Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review

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Dr. Scholl’s is one of the pioneers when it comes to foot products. They have some amazing products to ease the pain due to strained feet. I was traveling and since it involved a lot of walking, I picked up a pad to ease my pain. Today’s review is all about Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad. Read on to know more.

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review

Price and Quantity: $8.25 for 1 pair
Product Description:
Relieves pain immediately on the soles of the feet
Dr. Scholl’s Planting Pads are specially designed to eliminate the pains of the soles of the feet, since it cushions and protects the area.
It has a double layer of foam that cushions, while helping and preventing skin hardening.
It is recommended to wash with mild soap and warm water by hand.
For whom is it indicated? It is indicated for feet with pain in the plants.
How is it used? Place the hoop on the second toe, put the sock or stocking and adapt to make it comfortable.

My Experience with Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad:

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Front

The pads come in a sachet package. It has the traditional colors of Scholl. Since it is a sachet package, it is very easy to carry around and also travel-friendly. It is very sleek and fits in any corner of your bag while carrying. There is one pair of pads in the packet which is present in a cardboard package.

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Back

The pads are light pink in color and are big enough to cover the upper feet area. There are 2 layers in the pads. The product is claimed to be latex foam. It is very soft and cushiony. There are loops on the top of the pad and this is intended to be worn on the second toe of your feet. The product is very easy to use and there is no fuss. The below layer is spongy and the upper layer feels like cloth! You wear the soft pad facing down.

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Box

The product offers anti-slip property and thus is also recommended when your sandals are a bit big. I can also use them when I wear sandals which do not have a toe separator and when I sweat, the feet slide down. The pad sticks firmly onto the soles of the shoes so, during the initial days, it can be a bit difficult to learn how to wear it. When I was wearing my shoes, the pads kept sticking and I had to struggle a lot to slither my foot in. In my opinion, it works well with sandals over shoes. The product also absorbs any sweat from the feet keeping it moist and bacteria-free. The loop doesn’t feel on the toe, which is a plus and there is no pulling feeling.

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Open Top side

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Open Bottom Side

The Plantar (top part of the feet) feels very soft and smooth when pressed. I felt like I was walking on grass and it felt so smooth. Since there is less pressure on the feet, the pain is lesser when compared to not using the pads. The product also prevents the sandals from slipping and offers very good support. The pads do not eliminate the pain from long walking altogether. All it does is reduce the pressure on the feet and prevents the sandals from slipping out. The pads are reusable and re-washable. I usually soak them in hot water for a while with disinfectant and a little detergent and it cleans completely and is good to go for the next use! There have been no issues so far with the pads except that they are a bit pricey. But, since it offers good protection against pain and is reusable several times, I do not have complaints.

Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad Review Both Sides

So, summing up:

Pros of Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad:

• Anti-slip technology
• Reusable and washable
• Absorbs moisture and sweat from the foot
• The cushions are soft and thus reduces the pressure on the feet when walking
• Comfortable to wear
• Easy to use

Cons of Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad:

• Pricey!
• Doesn’t completely eliminate the pain of the feet
• Difficult to use at the beginning
• Suited for sandals than closed shoes

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dr. Scholl’s Anti Slip Plantar Pad?
Yes to both! But, I would also look out for an alternative to providing greater relief.

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