Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

Being a plus size women does not mean that you have to hide your body in long and shapeless clothes. Instead, wear clothes that define the best parts of your body. Defining your waist with a belt, for example, can put emphasis on your curves. Do not feel guilty about your body, feel confident and stay happy.

Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

Mentioned below are few dressing tips that will make you understand that fashionable clothes are not made only for the skinny and thin girls.

• While shopping for pants opt for pieces that fall from waist to hem in one continuous line. Avoid pants with tapered or skinny legs, straight leg pants are much more slimming. Whereas while choosing skirts, opt for an A-line piece to create that hourglass look for yourself.

• When shopping for jackets or blazers stay away from boxy, shapeless styles as such styles will make you look broader at the waist and hip area. Your jackets should fall just below your tummy bulge or to the top of your hip bone.


• For tops you should select pieces that give a longer look to your neck. Look for tops that are V-neck, or square neck, they draw the eyes upward to your face and give you the appearance of a longer torso. Do choose tops that have pretty patterns or embellishments around the neckline to draw attention to your upper body. Avoid garments that cling too much, but don’t wear baggy garments either.

• Aim to dress for your shape and go for quality fabrics that make you feel confident and comfortable. You can do better with heavier fabrics like cotton or cotton canvas as they will shape you better than stretchy fabric.

• Don’t be afraid to try out colours and prints, as these things can really make a difference in classic pieces such as jackets, blouses and skirts. Choose large, all over prints for a dress or blouse. Prints help keep the eye moving and can disguise flaws from being easily visible. Reserve print fabrics for blouses and tops; darker solids for the bottoms (skirts/pants).


• Look for bigger accessory pieces as tiny things will make you look bigger that you already are.

• Wearing the right undergarments are essential. It is extremely important to have on a proper and well-fighting undergarments What is worn underneath will play a huge difference in the way you feel on the outside.

Follow these tips and steps and you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better about the fashion choices you make.

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