Easy and Effective Ways to Lose Weight

I am obsessed with losing weight, but then who isn’t.  Nothing makes me more depressed than to let go of dresses that do not fit me anymore because I have gained weight.  It is not that I have put on weight drastically, but then the 10 kgs (old story…..YAWN) that I put on during pregnancy is too much to carry around.  It is not that I am against “healthy” people or pro-size-zero, it is just that I would like to be more fit and staying in a trimmed frame makes my life much more easier and less complex.

Weight Loss

I have always admired Shilpa Shetty’s figure, hers is like a perfectly sculpted body though I am not a big fan of Bipasha Basu’s or Mallika Sherawat’s frame coz they are err….”top heavy.”  I have never been obese at any point in my life and I was thankfully able to maintain a stable weight.  I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and my BMI (body mass index) never went over 22.  To find out your own BMI, please check the following charts.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

BMI stands for body mass index, which is used to evaluate your weight in relation to your height.  BMI is a gross estimate for the amount of fat in your body.

Before you all snigger at my obsession to lose weight, I want to make it clear that I am not aiming at a size zero figure, but I do wanna get a 36-28-36 frame.:)

I have thought about the various dieting possibilities, aerobics, yoga, and other weight loss techniques, but with a naughty baby to look after, I want to start easy before going on to complicated weight losing techniques.  So, after reading and hearing a lot on weight loss, I have charted my own theories and techniques in the quest to lose weight, and I would like to share with you what all I have deduced.  I would also like to mention that I learnt a lot from the fitness articles posted on IMBB, reading up, and hearing things on television.  I have took tips from here and there and come up with my own modus operandi.

So, here I go:
Weight Loss

1. SET A TARGET DATE: The most important step towards losing weight is that you should set a goal for yourself and a target date. Before beginning it all, you should calculate and assess how much weight you want to lose without looking malnourished, whether it is 10 kgs or 15 kgs.  After you have made the calculation of the approximate amount, next step is to choose a target date by which time you think the goal of yours would likely be accomplished, like your own birthday, your kid’s birthday, your husband’s/boyfriend’s birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc.  Without a target date, it will be like you are floating in a vague direction.  With a target date, you would be more motivated and dedicated to work towards it.  Personally, I have chosen my son’s birthday on October 9th, 2010, as the D-date, so I have 2 more months to go. 🙂

2. DON’T BUY NEW CLOTHES: Buying new clothes that fit your current frame are a big no-no.  I have let go of the strong urge to buy new clothes to hide my love handles and puppy fat. Buying clothes to enshroud the extra pounds makes you develop a complacent attitude. As your bulge grows, you would buy things that would either suit or hide your enlarged frame.  In fact, I have bought clothes a size smaller than my current frame in the hopes that it would fit me two months later:),I am not too ambitious, am I?

Weight Loss

3. DESTRESS YOURSELF: Destressing oneself is probably like taking a leap forward in losing weight.  It should be noted that when we are depressed or stressed out, our body metabolism goes for a toss.  Less hours of sleep harms the body metabolism in a big way and makes it sluggish.  Also, increased stress and depression increases cravings for high-calorie and sugar-rich foods like chocolate, icecreams, candies, etc.  These sugar-rich high-calorie foods act like comfort food to elevate our mood and in times of distress, we turn to these heavy calorie foods for solace.  Sometimes, I marvel how a big bar of chocolate does wonders to dispel my rotten mood.

Weight Loss

4. FORGIVE BUT DO NOT FORGET: Also, let go of all grudges and apply the policy of “forgive but do not forget.”  Holding grudges against someone harms us much more emotionally than the person against who we are holding grudges has done.  Carrying a lot of emotional baggage will lead to more stress and depression, which in turn may lead to faulty eating habits, so let go, but don’t forget, and be on guards.

