Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review

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Keeping your face well exfoliated is the key to a radiant and smooth skin. Exfoliating products are widely available in the market to make you achieve the best skin. I had picked up a few products from Dr Organic and today’s review is all about Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub. Read on to know more.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review

Price and Quantity: $11.75 for 125ml
Product Description:
Bioactive Organic Rose Otto Oil is rich in skin toning properties. In combination with a complex blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients and formulated using natural micro particles of volcanic lava, corn cob powder and ground fruit seed, this exceptional deep cleansing exfoliant can help to remove impurities and excess oil whilst toning and nourishing the skin, producing a radiant healthy appearance.

Directions: Apply the face scrub across the whole face, and work it into the skin with circular motions remove with warm water or a damp flannel. For maximum effect moisturize after use with one of our Rose Otto Creams.

My Experience with Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub:

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Package

The face scrub comes in a cardboard package. There is a lot of information on the box that you need to know. You can see the tube through a small opening on the side. The face scrub comes in a transparent tube with a flip cap. The cap is not very tight but it closes with a light click and there is no leakage. The transparent tube makes it easier to see the content. There is some information even on the back of the tube. Overall, the tube is travel-friendly and compact.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Package Back

The scrub is creamy white in colour with brown scrub particles. The cream is rich and smells delicious. The smell of roses is amazing. It lingers on for a while on the skin and is mild and pleasant. Using the scrub is pretty easy; you just massage onto the damp face and then wash it off.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Tube

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Tube Back

The scrub particles are made from peach and apricot kernels. The particles are not very harsh and are mild on the skin making the product suitable for all types of skin. The exfoliator makes the skin very smooth and soft. The dead skin cells are completely removed without any redness. The exfoliator makes the skin very clean from within and I have noticed that it works well even for whiteheads. I do not have blackheads but I have whiteheads and I see that the scrub removes them completely without a trace. The scrub makes the skin glow and adds radiance to the face. The results are not temporary and the smoother radiant skin stays for more than 3 days. I use the scrub only once a week and I feel it does the work very well. The product also makes the skin very supple and doesn’t rip out the moisture from the face.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Open Cap

Usually, scrubs makes the skin dry but this one adds moisture to the skin and I can go on without a moisturizer for some time. I usually find this useful when I need to wax my upper lip and then I slather on moisturizer all over my face. The product brightens the skin eventually. It also rejuvenates the skin and promotes smoother skin. The product doesn’t cause any breakouts. It is very gentle on the skin. The product is also claimed to be an anti-ageing one. The scrub is free from parabens, SLS, synthetic colours, silicones and mineral oils and this is a plus. I love the scrub and the lingering of rose fragrance makes me love it more! For me, I have no negatives to write. This is a must try product!

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub Review Swatch

Pros of Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub:

• Travel-friendly
• Delicious rose oil fragrance
• Easy to use
• Doesn’t dry the skin but adds moisture
• Makes skin soft, supple and smooth
• Brightens and adds radiance to the skin
• Removes dead skin, whiteheads effectively
• Suitable for all types of skin
• Long-lasting results
• Doesn’t cause any breakouts and is gentle on skin
• Free from parabens, SLS, Synthetic colours, silicones and mineral oil

Cons of Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub:

• None!

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub?
Yes to both!

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