Easy Beauty Tips for Girls who Stay in Hostels

Hello girls!

Some of us are destined to be away from our homes, which is a struggle in itself. Mostly we are so drowned in our academics that we tend to ignore other aspects of our lives. And, as a result, we start facing hair related problems, we gain weight, lose weight or become a shade or two darker! I also have faced all of these and am still trying to make things better. So, I am sharing some beauty tips for all you hostelers or girls who stay away from home!

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Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day
We all are very well aware of this fact and yet remain lazy enough to follow the rule. I don’t need to mention the importance of drinking water from time to time. When you are a hosteler, there are chances that you do not like the taste of the water, or you have other issues with drinking water. It all happens! You might have noticed that when the water is cold, you fail to notice its taste which makes it easier to gulp down. If you have the facility for refrigerating water, go for it. You do not have to drink chilled water all the time – just make it reach the right temperature to hide the bad taste. Or get yourself an earthen pot if possible (be creative and change its look too). It will give you naturally cool water.

Prepare Bath Water
Many hostels use bleaching powder, chlorine and other chemicals in water to purify it. Ironic, right? I need not mention that such things are harmful for both, our hair and our body. Try to store a bucket of water preferably overnight. Next morning, you will see a white film over water, strain it and throw that water. Use the rest of the water to bath, but leave the water at the bottom of the bucket (say last two cups).

If this is not possible, use drinking water/bottled mineral water to wash your hair. Take care to wash your hair on alternate days, if possible. Use mild shampoo and conditioner to get more benefits.

Skin Care
When visiting or leaving your home, make sure you pack some herbal powders like neem, tulsi, sandalwood, turmeric or multani mitti etc. Mix it with your favourite rosewater and use regularly when you are back at your hostel. Also, try to stick to basic CTM as much as possible. Your skin will thank you by appearing more radiant.

I personally feel lazy to make face packs and then apply, so I prefer readymade facepacks like:

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack
Nature’s Essence Bridal Glow Pack
Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear

To Combat Unexpected Pimples

Pimples are always unwelcomed guests. Climatic changes or changes in food habits or even hard water could happily gift you some pimples. Try to find out that HG product for your pimples. For me, it is Himalaya Acne and Pimple Cream. I apply it sparingly and keep it overnight until my pimples go away. Faceclin Acne Gel has also helped me with my pimples. Dermadew Lite is a soap which has helped with my summer acne breakout recently. Also, find a sunscreen that doesn’t give you pimples and use it daily before going out.

Use Minimum Makeup
I know none of us would wear heavy makeup to college. But, if you do, reduce the amount of makeup you use. Rather than going for heavy foundations, choose a BB or CC cream which suits your skin type and complexion. Such creams will not only keep your skin healthy but will also not clog pores. Also, keep your tinted lip balm, lip gloss, kajal and mascara near to amp up your look.

Moisturize Every Single Night

Make it a point to use a body lotion before going to bed. Let your skin sleep with all the goodness that your moisturising lotion gives.Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Lotion and Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer are very good options.

Say No to Sharing

I know this rule is hard to follow. There are always some snatchers in the hostels and also, there are our friends to whom we can’t say no. But, sharing makeup will lead to more skin troubles. To prevent this, stop displaying all your products on your desk. Keep them safe in a your suitcase or in your handbag. Also, don’t forget to include combs and brushes in this category.

Sleep for Minimum 6 Hours a Day

Easy Beauty Tips for Girls who Stay in Hostels4

The first thing I do in the morning is counting the number of hours I slept for. I feel relieved only if I get to count till six minimum. Life in hostels are very hectic but you need to make time for yourself. Lack of sleep not only causes health and energy issues, but also gives dark under eyes. Try to sleep for atleast 6 hours every night even if you are struggling with your textbooks.

Also Follow These:

• If you are out in the market or mall, prefer having juices made with fresh fruits or healthy milkshakes and smoothies. You can get plenty of tea and coffee at your hostel, right?

• Try to have few almonds/dates/walnuts everyday

Easy Beauty Tips for Girls who Stay in Hostels3

• Make sure you consult your doctor if any of your skin, hair or health related problem persists for more than two weeks.

I have spent years in a hostel which provides only basic facilities and nothing more than that! And, I believe it is the worst hostel on earth, but doesn’t everyone feel that way for their hostels? 😛 My strong relationships with my friends and roommates made my survival possible there. When you have plenty of love, what else do you need?

I hope these are helpful and practicable in your hostel life too.

Stay pretty and score high!

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9 thoughts on “Easy Beauty Tips for Girls who Stay in Hostels

  1. These are good tips Sana. I have never stayed in a hostel, thankfully. But a lot of friends have and the main thing they complained about was hair fall.

    1. Consider yourself as lucky if you havent 😀 and ya. hairfall seems to be that one prob that every hosteler face:(

  2. amazing tips Sana. i will surely try out the preparing of the bath water. although i dont stay at hostel but my hairfall is at a dangerous stage 🙁

  3. Reminds me of my days in hostel. I still wonder how I survived there! But they were undoubtedly the best days of my life and I cherish them so much. I feel everyone should experience hostel life, it can really bring positive changes in a person.:) And yes hostel life is equivalent to hairfall. A good diet is not possible while staying away from home but regularly taking vitamin supplement, dry fruits and oiling your hair can definitely be a saving grace.

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