Weight Loss

5.  FASTING: Fasting relieves and gives rest to your system, giving it time to rejuvenate and detoxify.  Fasting once or twice a month is like doing justice to your entire body system, but overdoing the fasting is like harming it.  Exception is fasting during Ramzan, Lent, Navaratri, and certain months in a year.  Religious fasting has science behind it and such kinds of fasting not only detoxify the mind and soul but also the body.

6.  SLEEP WELL: During sleep, all the damages are literally undone.  Sleep is the best form of de-stressing your mind and body.  Getting a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep is imperative.  Earlier, when I used to sleep around 12 hours a day, I was real slim, so I am thinking of getting more sleep:).  Also, sitting in front of television and computer for a long stretch (at one go I mean without taking breaks) can prove to be almost fatal/fatal.  I have practically seen two such experiences happen before me.  In the first case, a family friend (male, age 55) died of a heart attack after he spent the whole evening and night watching the election results in 2006.  In the second case, another acquaintance (age 67) was found dead in the morning after he had spent the whole night watching the rescue operation of Prince from the 180-feet borewell.

Weight Loss

7.  WALK FOR HEALTH: Walking is the best form of exercise and in contrary to most exercises which focus on certain body parts at one particular time, brisk walking benefits the entire body.  When you lose weight, it would be uniformly.  Also, while you walk (alone), you have a lot of time for yourself and you can utilize this time to sort out your thoughts.  If you are angry at something or someone, you would be really surprised how a long walk has calmed you down.

Weight Loss

8. DITCH THE LIFT: You might be staying on the fourth floor or seventh floor, but instead of taking the lift to your apartment, try climbing the stairs.  Don’t rush otherwise your legs would feel tired by the time you reach on top.  Climb slowly and steadily and you will not feel out of breath.  I remember Mona Singh was really plump during the beginning of the show “Jhalak Dikhla Jha.”  But, midway during the show, she lost oodles of weight and when asked how she managed to do it, she replied that her choreographer partner used to make her climb stairs of her multi-storeyed building for around 20 times each day.  Climbing stairs will give you quick results, but then, start with 10, otherwise, you may feel very tired.

Weight Loss

9.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Water is an important factor in losing weight.  Our system needs lubrication and our entire body is made up of 80% water, so do not let your body dehydrate.  Water flushes waste out of your body and transports nutrients to all the parts.  You must have 8 to 10 glasses per day.  Starting your day with one glass of lukewarm water is a great start.

Weight Loss

10.  DON’T TAKE BATH RIGHT AFTER YOU HAVE EATEN A MEAL: According to Ayurveda and an old Malayalam saying, “if you see someone taking a bath right after having eaten a meal, you should kick that person.”  This is because water douses the gastric fire, digestive enzymes, and gastric juices that have been triggered by food.  As a result, digestion takes a lot of time than usual and toxins and calories build up.

Weight Loss

11. DON’T EAT AFTER 8 PM: This is a time when your body metabolism slows down to an all-time low during the day and the calories that you consume after this time are stored up in the body.  So, try to finish your high-carbohydrate foods before 8 PM.

Weight Loss

12.  STAY AWAY FROM CANNED AND PROCESSED FOODS: These type of foods contain high level of salt, sugar, and other preservatives that have been added to increase their shelf life.  Since these are high in salt and empty calories, try to avoid them on a daily basis, instead opt for home-made food.

13.  GO LOW ON SALT, SUGAR, AND CAFFEINE: These are the things which act as roadblocks in the path to weight loss.  So, remove the table salt, replace sugar with Sugar Free, and go easy on coffee, and feel the difference.

14.  LET PEOPLE CRITICIZE YOU FOR YOUR WEIGHT: Often many overweight people feel offended for being criticized for their weight.  I think it’s wise to take the criticism and turn it around to work for your advantage.  Let others’ criticism motivate you to reduce that bulge as soon as possible.

15.  RESTRICT NON-VEGETARIAN FOOD TO ONCE A WEEK: This is for people who think dinner = KFC.  Well, despite being a fish-loving malayalee, I have cut down non-vegetarian food to just once a week and I have reserved KFC and Pizza Huts for occasions I would want to celebrate.  For those people who treat potato as a celebratory food and consume it on a daily basis (I am not hinting at anyone), should also take clue and reduce potato intake to once or twice a week.

