Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Hola Chicas,
Although in some areas, natural fury can also not be overlooked, still these monsoons are definitely quenching the thirst of Mother Earth after those horrible dry summers which we faced this year. Coming to today’s post, it’s about a DIY face pack which is made of dry fruits like Almond, Pistachio and Walnut.

After celebrating Eid, we got to eat delicious Sheer Khurma which my Mom prepared using lots and lots of mewa (dry fruits) and every time I eat that “out of the world” delicacy, I had a guilt feeling of consuming those high calorie dry fruits deeply fried in desi ghee with lots of double cream milk, fatty mawa and sinful quantity of sugar! Consuming those two katoris of mom style sheer kurma means additional work out in the gym for me. However, I could not stop eating it and after the festival, we still had two big jars of those dry fruits.  So, she said that she would prepare Meva laddu for us.  Sensing the danger to my weight loss mission, I grabbed those dry fruits from her and promised that I will use it in a better way which will be beneficial for both of me as well as her.  I prepared some DIY ubtans from these dry fruits, one of which I am sharing with all you lovely ladies here:

Preparation Time:

5-10 minutes

Application Time:

30-35 minutes.

Ingredients Needed:

Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

  • Almond/Badam.
  • Walnut/Akhrot.
  • Pistachio/Pista.
  • Dairy Creamer/Milk powder.
  • Neem leaves.
  • Curd.

Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Method of Preparation:

1. First of all, make a fine powder of almonds or you can finely grate it to use. Take half a teaspoon of grated almond in a bowl.
2. Separate walnut and pistachio from their shells and grate both of them separately and add half a teaspoon each and mix it with grated almonds.

Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

3. Add half a teaspoon of milk powder in this mixture.
4. Now, take neem leaves and wash them thoroughly. You can use neem leaves as you wish, either you can add fresh paste of these leaves, or dry them under sunlight and use them in a powdered form or even use neem concoction as a face pack mixer. I prefer powder from dry leaves as it is easier to apply as well as convenient to use without any need of preparing it fresh every time.

Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

5.  Now, add two teaspoons of curd in this mixture and whip it well to get a creamy consistency.
6. On a clean face, apply this face pack, leaving areas around eyes and lips.  Also, apply the pack on your neck, let it stand for good 30-35 minutes.
7.  Now, the pack is in semi-dry state.  Using gentle pressure, scrub this pack off your face and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

8.  This face pack is for people with dry skin, those of you with oily skin may skip this pack as it can make your skin look oilier, and I promise I will soon share one face pack using dry fruits meant for oily skin.

Benefits of this face pack:

1. Almond: Almond oil is a natural moisturiser which gives relief to your dry skin. Almond also has great anti-ageing properties which makes it a great solution if you want a good anti-ageing skin care regimen.
2. Pistachi
o: Pista is a power pack ingredient with vitamin E and we all know how beneficial Vitamin E is for our skin. It helps in keeping our skin soft, supple and moisturized.
3. Walnut: Vitamin B present in walnut makes them a good exfoliating agent and a great ingredient to keep wrinkles and age spots at bay.
4. Milk Powder: It deeply cleanses the skin and keeps skin soft and glowing.
5. Neem: Neem treats dry patches and also helps in getting rid of skin infections or allergies if any.
6. Curd: Curd removes tan and also keeps your complexion even toned and flawless.

So, that’s it girls, this DIY pack not only sounds great, but has some great effects on the skin as well, some of which I have already mentioned. So, what are you waiting for? Use this pack for yourself and check out the wonderful effects on your skin.

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15 thoughts on “Dry Fruits Face Pack For Glowing Skin

    1. rofl rofl Btw belated Eid Mubarak Samreen *puchhi* …Iam sure aap ise banayengi bhi aur face par apply bhi karengi. We girls can do anything to enhance the beauty of our skin- be it sacrificing the taste of yummy mewa for taking care of your skin. *jogging* Well I have also added Neem in it to resist the temptaion of eating it while applying *hihi*

    1. You can Pooju but I have noticed that dry fruits in a powdered form feels too much oily and is also not that easy to apply thats why I always use dry fruits in the grated form.

    1. Thanx Jomol. As Walnut, Almonds and Pistachio all contains good quantity of essential oils in them so I dont suggest you to use this pack if you have oily skin. I promise I will soon submit a post on pack for oily skin using a dry fruit which is equally effective as well.

  1. Shazia.. this looks sooo yummy ! Are you sure we have to apply it on face ? *nonono* Well, no kidding. I am a fan of homemade skin care, and I think if we do not grate the dry fruits too minutely this can be used as a scrub as well ! Great post ! *jai ho*

    1. Ha ha Shailja Neem makes it sure that it is for applying purpose only *hihi* And yes you have made a very correct point grated particles ensure good exfoliation. Using in conjunction with curd imparts this pack a creamy consistency that means although the ingredients are in a grated form yet they will not fall here and there while application.

  2. great DIY! will try this during winters! I need a face pack for oily/combination skin…. plz post a DIY soon!! 🙂

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