E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush Review

Hello fellow IMBBians!!!

We all have our favorite method of foundation application:

E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush

  • Flat foundation brush
  • Stippling brush
  • Blending brush
  • Beauty sponge
  • Fingers

My personal favorite is a beauty sponge and then perhaps my fingers. I have tried all the above mentioned methods and some or all of them work for certain types of foundation but most would agree that a good quality sponge is the best, but this does not deter me from buying different types of foundation brushes.

Product Description:

Achieve an ultra smooth, pore less finish when applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, or any other creamy face product. The tapered bristles are designed to contour your face for a seamless, flawless finish.



How to:

Start at the center of the face and blend outward, making sure to extend past the jaw line for a thoroughly blended look.


My Experience with E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush:

I already have a flat foundation brush by M.A.C but I still went ahead and bought this particular brush because the former brush is rather too large for my small round face and I wanted a flat brush to work under my eyes and around my nose. Brushes don’t give me a flawless finish that’s why I bought a cheaper version rather than a more expensive one and see how it would work for me.

E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush


The brush bristles are packed in a steel holder which is then attached to a plastic holder. On the plastic holder ‘e.l.f. Essential Foundation Brush’ words are engraved.

E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush label

Brush Bristle Quality:

They are synthetic bristles and are not super soft as one would like but then again it is pretty good for a $2 brush.


Bristle Density:

The bristles are not very dense hence the finished look appears a little streaky but like I mentioned earlier, one can get a flawless finish if followed by a good blending brush or just fingers.

E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush



This brush is easy to clean and dry , one has to put it in upright position to drain out all the water. It does not shed bristles as most of the cheap brushes are expected to.

Product Distribution:

It does a decent job at slathering product on face but not so much at blending and one might need to go over with fingers or a stippling brush to finish the look.

E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush



  • I would recommend using this brush wet or damp rather dry, to avoid wastage of product.
  • Pick a small amount of product at a time and start from center of the face to outward direction.
  • Go over a area multiple times in gentle strokes to get an even finish.
  • Once done, gently blend the product wherever it appears streaky.
  • This works well for liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer.
  • Wash the brush after every two – three uses.

Pros of E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush:

  • Travel friendly packaging and easy to store.
  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Soft synthetic brushes.
  • No shedding.
  • Good for liquid moisturizer or tinted moisturizer.
  • Affordable.
  • Small brush bristles to work under eyes and around nose.
  • Can be used to blend concealer or cream blushes.

Cons of E.L.F. Essential Foundation Brush:

  • Low bristle density – gives streaky finish.
  • One needs to use fingers or a blending brush to finish the look.


Would I repurchase this product?

No, because it would last me for a while and I would like to try out new products every time. But I do recommend it to my readers especially who are new with the whole makeup scenario and don’t want to shell out large amount of money.
IMBB rating:

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