16.  EAT BREAKFAST LIKE A KING, LUNCH LIKE A PRINCE, AND SUPPER LIKE A PAUPER: This is a pretty old saying and it means that you should eat breakfast heartily like a king, lunch should be balanced and moderate like a prince’s, and dinner should be minimalistic akin to that of a pauper.

There is this grave mistake that people who want to lose weight do.  I have seen many anxious weight losers skipping their breakfast in anticipation of losing weight quickly.  This is such a big blunder to commit.  If you deprive yourself of breakfast, you’re actually fasting for 15 to 20 hours, so you’re not producing the enzymes needed to metabolize fat to lose weight.  Many people skip breakfast and feel great about themselves for having done so.  In fact, it’s the most unwise and irrational thing to do.  Breakfast skippers deprive themselves of the calories in the morning hours when the body in on fast-track and needs energy and can burn calories.  However, these same breakfast avoiders replace calories during the day with nibbling and bingeing at lunch and dinner (at a time when the body’s mechanism slows down considerably and is unable to burn calories and stores them.  So, if you have to skip a meal, chuck out the dinner.

Take a look at the below-mentioned studies:

According to a study conducted on people who lost weight.  “They say that before having breakfast regularly, they would eat most of their calories after 5 p.m.,” Politi tells WebMD. “Now, they try to distribute calories throughout the day. It makes sense that the body wants to be fueled.”

The Benefits of Breakfast

Eating breakfast is a daily habit for the “successful losers” who belong to The National Weight Control Registry. These people have maintained a 30-pound (or more) weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years.

“Most — 78% — reported eating breakfast every day, and almost 90% reported eating breakfast at least five days a week – which suggests that starting the day with breakfast is an important strategy to lose weight and keep it off,” says James O. Hill, PhD, the Registry’s co-founder and director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  Earlier this year, two studies in the Journal of the American Diabetic Association backed up this finding.  Though they were funded by cereal companies, dietitians say they underscore the message – breakfast is important to weight loss.

Weight Loss

17.  DON’T TAKE YOUR MEALS WHILE WATCHING TELEVISION: A lot of us have given up on dining table as the appropriate place to eat our meals and instead we find couches more comfortable such that we can eat our meals and watch our favorite show on television too.  The problem with eating meals while watching television is that while the TV program engrosses you and holds your attention, you lose count of the servings you have already taken on your plate and you keep going back to refill your plate.  Same goes for sitting down with buttered popcorn and potato chips, you lose count of the packets that you have finished.  So, eat your meals on dining table only and spend quality time with your family over dinner.

Weight Loss

18.  THE THREE-DAY KHICHDI DIET:  Toxins build up in our bodies over time because of faulty eating habits, junk food, artificial color rich foods, and foods rich in carbohydrates.  It is important to detoxify our body once in a while to get rid of the toxins.  I had seen this particular detoxification Khichdi diet on Travel and Living that I tried and it is working for me.  Every month, you take Khicdi for breakfast (something else can be substituted instead of Khichdi for breakfast), lunch, and dinner for three consecutive days, and it completely detoxifies your system.  I have recently started with it and I feel great.  Here’s the recipe:

One cup moong dal, one cup brown (slightly unpolished) rice; five to six cups of water; one tsp jeera; a pinch of hing; a pinch of haldi; salt to taste; a tsp of ghee.

Pour ghee into a pressure cooker or kadai, wait till it smokes lightly, add jeera, haldi and hing. When browned, turn in the dal and rice. Fry for a few minutes, add salt and water and cook till done.  The khichdi should have the consistency of thick porridge.

For the next three days, this is all you eat. No tea, no coffee, no fruits and, of course, no other food. Have the khichdi for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Easy to digest, this regimen will eliminate gas and other digestive problems. You will return to normal food, considerably rejuvenated.

