Dressing Tips for Top Heavy Women

Top Heavy Body Type

Ever wondered why someone else with a similar body type looks oh-so-wow and almost perfect while you are still struggling hard to get that perfect combination? If yes, then it is time to check out your body type and dress accordingly. Everybody does not look good in everything. Therefore, we have to choose what suits us, even if at the cost of letting go of the fashion trends or cuts that we may admire and love so much, but cannot, just cannot afford to wear because of our body type.
body shape
Here, I will deal exclusively with fixes that will accentuate the overall look and tone down the busty look that many women face. A few days back I bought a mid-waist pleated trouser which is tapered at the end and wanted to team it up with a shirt tucked inside my trousers. But I soon realized the problem. For people who are even slightly heavier on the top, wearing a tucked in shirt or t-shirt can be a problem. So, I started experimenting, teaming the trousers with various kinds of shirts and t-shirts and with boleros, shrugs and jackets. However, this made me think of the kind of cuts and patterns which I should wear to draw attention to those parts which are my assets and tone down those parts which can prove to be a liability. The extensive search and my own experience made me make the following cardinal rules:

• High necks and halter necks are a complete no-no. All nigh neck dresses, tops invariably draw attention to the bust and the upper body. Even the halter necks which come with a deep neckline call attention to the chest and make the body look disproportionate, especially if one has a particularly toned bottom.


high neck

If one still insists on wearing a loose fitted high neck, make sure to wear a proper seamless bra unlike the woman in the picture above.

One fix can be to team halters and high necks with jackets and shrugs, but this can be a fix only for those who are moderately busty. For people with a really heavy top, even shrugs and jackets cannot do the trick.

• Sleeveless can be worn, but carefully. Usually sleeveless tops and dresses tend to draw attention to the chest and the upper arms. Therefore, checking the neck line and trying out sleeveless tunics before buying them is a good idea. Usually sleeveless dresses and tops which are cut deep and slightly loose on the body are a good option. Body hugging clothes are anyway not a good idea for people with a heavy top and can be disastrous if not accompanied by sleeves. Usually three quarter length sleeves or those a little shorter or even puffed pleated sleeves look good.

low neckline


• Avoid wearing strapless numbers, especially during the day. Noodle straps, tube tops and dresses and even tank tops to a certain degree, focus the attention on the bust. A nicely embroidered or sequined strapless or strappy number can work well for the evening. You can even team it up with a sexy jacket to give a classy yet naughty look or even accentuate your curves with pencil skirts which are the best deal for women with a heavy top. These skirts are perfect for giving an overall lean look while drawing attention away from the bust and towards the toned legs. Since they are fitted close to the body and have a minimum length till the knees, it makes the body look proportionate. Unlike the pencil skirts, mini- skirts are definitely not a good option for heavy busted women for they again focus the upper body.
pencil skirts
The above patterns are the various kinds of pencil skirts.

noodle straps
Noodle straps are just too in-your-face for people with a subtle taste. However, as always, jackets and shrugs can again be a wonder formula to give it a classy and sophisticated look.
boat necks
• The ‘you-can-avoid’ section includes boat necks and excessively baggy tops. Though I absolutely love boat-necks, it can be a problem area and is better if avoided. Baggy tops, on the other hand, can be very deceptive. Though most women might think that baggy tops will hide their bust, it only makes the upper body look even bigger. Dresses and tops with a slight shape that skims through the curves of your body is the “it” cut.

If the above list of dont’s look disappointing, the following list will definitely make you feel better.
• Wrap dresses and tops are just what you need. They are trendy, immensely fashionable as they come in various cuts and patterns, and classy that can never go out of fashion. They perfectly hide the excess bust, making it look toned while giving an overall satisfying look. You can play and experiment a lot with the wrap pattern as it can be sexy and naughty, but classy and sophisticated as well.
wrap dress

wrap skirt

• Deep-cut necklines, especially the v-neck is the basic trick to camouflage the heavy bust. This will draw the attention away from the bust and give an appearance of perfect proportion. Undoubtedly, such necklines are sexy and reveal the collar bone, thus adding the extra oomph. Accessorize your look with a large pendant just above the bust or just below the collar bone to visually downsize the chest. However, I personally prefer delicate and small pendants, though they don’t help much to tone down the busty look.
deep necklines

deep necklines

• A line dresses and empire line fabrics also work well for the top-heavy-women. Tunic tops are another option. There are a lot of patterns and cuts that can suit a top heavy woman. All one needs to do is keep a basic idea of what suits her best and then experiment with various cuts, patterns, colours, prints or solid colours.
v neck
A collared v neck a line dress is just perfect for those on the bustier side. Embellish with accessories or jewellery if you like, or keep it simple like the model above.
tunic tops
Tunic tops such as these can be flattering when worn at night for a party. One can choose the simple ones for the day in colours of their choice.

• Summer jackets and shrugs can be very useful. Not only does it give a layered and fashionable look, it can be a saver as well. I have a few in different cuts and colours and it is extremely useful.

woollen shrugs
The woolen ones when teamed with dresses not only look gorgeous, but can also protect one from the cold night and add the protective touch.

And yes, last but not the least, the most important thing. It is the bra that makes or mars the look. Therefore, the first step is to invest in a bra that enhances plus size curves. This done, everything else will fall into place.

These tips have helped me to dress without feeling uncomfortable and conscious when I go out. I hope it helps all the IMBB readers who face a similar problem.

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26 thoughts on “Dressing Tips for Top Heavy Women

  1. Great post anveshi… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: n so to the point…true…the basics…i.e.the bra has to be of the right fit first…then comes the garment……I am looking forward to dressing tips on the other three body types also…… 😀 :thumbsup:

    1. Thnx dimpi :thanks: ….sure Il write about the others as well. need to research first. Yes, I know the bra is really important. :nono:

  2. This was super helpful! :thumbsup: I am top heavy and I love the wrappy kind tops and cardigans, and also bat wing sleeves but it doesn’t suit me because my shoulders are broad :nababana:

  3. Concise and excellent. I shall remember these points. 🙂
    My two cents (from experience):
    Big busted ladies are better off wearing bras that give full coverage, especially under t-shirts..so that there is absolutely no ‘spill over’. Lovable has some really good full coverage t-shirt bras. 🙂

    1. Thanks Akshatha….. I know….full coverage is very essential.But finding the right bra within budget is just soooo tough….Thanks that you mentioned lovable. :yahoo:

  4. I’m new here .. This is the first post I read. And it’s bleeding awesome :waytogo:
    I’m rather a busty girl myself; and I’ve always felt like I’ve nothing to wear at all.. But thanks to you Anveshi, now I know :))
    Btw , can anyone tell me how do I find my body shape? Actually I have the measurements but I’m confused between being rectangle and inverted triangle :struggle: help me please!!!
    P.S. Anveshi, you’re an angel O:)

    1. Thanx Anshu :thanks: and welcome to IMBB….im sure you are gonna love what you read in this site. An inverted triangle is when your shoulders measure more than your hips, whereas in a rectangle, your measurements for the shoulder or chest, your waist and your hips measure almost the same.
      Hope it helps. 🙂

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