Dry Skin Care- How to Treat Dry Skin

Dry Skin Care
Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care – Treating Dry Skin Problems

Some quick tips for combating dry skin problems:
• Have a lukewarm bath, because water which is too hot erodes the moisture from the skin causing dry skin. If you can’t keep your showers lukewarm, make the showers short or shower once a day. You can have a 5 minutes to 10 minutes long shower.
•  Unfortunately your long hot tub baths should be omitted too, because hot water accompanied with several chemicals totally disturbs the skin.
• The bubble baths are good once in a while but in winters try and skip them too.
• We all complain of skin darkening and dryness during winters, especially with the skin of our hands. The same lukewarm water rule must be applied here. Avoid washing hands with hot water during winters.
• Put on hand gloves whilst heading out in winters and before doing so dab your hands in moisturizer.
• Moisturize after baths, showers and washes. Moisturize when your skin is damp after showers and washes. For best moisturizing effects pat dry the skin rather than rubbing it against a towel. You can also opt for humidifiers they help in keeping the skin supple and moist.
• Make sure your moisturizer has the following ingredients and contents:
1: Ceramides: It holds water in the skin and keeps it hydrated. Artificial ceramides serves just like the natural ones.
2: Hyaluronic acid: This acid also holds water in the skin thus keeping it moisturized.
3: Lanolin, petroleum jelly and mineral oil: They help in retaining the natural oils of the skin after showers.
4: Glycerine and Dimethicone: They retain and draw water to the skin.
• The “itchy legs” is another major problem with the winters. So have oil massages, rather than using lotions. Simple Coconut oil is the best for oil massages, almond oil works wonders too. Sleep in socks to have smooth feet.
• The coconut oil is not just for getting riddance from itchy leg skin, you can massage your whole body with it for a supple and moist skin. There are oils available in the markets which are omitted off for their typical coconut smell.
• This one is for those women, who prefer lotions. Opt for Shea butter. It’s divine in winters.
• Avoid antibacterial soaps and hand washes. They are harsh on the skin, thus causing skin darkening and dryness.  Opt for a gentle shower gel or moisturizer.
• Use mild, soap free, unscented cleansers as a substitute for the harsh cleaners.
• The cuticles tend to harden in the winters, so massage them with olive oil.
• Keep a face moisturizer handy in your purse.
• Exfoliate regularly, not just in winters but in all seasons. Moisturizers make magic after exfoliation. You can use a mild scrub for the body exfoliation. Do not abuse the scrub; this may cause dry skin again. Scrub whilst your skin is still dry. Scrubs do not work well on wet skin.
• Opt for oatmeal scrubs or sugar and salt scrubs for body scrubbing.treating dry skin
• Dry brushing before shower also helps in exfoliation; it removes the flaky blistering skin.
• Throw away the regular soaps especially the alkaline ones, which do nothing good to the skin but only cause dry skin. Go for cleansers with pH moisturizers, petrolatum and glycerin.
• Keep your skin and body hydrated, but do not survive on water in the winters. Recently studies have revealed that the skin cannot be hydrated completely from within.
• Ahh the lips. They need utmost care during the winters. Licking the lips does not moisturize them but this surely dries them out. A simple lip balm does the trick for your lips in winters.
• If you love your lips, you have to quit smoking. Nicotine basically blocks blood vessels and also the capillaries which are useful to the skin, thus depriving the skin off oxygen and leaving the skin dry and especially the lips dry.
• Or here’s an interesting lip tip from “Zeeba’s Gyaan”, all you need to do is apply Vaseline on the lips or any simple lip balm, and “brush” your lips with a toothbrush in a circular motion. This is exfoliation for your lips the dead blistering flakes will soon leave your lips keeping them soft, pink and supple.
• Dry skin is not limited to the hands, legs and lips. The thighs, abdomen, and back can also be prone to winter itch. Hence, the oil massages can be of great help to the body in winters thus preventing irritation and other skin problems.
• Start gulping down Mega 3 fish oil pills. Fish oil pills soothe the skin and make it super glowing and supple. Try out this one, the best part it doesn’t have any side effects. For the vegetarians, try including safflower oil, flax or walnuts in your diet.
• Winter sun can be a problem too. So ensure that you put on sunscreen to the parts which are exposed to the sun. SPF 15 is more than enough for winters.
• Wear natural fibers and cotton. Synthetics may cause irritation and itching.
• Do not forget to moisturize your body and face thoroughly before getting to bed.

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  1. thanks zeeba. never knew antibacterial washes caused dryness. even though i am oily oily, i never like to do naything to lesen it so that i don’t get wrinkly wrinkly in old age 😛

  2. Hi ..

    I prefer using a mix of haldi + chandan (1/4 teaspoon) + besan or choker (which ever available 2 teaspoon) + 2 drops of coconut oil (during winter) kind of diluted form and 1st scrub out the dark parts (like knees knuckles etc).. i use it 4- 5 days a week that gives me a good exfoliation without harsh chemical…(rest days dove soap 😛 ). It gives me a golden glow + pretty smell of chandan and no drying…

    Its a little lengthy procedure i know but 10 mins extra to this gives me good results on everyday account 🙂

  3. Gr8 tips as always Zeeba…

    I prefer body oils in the night and lotions just after bath.. Have to do both these things to keep my skin hydrated..

    Thanks for the super tips fr my super dry skin!! :-* :-* :-*

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