Drape Your Saree The Modern Way!

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You must have read articles and watched several videos on how to drape a saree in different ways. As fashion is constantly evolving day by day and so is the saree draping styles. In today’s post let’s find out about some more of the styles which are quite new age and ultra glam. These styles are for those who like to experiment with their outfits and can never wear the outfit as it is!

drape 1

With a belt

drape 2

drape 3

If you think you do not want to go all out and still want to spruce up the same ol’ look of your saree then you can do that by adding a belt. A belt gives more definition to your waist. You can choose a belt that complements the colour of your saree or blouse.

With jeans

drape 4

I tried this draping style and I absolutely loved it BUT didn’t find the courage to step out like that. It seemed too fashion forward and I prefer the safe styles. This draping style is so easy and oh so comfortable. You don’t need an underskirt for this. You just need to fold a little more than half saree in pleats and tuck in your jeans just like you do with a saree. Then just drape like a normal pallu. It literally takes 30 secs to drape this style.

Saree with printed leggings

drape 5

If you want to go a step further than plain jeans then go for printed leggings. Saree draping style remains the same but the experimentation factor increases. You can choose to for embellished leggings, sheer leggings or leggings in contrasting prints and colours.

Saree with a blazer

drape 6

This style is not only practical for the winters but also very wearable and different. All you need is tailored blazer or even your short leather jacket (if you are feeling too adventurous) that go with the colour theme of your saree and wear it over your saree.

Knot your saree

drape 7

This is just a minor tweak in the conventional saree draping style but looks really chic and modern. Just drape your saree the normal way but tie your pallu around your wrist in a knot or you can also tie a knot on the end of the pallu too.

Neck Drape Sari

drape 8

This is also a contemporary twist to the draping style of a saree. Just drape your saree the normal way and instead of a loose pallu, you can drape that pallu around your neck. Softer and lighter fabrics will work best for this look. You can have a nice blouse to accentuate your look even more.

Cross-wrap style

drape 9

This is also an interesting spin to the normal hanging pallu. You can take the hanging bit of the pallu from behind and secure it in the front with pins or a waist belt.

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