Ear Piercing Aftercare

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Ear Piercing aftercare

If you are to think of the most well-known kind of piercing, perhaps, the first one that comes to your mind is ear piercing. Indeed, it is very well-liked and in some countries, it is even associated with religion and parameters of femininity. However, ear-piercing is not restricted to women alone; men too pierce their ears to keep up with the popular culture and recent trends! Cartilage, which is the upper part of the ear (external), is also pierced and this is known as cartilage piercing. Some of the most commonly used methods for ear piercing are piercing gun, standard needle method, indwelling cannula method and dermal punching. Ear piecing indeed makes you look great as you can try out a variety of earrings and ear studs; but it is important that you take good care of your ears after piercing them in order to avoid infections and pain.

Why is Ear Piercing Aftercare Important?


It takes almost two months for ear piercing to heal completely. However, for this, you must take proper care of your ears once the piercing is done. Remember one thing; ear lobes are the best parts in your body when it comes to piercing since it heals faster than the other body parts. While ear lobe piercing does not have too many problems associated with it, ear cartilage piercing has lots of problems as after effects if not taken care of properly. Granulomas and keloids are two common problems related to this situation and they might require cortisone for healing purpose. That is why, an ear piercing after-care session is very important.

How To Take Care Of Ears After Piercing?


• The piercing must be cleaned once everyday. You can do it while taking bath. This is an absolute necessity, but care must be taken to ensure that you do not end up over-cleaning the area more than once. In that case, you would be hampering the natural defense mechanism of your body.
• If a crust is formed by the lymph, which accumulates, rinse the area by using cotton swab soaked in mild saline water. Any antiseptic cleanser recommended by the doctor can also be used for the purpose.
• When the piercing is in a stage of healing, try to use hair products that are free from artificial scents and dyes.
• Keep the area surrounding the piercing free from any hair (or fur), which may accidentally be blown by the wind there to cling on. Bacteria, dirt and oil are transmitted by hair and so, remove it gently without hurting the piercing zone.
• Keep your pillows and pillow covers clean. This would make sure that bacteria do not breed.
• Eat a balanced diet. Refrain from taking drugs and alcohol. Incorporate vitamin B and zinc. Having multivitamins would accelerate the process of healing.

What To Avoid During Aftercare?

• Make sure that you touch the area as less as possible. Even if you need to touch it at times, ensure that you wash your hands properly before doing it.
• It is better to remove the piercing after the initial three months. Avoid pushing ear-rings in and out before it heals properly.
• Do not apply hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel as this can result in blemishing of soft flesh.
• Avoid the application of ointments of any sort unless this is under the recommendation of any physician. Try keeping the piercing zone dry.
• Avoid the use of public phones, reading glasses, hats and headphones as much as you can in order to avoid irritation.
• Avoid using any kind of baby oil, sun block cream or sun tan lotion on the area when the piercing is still new.
• When your ear piercing had just crossed the healing stage, try to avoid wearing hoops or dangling earrings. If, in case they get tangled with your dress or towel, you would experience unnecessary pain.

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  1. i have 3 piercings each in both ears since almost 10 years
    the top one is in cartilage only..it took more time to heal then the rest of 4
    but thankfully they never got infected 🙂
    also i would like to add..getting piercings done in rains/winters take more time in healing
    my navel piercing never came out successfully 🙁 🙁

  2. Does anyone know where to find that last earring? The spiral one that spans the ear? It is really pretty and I would like one.

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