Dress up your Saree

A saree is not an unfamiliar piece of clothing for Indian women, or as a matter of fact for anyone across the globe. Worn by Indian women for centuries, the concept of saree is intensely intertwined with Indian society. But, these days it is getting love from across the Indian borders too. Its versatility in colours, fabrics, designs etc has increased its fascination globally.

Wearing a saree properly involves more than just getting the drape right or walking without stumbling; accessorizing forms an essential part of wearing a saree.

However, you must remember that, accessorizing part of saree depends largely on the design it has. Like, if a saree is simple you can go for any number of accessories, but if it is heavily embellished then go for minimum accessories.

Accessorizing imparts a whole new flavour to traditional fashion. Mentioned below are few tips to help you rock a sari:

Tips for accessorizing your saree:

• Pay attention to your jewellery: Proper jewellery will only add grace to your outfit. Wear jewellery according to the occasion and the look of your saree. Plain cotton sarees look best with light jewellery. Opt for a stud earring or a light dangle earring with simple gold chain and one or two gold bangles to give yourself a really decent look. Also, remember to match your jewellery with the colour and work of your saree. A saree with silver zari will look good with silver or diamond jewellery whereas golden zari will go with gold.

• Wear Bangles or Bracelets: Bangles are the most common and a must have accessory, they enhance the overall grace and beauty of the tradition Indian attire. Besides glass, bangles are also made of numerous precious as well non-precious materials like gold, silver, steel, platinum, wood, ferrous, metal, plastic etc. The designs vary from plain or simple to intricately ornate patterns studded with precious or semi-precious gems or stones like diamonds, pearls or other gems. Choose the one that goes well with your saree.

• Bindis: Keep in mind your face shape and the occasion while selecting a bindi to go with your saree. People with round or square face will look good with bindis having some length. Long faces are apt for wearing round bindis. Opt for bindis with decorative motifs if you are planning to wear a saree in a party. For everyday basis plain round, oval or tilak bindis look better.

• Don’t forget your handbag: Women bags are a necessity which has turned to be a great style statement. Avoid bags embellished with beads, pearls, sequins etc. with your office going sarees. Reserve them for parties, festivals and other such occasions. Opt for a good quality leather bags. Get some leather bags in neutral colours like, black, brown, white and cherry colour. These can be matched perfectly with any coloured saree. Just keep in mind the size you are opting for. For a more polished party look you can opt for ethnic Indian bags made from cloth, silk or brocade and embellished with bead work, mirror work, gota or intricate and ornate embroidery to enhance your traditional appeal.


If you are short, you should wear a sari with a border (design at bottom), which creates the illusion of height. If you are tall, you can wear a broad bordered sari as this makes you look “parallel to the earth.”

Dark skinned women should wear light colours as this enhances their skin tone, whereas fair skinned should wear dark colours to make a beautiful contrast.

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  1. Really informative post! I just bought 2 sarees for my graduation day in october. And i am clueless as to how to accessorize them. Will need all the help i can. 🙂

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