19.  HOT WATER BATHS: Hot water baths increases blood flow and capillary action in our skin, promoting good blood circulation.

20.  HONEY AND LEMON IN LUKEWARM WATER FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: Start your day with one teaspoon honey and 10 drops of lime in lukewarm water.  Remember, you should NOT boil the honey and lemon (it will kill the enzymes).  Apparently, this is a good source of melting the fat in the body and a great substitute for snacking.

Weight Loss

21.  GO SLOW ON REFINED FOODS: Eating carbohydrates that are too refined like white bread and white flour (maida) is like eating glue.  They stick to your intestines and begins to decay there creating toxins and bacteria.  Blood capillaries pick them up from here and distribute them throughout our body.  Toxins are a result of emotional stress, unbalanced diet, and the consumption of too much rich food.  So, we need to substitute white bread with brown bread and replace that white flour with whole-grain flour.

Weight Loss

22.  CONSUME GREENS, VEGETABLES, AND FRUITS: High levels of fruits, vegetables, greens and beans help you lose weight because they are low in calories, high in volume, and high in critically important nutrients. On a very practical level, they fill you up, without loading you up with fat and calories.

23.  REDUCE THE INTAKE OF AERATED BEVERAGES, BEERS, AND ALCOHOLS: Aerated drinks supply the body with empty calories, which does no good for the body and add up to the bulk.  Also, beer and alcohol increases one’s appetite considerably.  My husband and cousin brother eat like monsters after they gulp down a few packs of beers and oh the “Beer Belly” is so famous.  So, it would be a wise thing to let your wife/girlfriend wash her hair with your beer.:)

23.  YOGA: This ancient form of exercise continues to benefit so many around the world.  I am big fan of yoga and can vouch for its benefits.  However, this needs time and once you have set yourself on the path to lose weight, you will find it easy to find time to adopt yoga into your schedule.

24.  CORRECT YOUR EATING PATTERN: Ayurvedically, there is a pattern to consuming food.  Apparently, you should start off your meal with something spicy (pickle for example) that would trigger off the gastric enzymes that becomes readily available to digest food.  You should then follow it up normal dishes and consume curd the second last and any sugar or sweet dish towards the last.  Apparently, if you take anything sugary in the beginning, it would saturate you and make you full and the gastric fire would not be activated.  So, correcting food pattern is also important in digestion of food.

25.  HONEY AND CINNAMOM: Boil one-half teaspoon cinnamon powder and add 1 or 2 teaspoons honey to it.  Divide the mixture into two half-cup quantities to be consumed one-half hour before breakfast and one-half hour before going to sleep at night.  This mixture of cinnamon powder and honey stops the body from accumulating fat.  Other explanations include the fact that honey is an antioxidant and does all kinds of good things for the body.  Cinnamon is said to influence blood sugar and the way it’s processed, giving your body a better chance to break it down in such a way that it doesn’t turn to fat. It is said that abdominal weight is more sensitive to cinnamon’s effects than other body weight.

Weight Loss

I have gathered and deduced all these points, studies, theories, and techniques over a period of time and I applied them to myself and found them to be useful (I have started to lose weight already), and I hope it benefits all our dear readers and we all fit into that lovely black dress or red dress that we have tucked behind safely and secretly in our wardrobes:).


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  1. Wow..

    That was such a practical yet simple post Jomo..

    I am determined to lose some of my recently gained kilograms by following atleast some of these points.

    As such I am a pure veggie, but I think the stress and detoxification part needs to be taken care of . Me and a friend have already started on a yoga regime from yesterday 🙂

    So all in all, the post was at the right time..mmmuah sweetie

  2. Hey Poorni…I am so happy you liked this one….let us lose weight together……Yoga will do you so much good……I have already started to lose weight and I am so gungho about it….. 🙂

  3. Great Jomo..

    I find that strict diet plans are impractical for a life long maintenance. Whereas small points like these will help in the long run.

