Easy and Effective Dental Care Regimen

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We all know a beautiful smile is all you need to capture the attention or heart of people, a gorgeous smile goes a long way in lifting your looks in a way your makeup can never. So, it is of utmost importance that we make sure to smile a lot. And, to have a gorgeous smile, we have to ensure primarily that we have a healthy set of teeth. So today, I am going to share the proper regime to follow for healthy teeth. We all tend to become super lazy when it comes to matter of dental care.

Easy and Effective Dental Care Regimen2

We might not admit, but we do not even brush our teeth twice daily, most of us are guilty of that crime. Improper or rather unhygienic regime leads to tooth decay and which will take us to dental clinic and from there starts the regular dentist visits, and let’s not forget the hours of pain. A proper regime can ensure that we can avoid this to great extent. So, let us see what steps should be followed for hygienic dental care.

Brush At Least Twice Daily

In the span of 24 hours of our day, our mouth has to go through a lot of activities like eating variety of food, drinking beverages, smoking and even being closed for a good 5-7 hours while sleeping. These activities affect our teeth in mild to high adverse ways. So, it is important to clean our teeth of all the accumulated dirt which generally leads to germs and eventually, diseases.

Note : Never brush immediately after eating or drinking beverages especially cold drinks; the enamel become soft after coming in contact with acidic item (cold drinks etc.). So, brushing soon after having drinks is a big no – no! Keep a gap of an hour before brushing.

Clean Your Tongue

Always clean your tongue! Our tongue is covered in mucus which makes a perfect and very accommodating environment for germs to stay and grow. So, it is of utmost importance to make sure that our tongue is clean. You can use the backside of the brush-head they have ridges for it or you can also use brushes with soft bristles or a tongue cleaners. Scrub your tongue just enough to make sure it’s free of mucus.

Easy and Effective Dental Care Regimen

Floss Before Going To Sleep

No matter what the brush advertises, a normal brush can never reach the gaps between two teeth. You have to use floss! Floss is a synthetic thread which is used to clean the area between teeth near the gum. Flossing is not a common trend is India, although some people do follow it. It ensures that even the most remote area inaccessible with brushes is clean. If you cannot get floss, then you can use very fine brushes with very thin heads and super-fine bristles, for the same purpose. These brushes are intended for the same purpose.

Always Follow Up With A Mouthwash

End the regime with a fluoride mouthwash. Fluoride is necessary during the building years of a kid, and for the repairs in the grown-ups. This step is like the round-up completion of the dental care regime.

Few More Important Points To Keep In Mind:

• Maintain a healthy diet. Junk food and aerated drinks contain a lot of salt, sugar and these things are very harmful for the teeth. Include fruits in your diet, especially apple and citrus fruits in your diet.

• Make sure you follow every step for at-least 3-4 minutes. The more you follow the regime the lesser time you have to spend, when you do follow them.

• Do not go overboard with any of the steps, as we know too much of anything is bad. Stressing on any step for more than requisite or preferable time may lead to erosion of enamel, leading to other problems.

• Clean the insides of the cheeks and the gums also. Use a brush which has soft bristles.

• Visit your dentist at least once a year – this will prevent plaques to become bigger problems. Take care to notice if any persistent bad breath or any bleeding in the gums is occurring or not. Do visit dentist immediately in any of the cases.

• Our ancient history is a store of various fascinating and enriching secrets for our health and beauty. We have something for our dental care as well – commonly found or heard datun is very good for teeth. Chewing of datun helps in improving the blood circulation in the gums and it also strengthens the teeth. Follow this at least once a week.

• Rub your teeth with the outside part of ripe banana peel. This whitens the teeth, and I think it is preferable to regular use of baking soda or any other chemicals.

• One thing that my nani swears by for healthy teeth is using a mixture of mustard oil and salt. The salty nature of this mixture helps in reducing the germ content. Whenever I cannot get hold of my toothpaste, this comes to my rescue. If you are using this trick, make sure you wash your mouth vigorously, so that the mixture can reach every crevice in between your teeth.

• Drink sufficient water and at regular intervals.

Easy and Effective Dental Care Regimen3

• Always keep chewing gums handy! Flavoured gum before important meetings or dates can be really helpful.

Try to make the kids follow these rules from young age, so that it will be easier for them to follow them every day. So, follow these tips to make sure that you have a beautiful and a gorgeous smile.

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7 thoughts on “Easy and Effective Dental Care Regimen

  1. I am so scared of going to the dentists that I spend a considerable amount of time brushing my teeth …..good tips Nancy 🙂

  2. Hey everyone! My name is jasmine and I am a practicing registered dental hygienist in Nova Scotia. I just wanted to add a few important tips to the article for anyone who is interested.

    1) Always use a soft or extra soft toothbrush and use minimal pressure while brushing because too much pressure can cause gingival recession which means it can cause your gums to move away from your teeth. Recession of your gums will expose root surfaces of your teeth that will cause your teeth to become very sensitive.

    2) You should brush your teeth for atleast 2 minutes.

    3) Flossing is very important because your toothbrush will not reach between your teeth or underneath your gums. The bacteria that is left between your teeth and underneath your gums will travel through your blood steam and is linked to many health conditions.

    4) Always use an alcohol free and fluoridated mouthwash. It is still antibacterial so it will kill unwanted bacteria. Alcohol can be harsh on your tissues. The fluoride in your mouthwash will prevent cavities from forming. If a cavity is in an early stage it can actually repair the tooth.

    5) After using your mouthwash try not to eat or drink anything even water for 30 minutes. The fluoride needs time to penetrate your teeth in order to give you the maximum benefit.

    6) If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold while eating or drinking use a sensitive toothpaste. If you have certain teeth that are very sensitive in comparison to others you can put the toothpaste on your finger and rub it into the tooth for one minute. Spit out the extra toothpaste and do not rinse with water. No eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

    Hope you find these tips helpful! 🙂

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