Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer Review

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer Review

Hi Girls,

Hope all is well with you. I have a mixed bag of feelings today.  Last night, I came back from Delhi.  I met my parents and relatives after 6 months. Didn’t want to get away from them but also wanted to come back to Andamans. I would blame Delhi’s weather for this. I had plans of staying back but Delhi’s heat was not tolerable for me and my daughter, so we rushed back to calmer and cooler Andamans. It is so pleasant here, but I miss my home in North India. Why do we want so many things at the same time?

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer Review

Yeah, this is so true for cosmetics. You go to buy one thing and come home with several things. I have been making efforts to control my urge for shopping “unnecessarily.”  Thankfully, in my last visit to Delhi, I didn’t buy much stuff. In fact didn’t buy anything except a salwar suit. So, I guess I am doing a good job.

This review today is about a vaporizer which can be easily used as a facial sauna. It is made by Morepen company which is a well known name in pharma industry. I got this vaporizer to serve dual purpose. First to use it as an inhaler-cum-vaporiser for my daughter in times of her cold and second to use it to give a sauna to my face. Primary purpose is lost as my daughter finds the steam too hot to handle, but it well serves the second aim.

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer

Product Description:

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  • Steam inhalator cum Facial Sauna.
  • Useful for both health and beauty.
  • Highly effective.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Ideal for home and travel.
  • Plastic body to prevent shocks.
  • 1 Mtr. long cord.
  • Power consumption : 120 W.
  • Nominal voltage : 110 – 240 V.
  • 3 months warranty


Rs. 335

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer

My Take on Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer:

I like it because it is very easy to use, compact and convenient. It is an electrical/electronic equipment, but it is quite convenient and safe to handle.  I bought it from an online store.  It has a plastic pot that contains the heating rod inside. The tub for facial sauna can be easily attached or detached with this plastic pot. There is a plug that needs to be plugged into the electric board and there is an extra switch near the pot for safety. Once you plug-in the device, you can control its power from this extra switch as well.

It releases a good amount of steam that strikes right onto your face, 2 minutes of sauna is more than sufficient. The pot is also quite small, so you do not need to wait for long to fill it up with water.

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer

It is made up of plastic, so it is kind of shock proof which is the best thing. The cord is also long, so you can plug it and take the steam while sitting on the ground.  All in all, it is a good device.

Pros of Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer:

  • Safe and easy to handle.
  • Becomes compact, so easy to carry.
  • Releases a good amount of steam.
  • Comes with a 3-month warranty.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer:

  • Once you switch off the power, it stops giving steam. I mean, to get the steam, you have to keep the power on. I would have preferred a system where you heat the water for sometime, put off the power switch and keep taking the steam.

IMBB Rating:

3/5, I subtracted 2 points for the only con that it has.

Do I Recommend Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer?


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18 thoughts on “Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer Review

  1. Nice review Surabhi.. I have a similar device from local market and it works well..
    About the weather.. Delhi has been pleasant since morning today or I should say last night..

  2. I have a similar vaporizer, my dad bought me a few years ago when i was sick , it was too hot for me and made me sick even more….i am kinda scared of it!

  3. Nice review Surabhi! This sounds good…never thought facial sauna could be so cheap
    Can you share which online site you got this from ?

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