Easy Diet Tips For Lazy Women

By Maya Ramchandani

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing great. Almost 6 in every 10 women try to lose weight, follow different crash diets and workout plans. But, there are very few people, who are just trying to stay fit and maintain their current body weight. Here are few simple diet tips to maintain your current weight. I follow these diet and tips and it shows great result. I started with this diet because of my laziness for workout and for my love for food. I am a total foodie. There are some things that we cannot really avoid even on a diet.

Easy Diet Tips For Lazy Women

Start The Day with A Glass of Lukewarm Water with Lemon and Honey:
If you do not like to have lemon and honey, you can have a glass of lukewarm water alone by itself. It would help in the same way. I know and understand this is an everyday struggle. I do not like to have green tea at all. So, I substitute that part by having 2 to 3 glasses of lukewarm water. Also, having lukewarm water after your meals improves digestion.

Make A Strict Routine to Go for A Walk Everyday:

Easy Diet Tips For Lazy Women 2

Metabolism plays a great role in weight loss, but for some of us time is a huge factor. So, go for a brisk walk regularly, at least for an hour. It can be in the morning time, if you can wake up early, otherwise in the evening or either at night. But, fix a regular time for yourself. It really helps a lot.

Never Skip Your Breakfast and Include Fruits and Juices:
A healthy breakfast is a must. I usually prefer a bowl of oats or cornflakes with low fat milk for my breakfast. If you get bored with the same bowl of oats everyday, then you may switch between poha, oats, cornflakes, boiled moong, sprouts and porridge. Have an apple, papaya, banana or at least any one fruit in my breakfast. If you avoid fruits, then you can go for a glass of healthy juice. It can be watermelon juice mixed with any of your favourite fruit, or simply an orange juice.

Have Lunch Like A King and Dinner Like A Pauper:

Easy Diet Tips For Lazy Women 3

A very old tip known to all of us. We just want to maintain our current weight, so we do not need to avoid all our favourite dishes. Eat whatever you want for your lunch with two non-oily chapattis. Try to include healthy things in your diet and lifestyle. If you are having butter paneer masala with full fat gravy, then try to have normal dry chapattis and naan without butter. Have a bowl of salad before grabbing a full fat food. I too am not a great fan of salad. So, I just have cucumbers and carrots alone. Try to have your dinner before 7:00 pm. and keep it very light. I usually have sprouts or an apple for dinner with a glass of skimmed milk, so this keeps me full.

Have Natural Sweetners, Brown Breads, Skimmed Milk:
Some people might not like to have these. But now a days, there are many options in diet food available in India that save you from lot of calories. Try using a sugar free or honey, as a sweetner. If you like to have sandwiches, then go for brown bread or whole wheat bread. You can even opt for brown pasta.

Snacking, Chocolates, Sodas and All Your Favourites:

Easy Diet Tips For Lazy Women 4

Snacking is the reason for unexpected weight gain. If you have a habit of snacking, then you can have healthy stuff made at home. Baked chips are a good option, but many of us do not like it. I prefer my home made chaklis( made with wheat flour), nuts(very healthy option), brown bread sandwiches with sandwich sauce. You may also stock masala oats, vegetable soups from Knorr for your snack time. If you love chocolates like me, then try to have dark chocolates. They are good for both your skin and body. I do not mean you to have a dark chocolate everyday. But, having your favourite food once a week is okay. About sodas, I am really sorry but they have to be avoided. It contain the maximum calories of all. You can instead have healthy drinks, juices, detox waters and shakes.

Move Your Body:
Apart from a fixed routine of brisk walk in the morning, I keep moving my body the whole day. Few simple tips to do this are:

  • The very famous rule, walk and talk. It works like anything. Whenever I feel lazy, I simple call up a friend of mine and start walking while talking.
  • If you have been sitting on the couch for very long time waiting for your favourite show or movie, then get up, get a hoola hoop and get started. If not that, then do 50 rounds with a skipping rope. You may either do some body stretching exercise.
  • I find it very irritating to find a separate time for workout. So, I have started a routine of doing 20 squats before going to bath. and 10 jumping jacks before going for walk in the morning. I also keep moving my neck, shoulders, hands wrist and foot followed with few simple stretching exercises.
  • Always prefer the stairs. This habit is a must be adopted as it helps in long run too. Rather than just sitting on the couch, I prefer to sit on a hard bed( hard as in, not a firm cushion bed ) and do the butterfly pose for 10 to 15 mins. It helps you to lose your thigh fat.

So, this is my way to maintain my current body weight. My simplest mantra is not to avoid my favourite food, but to include healthy food. You might be acquainted with these tips, but let us just finally start with little motivation and stay fit. You can have all your favourite foods, but in moderation. Having a big fat burger full of cheese is okay, but it should be once a week and that too by compensating those calories with a proper workout.

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