Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control Review

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I was facing a lot of acne some time back. I am not sure if it’s due to climate change or because of my love for junk food. So my friend suggested me to use this Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion, which works great in winters and is meant for all skin types. This is actually an acne lotion that controls excessive sebum and protects the skin from unwanted acne bumps. The best part of this Acrofy lotion is that it moisturizes the skin really well and makes it soft and supple. Isn’t it amazing, girls? This one has become my favorite acne products. Keep reading to find out why.

Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control Review

INR 385

It comes in a pump bottle which is super easy, convenient and travel friendly to use. It has a cap which keeps it hygienic. The only issue is that it comes only in this size. No larger bottle is available for this lotion. This one lasts for long as 2 months, if used once a day. The brand prescribes to use this twice daily, but I use it once a day and it works great like this too.

My Experience with Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control:


I have always been told by my friends to opt for either Cetaphil brand or Dr. Reddy’s for acne issues. Well honestly, I have tried a Cetaphil Lotion and it did not work well for me. And so, I thought of opting for Dr. Reddy’s acne lotion this time and thankfully it gave me amazing results. It controls sebum production and keeps my skin moisturized and soft. It does not remove any other natural oil from my skin except sebum that cause acne zits and bumps.

product description

I first want to tell you about my skin and the acne bumps I am having. I have combination skin but in winters it becomes super dry. My skin becomes so dry that I get dry flakes on skin. I am having 2-3 very little acne bumps around the upper lip area, chin and nose area.  There is a post called “Face Mapping: Does the Position of Acne Mean Something?“, which explains the real reasons behind acne, you must read that if you are facing this issue.


If you face this seasonal acne issue too, then you can also opt for this Acrofy acne control lotion as what it simply does is it moisturizes your skin and does not let acne control the skin. Second best part of this lotion is that it is non-comedogenic and fragrance free. Most of acne lotions I have tried before would have a very weird fragrance that no one can like. So this one is perfectly meant for me. This lotion has everything I want in this lotion. It has become my favorite.


Pros of Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control:

• Sebum control
• Moisturizes well
• Makes skin baby soft
• Fragrance free
• Non-comedogenic
• Suitable for all skin types
• Pump dispenser
• Easily available

Cons of Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control:

• High price for the quantity

I have combination skin and 2 – 3 little bumps around chin, nose and upper lips so this lotion has suited me very well. If you have serious acne issues like big red pimples on cheeks and forehead, then do not use this lotion without consulting your dermatologist.

A must have moisturizer for acne prone skin.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dr. Reddy’s Acrofy Acne Lotion for Sebum Control?
Yes, for sure. I am madly in love with this lotion and it has suited me so well. It is a must-have acne lotion for all those who get seasonal acne or acne due to hormonal changes or excessive cosmetics usage.

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