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Angela Rosy asks:

Hi 🙂

I am a regular visitor of your site, I am thankful to Rati for this site 🙂 I wanted help please. I am 20 years, fair complexion, combination skin. I have facial hair because of which my skin color looks dull. So, please help me out with some home remedies or any other creams or gels. I don’t think using bleach from early age would be good. So, please help out.

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9 thoughts on “Dull Complexion Due To Facial Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Angela,

    You can start with using facial wax strips. Homemade remedies include turmeric+curd+besan mix daily on the face. Vedic line has a hair retarder which is believed to reduce hair growth over time. The next option is threading hair if you do not want to bleach it.

    1. jomol i have never used facial wax strips..i want to know that is facial hair growth increases by using these strips???..does these strips causes any uneven hair growth on face???

  2. Hi angela for permanent hair removal u can try laset hair removal.otherwise u csn wax ur facial hair.sadly there is no cream or gel by which u can get rid of facial hair

  3. Hi Angela, threading and waxing are the only options; as of now. Yes Laser is also there. But one thing I would want to mention is that if you are waxing your face; you might face large pores issue; hence apply home remedies for pores after waxing without fail. That would include applying egg white and letting it dry and then washing your face with cold water. 😀

  4. hi angela ,

    wax and thread are the only remedies with least damage . you need to take some ones opinion about laser treatment , someone who has done it . dont rely on centres which give laser treatment , they will not tell you about the cons as they just want to sell their treatment .

  5. use lemon as it is natural bleaching agent, u can either add lemon juice in any homemade face pack or mix it in rose water and apply. u can also try home made ubtans for clearing of facial hair and enhancing ur complexion.

  6. Hey,
    I suggest you to not use facial threading. It may not suit MOST and will cause a bad breakout..
    Home remedies suggested above should work. If you want immediate results and are willing to spend, you should go for Laser treatment. If you have fine hair, then you can bleach, but the problem with bleaching is that once you get a lil tanned, the hair appears golden or brownish. 🙂

    SO i suggest home remedies 🙂
    turmeric+curd+besan mix daily on the face, as suggested by Jomol is awesome 🙂

  7. Hi
    i m havng same problm…
    U can use veet waxing strip easy n safe,dn katori wax also present…
    Veet waxng strip cut into half n dn use it.
    U can use tweezer for stubborn hair on chin…
    Nxt option to conceal dose dark inner hair growth u can use kryolan dermacolour camouflage cream take small pack for 350 n it will last long u can use same for dark circles also…
    My doctr suggested me medicine which m eatng to reduce facial hair which z aldactone 100mg..u can try dat bt consult doc its cost z 100rs per 10 strip bt trust me nw my facial hair hav reduced even…
    U can use eflorithine cream 500rs n it also reduces hair growth…do consult wd doc also…
    N whn u eat dese medicine u hv to wax so dat nxt time hairgrwth r finer n it will reduce to great extent…
    U can buy epiliator 5000 one time investment n can use on face legs…i bot epiliator in 2007 n m using till date…go for panasonic dy r cheaper…
    So i use dese methods bt really aftr aldactone medicine my hair grwth reduced a lot bt do consult doc or gynae…
    I hope i hlpd u thnx dear

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