Best Dresses From Oscar 2013

Best Dresses From Oscar 2013

Every year, I sit glued to the TV set and watch the Oscars throughout, but this year, I saw it in bits and pieces, mostly to watch the spectacular dresses that the stars were sporting for the Oscars night.  This year, though I missed Ang Lee’s acceptance speech, I did see Jennifer Lawrence tripping on her way to accept the Best Actress award for her performance in Silver Linings.  So, you see, I didn’t give Oscars completely a miss.  This year, spectacular dresses were missing.  It seemed as if everyone played it safe with their Dior’s, Gucci, Louis Vuittons, and Versace.  However, Anne Hathaway did manage to create a “mini scandal” of sorts with her Prada dress where somethings were pointing out, so much so, that there was a twitter handle named after it.  I am going to show you my favourite dresses from Oscar 2013:

Starting with Anne Hathaway herself.  She won an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category for Les Miserables. Apparently, she had picked this outfit just before the Oscars. She wore a Prada dress, light pink in color paired with appropriate jewels, nothing extraordinary except for you see what:



Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her puffed up, pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown. Though I didn’t like the gown too much, I liked her jewels and her diamond earrings.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013

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Jennifer Lawrence Oscars

Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron looked neat, elegant, chic, and stylish in a Dior Haute Couture Peplum Gown. She has cropped up her hair recently, but that didn’t clash with the gown-y look.



Adele is one woman who I find incredibly beautiful. She won an Oscar that night for her “Skyfall” number and she shined through the night in her black, sequined Jenny Packham gown.



Jessica Charstain:

Jessica Charstain wore one of the best dresses of Oscar 2013. She wore a copper toned Armani Prive dress with a mermaid hemline.

Jessica Oscars 2013

Renee Zellweger:

Renee Zellweger wore a Caroline Herrera golden, well-fitted dress with a short mermaid hemline, nothing extraordinary here.


Naomi Watts:

Naomi Watts looked stylish and good in a geometric shimmery metal gown from Armani Prive.

Naomi Watts Oscars 2013

Amanda Seyfried:

Amanda Seyfried looked pretty in an Alexander McQueen dress. According to reports, Anne Hathaway had planned to wear a very similar Valentino gown for her Oscars appearance, but she had to ditch the Valentino dress when she came to know about Amanda Seyfried’s gown.

Amanda Seyfried

Halle Berry:

Halle Berry looked lovely in a black with gold vertical striped Versace gown.


Kristen Stewart:

The “Twilight” fame Kristen Stewart stunned everyone when she came in a pair of crutches, but ditched them to show off her Reem Acra dress.


Jennifer Garner:

Jennifer Garner looked super elegant when she walked down the red carpet with Ben Affleck in a colourful Gucci gown.


Sandra Bullock and Alicia Vikander:

Sandra Bullock and Alicia Vikander looked so pretty in their Ellie Saab gowns.



Fan Bing Bing:

Not one of the best dressed, that was a loud satin pink gown, what do you think?


Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston wore a bright red Valentino dress.

Jennifer Aniston

Maria Menounos:

Maria wore a bright pink, fuchsia gown, which looked nice.


Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous in a lovely blue strapless Louis Vuitton dress with a mermaid hemline.


These were a few of my favourites Oscar 2013 dresses, if you have noticed something which I haven’t, please feel free to add 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Best Dresses From Oscar 2013

  1. hey J… lovely post .. u have actually picked the bestest dressed .. 🙂 … Adele for me is a show stopper what a beautiful lady with the most “hit u hard” kinda voice .. and she deservez it for SKYfall 🙂 beautifuly sungg 🙂 .. way to gooo J … nice post 🙂

  2. loved j lawrence and anistons gowns… amanda, noami also good..
    stewart good when compared to what she wears… but i hate her.. 😛

    renee seems to have done her hair n makeup herself..

    adele… stunning.. love her hair makeup, voice and attitude… 🙂

  3. Adele looks beautiful.. and oh my my whats on her eyes.. that eyeliner is truly truly jet black… and looks beautiful on her…

    I loved what Naomi Watts is wearing.. I would call it power dressing 🙂

  4. My favourites are Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts and Reese Witherspoon. I like how Lawrence’s dress is extra puffy, kinda gives a princess look.
    Anne Hathaway’s mum said about her dress, “Its business in the front and party at the back”, looks like there’s some partying goin on in the front too. Loved her necklace though. It was Tiffany’s.
    Btw I woke up at 6 a.m to watch the Oscars, a feat in itself since I always sleep till late afternoon.

  5. all the Dresses are so elegant 🙂 except for that loud pink satin dress….
    Rati di, don’t u think its just the pleats in anne hathway’s dress rather being….u know wat 😛 ….??

  6. super awesome post jomo. I so wish anne hathaway had worn that valentino gown. 😛 My favs are naomi watts, jennifer garner, halle berry and sandra bullocks. Loved adele’s makeup. That peach lipstick and sexy eye makeup is doing so much justice to her look. 🙂

    Awwwwwwwwweeesomeeeooo post. Great compilation. 🙂

  7. ultimate jomol.. 🙂 i must confess i loved their figure more than attire.. 😛 😀 fingers crossed to get back in shape like these butterflies.. 😛

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