e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush

Elf is the most affordable  and great standard makeup product brand I encountered in U.S. Almost everybody has used some or the other products from ELF. I bought loads and loads of products from their site whenever there was a buy one get one free sale. Yes 50% off  site wide on being so cheap!! Elf has three lines of cosmetics. First one is essential one dollar line, second one studio –  three dollar line and the last one – five dollar and up line. Today, the review is about the mineral blush, which was released, in late 2014. Since then, I have seen it being loved on You Tube so much that I had to buy it.

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush (2)

Packaging is a circular flat black plastic container. On top, there is a transparent plastic window. ‘Elf mineral blush’ is written on top of the transparent plastic case. This transparent piece is loosely attached to the black plastic encircling it, because when I received it, the clear lid was lying on the product and had scraped its border. It is visible in the photograph as well.

The amount of product provided is 4g. $5 for 4g is a great bargain, but I think cost-cutting has been done in its packaging. Over all, the plastic packaging is thin and cheap.There is no mirror or brush provided.

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush (4)

$5 (INR 300 approxiamtely)

This little blush is nicely pigmented. On the site, it says you can use it wet or dry, but here I have only dry swatches, which seem more than sufficiently pigmented to me for a blush. You really need a very light hand to apply the color. In the below swatches, one can see how beautifully the color shows up on the skin even after blending it. In my opinion, a fan brush will be perfect for the application of this blush. This color is a coral shade with red undertones. I think it will suit Indian skin tones well. This shade will be visible on lighter as well as deeper skin tones.

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush (3)

Texture is smooth and the pplication is even. The color transfers to the skin well. It looks matte on application and in the pan, but in reality – it has very fine golden specks in it. After applying it on the cheeks, the specks do not show up and the blush appears matte. Camera also could not catch the fine gold specks in the product. The blush is little soft to touch. When a brush is dipped, powder does get spilled and flies. The powder is neither dry to feel nor is drying on  the skin. It is very blend-able, though you have to be very fast as it sets quickly. The blend-ability is demonstrated in the picture below.

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush (4)

Staying power:
There is no claim on its site where they state its longevity. From my experience, when I tried this shade it stayed for good  7-8 hours. This was in the dry winter weather. But since it is summer-monsoon weather now, it hardly stays up for 4-5 hours due to the sweat and moisture etc. I have combination to dry skin.

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush swatch

e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush (1)

Pros of e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush :

  • Nicely pigmented
  • Easy on pocket
  • Non-drying on skin
  • Very pretty shade
  • Smooth, butter like texture
  • Decent amount of product

Cons of e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush:

  • Poor packaging
  • Little spillage and fall out

IMBB Rating:

Would I recommend e.l.f. Cabo Cabana Studio Pressed Mineral Blush?
Yes, definitely, I do recommend it. Packaging and spillage is not an issue for me. Mixing with setting pray or primer can enhance the staying power. Especially, for this price everything else can be figured out and made peace with. 😉

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