Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream

Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream


I have acne-prone skin, which breaks out every now and then and I am always on the lookout for good skincare products so that I can avoid those nasty bumps on my face. My dermatologist had told me to apply sunscreen twice a day, but sunscreens always made me look yucky, no matter what brand. So, I skipped using them altogether.  I would always feel the urge to use sunscreens and I got this sunscreen from Blush.

Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream

For those who don’t know about the brand “Blush,” it’s the brand owned by Dr. Jamuna Pai, one of the best dermatologists in India, believe me, I am not exaggerating.

Anyway, let’s come back to the review.  This is a moisturizer which contains sunscreen too. So, lazy creatures like me can save themselves from that torture.

The quantity is not mentioned on the tube and I am not good at guessing, so I’ll pass, but it’s a big tube so that would contain much (right?).  Its a white cream which gets absorbed easily, although not too fast. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave a white cast on my face, neither does it make me look shiny in a bad way. I had bought the one specially made for oily skin, so I have no issues of being an oil factory too!


I am pretty happy with the product and now after using it for quite some time, I can proudly and gladly claim that it did not break me out and gals if it didn’t break ME out, it would suit all the oily skin gals, no matter what!


400 INR for I don’t know what quantity (but I am happy with it, and it’s going to last me for a while).

Key Ingredients:

Milk, Vitamin C, Mulberry, Titanium Oxide, Carrot oil.  (All natural, so far so good).

I am using this since quite some time and love it a lot! It doesn’t even disturb my makeup. I just spread it on my palm and apply to my face and I am done.  In the morning, I don’t have to apply moisturizer and then sunscreen. Just apply this and I am ready to go!

So, no points for guessing that, I am in love with this product. I would definitely suggest every oily skinned gal to go for it. For 400 bucks, you can give it a try!


Pros of Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream:

  • Sturdy packaging, I always carry it with me.
  • Very less fragrance, equal to null.
  • Gets absorbed easily.
  • Doesn’t disturb the makeup.
  • Doesn’t look shiny.
  • 400 INR is quite okay for a moisturizer and sunscreen!
  • Natural ingredients.

I can go on and on!

Cons of Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream:

  • Availability, only in Blush Clinics, in Mumbai and Pune only.
  • Suitable for oily skin only, that’s not a con, but I wanted to write one :P. Dry-skinned beauties can always buy the one meant for dry skin.

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11 thoughts on “Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Day Cream

  1. i have oily skin and am currently using suncote gel. Cant we get this else where?? I live in Coimbatore.
    Med shops??

  2. I got to know about her during the brand baaja bride series on NDTV. 😀 dint know she has her own line of products too. Sounds pretty good. :))

    1. yeah Rati I have the facewash too! her products are very affordable and nice! she is a superb person too 🙂

  3. didnt know she had her own line.. good review… she looks so beautiful.. wish i could buy this… no blush clinics here… 🙁

    1. yeah she is very pretty. I have the face wash too and I loved it too! I am gonna try some more stuff from her soon!

      1. Iam using these cream from last many years….its best sunscreen and of course all her products are amazing .

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