ml), exclusive of shipping and taxes.

Packaging: This off white foamy and light weight cleanser comes in opaque and sturdy metallic bottle packaging with hygienic pump dispenser enclosed inside safety cap. It does have mild fragrance which fades after a while. Over all quite user friendly and travel friendly stuff.

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Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam

My Experience with Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam:

This is my first foaming cleanser and I am happy with it for it effectively cleanses my oily acne prone skin. Moreover, I was also fascinated by the way it claims to deeply penetrate into our pores and soak every trace of dirt and oil to keep our skin clean and healthy. I am quite convinced that it certainly deep cleanses my skin after using it for a month and observing a difference. I use it religiously am/pm and so far I did noticed decent positive changes in my skin texture over all but I feel it is more suitable for winters unlike summers when my skin tend to develop excess sebum and blemishes. Actually I feel, this cleanser helped me to maintain good skin days unlike treating or preventing blemishes.

Dr Dennis Gross Skin CareAll In One Cleansing Foam

At first the product seems watery inside bottle but it always pumps perfect amount of foam and I need exactly 2 pumps to cleanse my face and neck at one go. Needless to say it is mess free product. I simply need to massage foam directly on my dry or damp skin and rinse off in few minutes. I do feel slight tight skin post cleansing but my skin regains its elastic texture after a while to my surprise. Hence I can certainly claim that it does not rip moisture off my skin apart from effectively cleansing oil, dirt and grime off my skin. I also noticed slight reduction in appearance of white heads though I still develop white heads sadly especially if I skip night time CTM routine.. 😛 Never mind it does blurs my pores for good 3-4 hours and I feel touchable soft and clear skin if that make sense? On the contrary, I also noticed that it does not clean my face make up or eye makeup as per its claim, I need multiple washes to clean off my make up but that is not a problem as long as it works well and does not irritate my sensitive skin. Somehow I feel it could be too mild to actually act tough on severe break outs and hence we need effective acne treatment to work incorporation with this mild cleanser.

Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All InOne Cleansing Foam

Over all I believe it has all great qualities of mild and effective cleanser but its chemical formulation and slight expensive price are more of my concern and hence I may keep it at lower priority in future. Gals who are looking for mild and effective acne cleanser should give it a try however be prepared to use it post wiping off your make up and don’t expect it to be your acne guard alone, it works well in conjunction with other acne products alone it may fail to prove its worth, you know what I mean!

Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In OneCleansing Foam

Pros of Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam:

• A mild and light weight foaming cleanser with parabens/phthalates & sulfate free formulation infused with goodness of witch hazel, willow herb extract etc
• It only require 1-2 pumps to cleanse face at one go
• It is hustle bustle free and spillage proof
• It gives quite clean, clear and healthy skin upon first wash
• I did noticed that it clearly swiped away dirt, oil and exhaustiveness off my face
• It is quite effective on break outs and white/black heads up to good extent not completely though
• It is way mild on my skin at the same time and I never felt scaly/dry skin post cleaning face
• It certainly helps in avoiding future white/black heads apart from calming down acne prone skin
• It also blurs appearance of prominent & large pores for good hours apart from leaving touchable soft skin
• It is great for every skin type preferably normal/combination skin
• It works very well in conjunction with other acne products since it is way mild to cause any reactions or break outs
• Quite user friendly and travel friendly plus hygienic packaging

Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One CleansingFoam

Cons of Dr Dennis Gross Skin Care All In One Cleansing Foam:

• It alone may not work well on severe acne
• It is way mild to treat black heads/white heads alone as well
• It does seem to penetrate deep down pores and I do see difference in my pore size but still I need multiple washes to clear my makeup and I notice immediate zits whenever I skip this cleaner or my CTM for a day or two
• It does contain chemicals which might be bothering to sensitive skin
• It seem quite pricey especially when we know it alone cannot help us to get rid of acne or white/black heads or even it does not live up to its claim completely

I believe this cleanser is suitable for gals who suffer occasional or seasonal zits and I would love to save it for winters when my skin tend to be naturally blemish free and more healthy. I don’t think it would be good for actual acne and zits somehow unless we pair it with other effective treatments. It is 3.8/5 for me over all (just because its fighting blemishes and clearing make up claims are slight misleading)!!

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