    I have been practising yoga for about 12 years now, but past 2 years have been sluggish for me in those terms due to work and travel..I know thats a bad excuse, but now I am committed as my back is also much in need of some flexibility.

  4. Hey Pathu….you are sweet little baccha now and all that puppy fat will cutie cute on you now :-* :-* :-* .,……….but you can start though, never too early for such things…………… :-))

  5. Just read the entire article once again and feeling so motivated. I do restrict on buying clothes until I come back to my normal self.

    Starting warm water honey + lemon thingy form tomorow morning. it taskes yuk to me but it does help my body a lot.

    Yawwnn!! planning to go for a body shop haul. feeling so lazy… 🙁

    Thursdays are so lazyyy!! Yawwwwnnn!!!

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  8. BTW Rati, do you need to lose weight…..I do not think so………I am drinking the lemon and honey early in the morning everyday and down it in exactly two gulps….doing good for me………………….. :-))

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  17. Nice post Jomol. I can’t even dream about losing weight now might be after delivering my baby I’ll try to follow all that you have mentioned.:)

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  19. Nice article Jomol, very well put together, I had started my wt shedding journey 5 mths back and am happy to say that Ive been successful in losing all the pregnancy kgs and more..so I know you’ll get there too before ur son’s bday.
    The challenge for me now is to maintain the weight…but I guess as long as I eat healthy and in moderation I shd be ok, I too use the stairs and let me tell u it works wonders for the thighs and hips..Im going to try ur cinnamon remedy tho, I hope it tastes better than the lemon honey concoction

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  37. Im reading your post and munching on samosas and nodding my head and I think that s the problem with most of us we fail to take charge.But your post simplifies everything because it does not talk about dieting and gymming just simple habits to be built and lifestyle changes.So Im gonna ditch the samosa and pay heed. :-((
    .-= Sonia´s last blog ..Rules of Use – Natural Makeup =-.

    1. Sonia, I think if we can kind of jump on dieting in a big way first, we will lose the purpose mid way, it happened to me and I thought why not start slow and then it will keep the ball rolling……….. :-))

  38. Wow… some of your tips are so simple and so doable….and yet we dont do them! Buy a smaller sized dress… thats been my inspiration for a looooong time! in fact, thats the only thing that prompts me to try weight control…
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

    1. Hey Anks, I agree, the most important factor in my weight loss program is probably the “dont’ buy new dress” point…..I am so charged up to go leaner when I have to let go of a smaller size dress. 😀

  39. Nice article Jomol 🙂 your tips are nice, most of them being very practical…i like the “no buying dress til we drop a few sizes” tip 🙂 works for me 🙂

    1. Hey Appu, buying new dresses is probably more important than oxygen for a girl/woman. If you are holding back that desire, then you will be motivated enough. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

      1. Hey Anks…..both Rati and Rads call me “winged eyebrows”…shouldn’t I react to that???? :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

  40. HI,

    gr8 tips, i must say.But would just like you to clarify the Honey-cinnamon thing…its written,boil one-half Tsp cinnamon powder and add 1-2 tsp honey.and divide into 2-half cups… Whts to be boiled-cinnamon and honey only and if yes thn how can it be divided into two half cups…..
    Plz do reply…


    1. Hi Bushra…….here’s the clarification…….boil one cup of water early in the morning……don’t add honey to it while the water is boiling because it will kill the enzymes. After boiling the water, let it warm to lukewarm or room temperature….now add the honey. Now, you will have a cup of lukewarm water + cinnamom +honey. Now, take half the cup and drink before breakfast. This triggers your metabolism like anything. Then, keep aside the remaining cup of water and consume it in the evening. You can prepare the mixture fresh too….sorry for not mentionig that…. 🙁

        1. :beatup: :beatup: Hey you Poutmati, I was running busy yesterday, so I could not match up to you and that loo-loving castor-oil-loving Rads…..come out today for a match and I will show you both how a black eye looks like……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :pissedoff:

