e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush Review

e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush

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My foray in the makeup world began with lip glosses went on to eyeshadows and then reached lipsticks. But now I have a new pet obsession, blushes. Their ability to transform a dull lifeless face to something filled with vitality leaves me utterly spellbound. While my blush collection is slowly reaching epic proportions, I still need a few tools to make them reach the optimum height.
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The blushes that I have either have no applicator or have a sub-standard ones, without which I have to use my fingers to apply them and that certainly doesn’t appeal to my inner fashionista. For better application I have brought many brushes and the brush I am now going to review is not my favourite one out of the lot but as it turns out it isn’t a complete waste.
So without further ado, on to the review!
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The slanted shape of the Angled Blush Brush offers precision application for a sculpted look. The soft dense bristles contours facial features easily. Use with cream, liquid or powder blush, bronzers or highlighters for a professional result.

Apply product to the apples of the cheeks for a flush of color or in the hollows of the cheeks to contour.


The brush comes in a plastic pouch that has a tucked in flap. This pouch helps keep the brush bristles in place while travelling, making a separate brush holder redundant. It also has a plastic holder to keep the angled bristles in place, which is a very thoughtful addition to the packaging. This travel proofs the brush brilliantly well. All information regarding this brush is printed on a silver sheet and tucked into the pouch. Despite being incredibly informative, one can remove it to reduce the space taken up by the packaging.

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My take on e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush:

Honestly when I bought this blush I thought that the only perfect way to apply blush is right below the cheekbone as a contour. I have obviously educated myself further which has now lead to a fascination with contouring products made specifically for this purpose. As a blush brush I don’t think it works particularly well, mainly due to the shape and density of the brush. Due to the low density of bristles, this brush doesn’t blend the blush as perfectly as I like my blushes to be blended. The first time I used it, it left my face with two racing stripes of colour, not a very attractive look if you ask me. If you work a little more carefully you can blend the blush in a little better and look less like a clown. But that’s the point, it requires extra effort on your part, the blending process isn’t as effortless as it is with say, a Kabuki brush. It isn’t a flaw in the brush as much as it is a drawback.

When I washed this brush, it lost 2-3 brushes at every wash for the first 4-5 washes which came as a huge shock because none of my other e.l.f. brushes have ever shed a single hair. It may be due to a bad batch, or maybe the brush itself is at fault I leave you to be the judge.

While I find myself unable to use this as a blush brush, I feel that it works incredibly well as a contouring and highlighting brush. It fits perfectly in the hollow of my cheek for some pretty nifty contouring and works perfectly for some light highlighting above the cheekbone. I don’t use this brush for anything other than this, and perhaps if I knew about this before I would have used my $3 on some other product. It isn’t a useless product by any means, but not an indispensible one either.

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Pros of e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush:

1.Travel safe packaging
2. Brush doesn’t absorb that much excess product
3. Soft Taklon Bristles
4. Versatile
5. Matte black brush handle
6. Inexpensive
7. Thoughtful bristle protector
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Cons of e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush:

1.Writing on the brush isn’t engraved and can fade
2. Long drying time
3. Blending isn’t flawless
4. Did shed a few hair

Would I repurchase e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush?

Nah! I have seen better brushes now.

Would I recommend e.l.f. Studio Angled Blush Brush to friends?

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  1. And i wish e.l.f was available in cosmetic malls here. They r only sold on online facebook stores,and im not into facebook:p

    1. I wish they were available in India too… Which FB store are you talking about btw, I would really like to check it out. *drool*

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