Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips and Erborian Black Scrub Mask Review

Skin Type:  Normal to Dry

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Today, I am reviewing two products from my kit that have literally been all kinds of magical. We are in 2017 and we expect our products to show amazing results in minimum possible time. Well, these have just been that and more.

DrLipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips and Erborian Black Scrub Mask Review

Dr Lips Original Nipple Lip Balm for Lips:

£12/INR 999 approximately.

DrLipp Original Nipple Balm ingredients

I would be lying to you if I told you that I bought this lip balm for its benefits and not for its packaging. The coolest name of the lip balm and the cutest ever packaging. The original product comes packed in this little grey tube with silver screw cap. It’s a very thick, oily and greasy lip balm,but it’s my Holy Grail lip balm ever now. I started using it on and off in London when the whether really was harsh on my lips, it’s a little quick fix. And very recently, my lips have been all kinds of sore from doing lip swatches, this has been a wonder product in keeping my lips in top condition – away from any dryness and soreness. This lip balm is free of “parabens, fragrances, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E .A, D.E.A and silicones etc.” There are no additives. They do not test on animals.

DrLipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

This lip balm is also tasteless and odourless. I am addicted to using it every night now because I know I would wake up with soft lips. You can also use it for cuticles, dry elbows and just about anything that’s craving for a little pampering. And since it is a nipple balm, nursing mothers can also use it. According to the brand, this lip balm is literally passed on from nursing mothers to makeup artists. They mention that it is safe for babies. I’d say that you get it checked with your doctor just in case. 🙂 The tube packaging makes life a lot easier. You can even use it on your lids to have that glossy lids effect or on cheeks for that natural dewiness. I would not recommend using it underneath your lipstick because it is quite slippery even when you remove the excess. I’d say use it as a treatment for your lips and you’d just be fine. This stuff works, it’s simple and effective.
Major major love.:)

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Erborian Black Scrub Mask Review

GBP 24.00/INR 1900 approximately.

Erborian Black Scrub Mask

Korean beauty products are making such a huge hustle in the world market now. With their cool packaging to their prices and most importantly effectiveness, it is going to give major brands a good run for their money in the coming years. This mask was sold out for days before I got my hands on it at Sephora in Paris. The moment I bought, I used it because – one, it was a real “bad skin day,” so I thought it was worth a try. And second, it was handy and I was lazy to pull out anything else. 😀 So basically, it is a little grainy black-coloured, charcoal-based thin gel mask. You apply it for 3 minutes, massage the face with wet hands and rinse it off. I kid you not, the texture of my skin looked like butter when I used it the first time and basically every time that I use it. Even my husband who barely ever notices my skin, noticed and said my skin was looking good – and just 3 minutes!

Black mask details

When you wet the mask, it becomes a little scrubby and takes away all dead skin cells and literally sucks out the impurities on your skin. It makes your pores look smaller and skin look smoother. It does have a faint fragrance to it, but it’s quite pleasing and not over powering. I think I’d buy 5 of it the next time I am travelling. 😛 One of the main ingredients is charcoal powder, which helps in fighting acne and literally draws out impurities from your skin. It also mattifies the skin, which makes it extremely good for people with oily skin.

I have normal to dry skin but it does not make my skin overly dry. I just have to follow up with a regular moisturiser. It leaves skin smooth, clean and quite mattified. It’s like a new skin and you can start from scratch there – I am a major, major fan of this one. If you are interested in using a charcoal face pack, Aroma Magic also makes a fantastic one.

DrLipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips and Erborian Black Scrub Mask swatches

I am literally obsessed with this. It’s a little perk-me-up before stepping out or even on a lazy day when your skin needs that extra kick. It comes in a simple, no-fuss tube packaging – fantastic is the only word.

You can read more about charcoal benefits here. You can even make a home made face pack using charcoal yourself.

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