            1. Oh really….I am talking about not just the upper lid and lower lid….I am talking about hte entire radius and diameter……you will not have to use your Khaki shade anymore….I will give you it the natural way…..oh how cute will you look with the black eye and the pout……… :beatup: :mean: :teeth: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:

  41. your tips seem really useful. will try out the khichdi diet plan & honey-cinnamon pretty soon. will let you know the results 🙂

    1. Hey Insiya….glad you found the tips useful….let me know of the results, I am keeping my fingers crossed :-))

  42. Hey Jomol,
    Good job on this article and putting all these tips together! The ones that I feel are absolutely important are eating a heavy breakfast and going lighter and lighter through the day and drinking lots of water! Btw do you know if it’s bad to drink water while eating? All the older people in my family keep saying so, but I can’t do without it! I’ve even heard the no bath after eating thing a lot.
    Also, I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all, but I completely disagree with point number 14. I don’t think any one should be shamed or criticized for the way they look, let alone take it. My body and my looks are mine, the only people that have a right to comment on it/critique it are my doctor and my cosmetologist. I don’t believe any one can be shamed into losing weight permanently. Besides even if it does work, the loss is temporary, while the hit to your self esteem is permanent.
    I do believe everything else you listed on here (like destressing, eating veggies, yoga) are conducive to a healthy self- image!

    Oops! sorry commented from the wrong browser!

    1. 😕 Oops, I thought two different people having the same thoughts…… 😕 😕 😕 😕 ….Devika……I know its like a sin to drink water in between meals coz it hinders in proper digestion…water has to be taken after you have finished with the food…hey by the way, sips of water are allowed between the meals….the gulps should be avoided. BTW Devika, I did not mean that obese people should be shamed and made to feel guilty for their weight. I would try to explain it to you what I meant,…….I did not mean criticism in a way that it should hurt someone’s self esteem. See, unlike the skin colour, facial features, eyes, nose, lips, intellect, dyslexia, etc……to be obese/not to be obese is entirely in one’s hands…..if one is overweight, it is not like its from birth or some deformity which cannot be rectifiied. It is entirely in one’s one will to lose weight for one’s own good because obesity at a later stage would lead to heart disease, diabetes, weakness, and what not….its a precursor to all kinds of ailments, so its for one’s own better that one takes charge and loses weight instead of feeling offended and hurt……losing weight is so reversible unlike any other deformity…..I didn’t mean anything else Devika……. 🙂

  43. Hey I’m so sorry, it’s only after I posted my two :shame: comments that I realized I actually agree with what you’re trying to say. I think you meant that turn the negative into positive…when people put you down…down feel down but rather use that as a motivation to do better… which is good advice. While I don’t agree with letting people criticize you, I do agree with turning any criticism into positive energy and motivation. So while I still stand by what I said, it had little to do with what you said in your post…sorry about that!

    I need to commend you on stating in your article your own efforts and your desire to be in shape (and not necessarily a size zero).

    You’re right about all the weight related diseases that might develop if a person lets their weight go unchecked. Especially type 2 diabetes which is an epidemic in India, considering our Rice and Potato heavy lifestyle. But I do feel that the majority of weight-related criticism directed toward Indian women focuses on their looks. While for men it’s more health related. If someone loses weight for better health (like you), they’ll keep if off successfully and subsequently become healthier. But unfortunately I’ve seen too many of my friends from boarding school succumb to unhealthy ways to keep their weight down, just because they wanted to fit some standard of beauty, not health.
    I do believe though, if one were to follow most of what you’ve stated in your article they could easily achieve a healthy BMI and self esteem.

    1. Hey Devika….why you need to be sorry….your perspective is also correct and is very much true…..I agree with you. 🙂

  44. Devika…..thank you for getting my point and I now understand what you also told…because some people are very very nasty and rude and its not like they are criticizing…they are humilitating someone and I now get that you are hinting at that kind of humiliation to intently run someone down and I abhor that kind of cheapness. In today’s times, it has all boiled down to losing weight in order to avoid diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Thank for agreeing wtih me Devika :-))

  45. Very nice and detailed post. I have the complete opposite problem.. It’s very easy for me to lose weight and gaining is extremely difficult.. 😕

    1. Hey Priya, lucky you…..actually before pregnancy, I ate whatever I wanted but then I walked on a daily basis, probably that did balance out the extra calories… :-))

  46. Wingeeeeeeeeeeeeee..allow me to introduce you to a new word “CONCEALER.” Even if we get :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: and :panda: :panda: , thats just an excuse for us to try out Lancome or Chanel or MAC for a supereffective concealer..and then we shall buy more makeup. Why Khakhi….Rati and I shall buy Sweet n Punchy :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

      1. Hey Rati……….cheating …..cheating…..cheating…you conceded deafeat…….I will definiately drop Tiger Woods on isolated island with you and Rads….oh…I am laughing here savagely….how you both will run through the island shouting “bachao bachao….bhagwan ke liye muje baksh do” 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Hey Rads….do you think all the Lancomes and Chanels of the world could conceal a black eye I would give you both :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :beatup: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda: BTW, did I tell you both, I would maroon both of you an isolated island and drop Tiger Woods from the helicopter……. :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

        1. Oh you two Amba Devi’s….now I hear Tiger Woods running for his life shouting….”bachao bachao :beatup: :beatup: ….bhagwan ke liye mere izzat par haath mat daalo” 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

  47. hi thr,
    i read the whole thing…n its like awesome..recently hv started yoga classes and now i think i sud follow some f the above things as well.jus wanted to knw wdr… cinnamon+honey in morning n night and honey+lemon in the morning can b taken together… m rly confused. is this cinnamon+honey sud b taken evryday…

  48. Hi Sheetal, you can use both honey + cinamom and honey + lemon….they are all natural and good for the body…will not do any harm if you take a little extra :-)). BTW, Yoga will give you superb results, keep us all on IMBB informed how much you lose….. :-))

  49. Great tips ……I am following few of them
    One clarification I seek- I do yoga in the morning and since it makes me hungry I eat breakfast after 20 minutes…can i take honey cinnamon mixture before my yoga….as it mentioned 30 minutes before breakfast I was confused…..as my yoga takes 20 minutes and it will mean 40-50 minutes before breakfast….what to do….I really wanna start that honey cinnamon thing…Do reply.

  50. great awesome best ever heard about weight loss article jomol hats off :thanks: :thanks: :yes: :yes: :happydance: :happydance: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :victory2: :pompom: :pompom:

  51. What an absolutely so informative post. Practical , instructive & wonderfully written. Thanks Jomol for the detailing and crisp language. This is surely gona be helpful

  52. Thank you so much for all these wonderful tips
    I read your 1 month diet plan and tried it as well.
    I was amazed by the results.
    I have lost 10 lbs in month and half

  53. Very informative – you’ve certainly spent a long time on research and generously summarised everything for your readers. Thank you 🙂 Certain things (like coffee and green tea) help to break down fat stored inside our cells and release them into the bloodstream for our body to use as energy. I find that it helps to take these (in moderation) before exercising – the energy boost from caffeine gets you going longer and you burn more fat since they’re readily available in your bloodstream.

  54. M 20yr n m very fat ….n want to lose m weight atleast 20kg as per my height I hve good personality bt weight is my prblm!!!

  55. Hi. It was indeed a great post! Thanks a lot. Since I am determined to loose some kilos and even working towards it. If you could tell me what all things can we eat for breakfast which can easily be cooked and have lesser calories. Since at my place parantha’s are a sole option,cooked everyday. I don’t feel like eating it because of its calorie contents alothough mom promises not to apply ghee. Still in doubt. I am not overweight but have fat around my arms and and bit around waist. If you could help!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Puchi: I would suggest that instead of eating Paranthas you could try cereal and oats for breakfast. If that is also not an option, you can eat rotis instead of paranthas. although any food in moderation (yes even the Parnathas) are not bad.

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