Easy Hair Makeover Ideas for 5 Different Hair Types

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Do you ever wear the same outfit two or three days in a row? But most of us are guilty of carrying the same hairstyle for days, weeks, and even months on end. Just like wearing the same handful of outfits can start feeling boring and stale very quickly, styling your hair in the exact same way regularly will eventually carry a similar effect. So why not break out of your comfort zone a little bit with a simple upgrade that will make your hair-do feel and look brand new. In this post, I will share some simple tweaks you can make to refresh your everyday style and that too without chopping off your hair.

For Lob Cut

Hair Makeover Ideas Long Bob

The last couple of seasons were all about the lob. And this shoulder-grazing cut isn’t going out of vogue any time soon. If you aren’t over the popular cut, but you feel that your look is getting stale, try switching the parting to a far side part. This way you can really switch up the look too and make it look slightly asymmetrical and layered.

Straight Hair

Hair Makeover Ideas Straight hair

If your hair is poker straight or you’re a regular flat iron user, you can reinvent your look by adding texture to your strands. A cool styling tip is to do a few loose braids, flat iron over them, and take them apart. This will give straight hair a completely different textured look. Once you’ve taken apart the braids, give your hair a few spritzes of a texturizing spray to add extra shine and feel to your strands.

Short Hair

Hair Makeover Ideas Pixie Cut

Once a pixie cut starts to grow out, it might feel like there’s nothing that can be done except to let the awkward in-between length run its course. Instead, hair stylists recommend playing with the newfound length. Spray with a hair styling or texturizing spray, then blow-dry the top with a medium size round brush off of the face and finish with a dry shampoo. Try to flip the hair from one direction or the other once it starts falling too flat on the head. Having a cropped pixie is all about texture and volume in the right places.

Curly Hair

Hair Makeover Ideas Curly Hair

To give your curls a refresh, follow this tip – let your curls dry in the opposite parting of how you normally wear it. This will add some volume when you flip it back rather than getting the general triangle look. If you are not blessed with perfect curls (very few are), touch them up with a curling wand or curling iron.

Braid Lovers

Hair Makeover Ideas Braids

One braid might be nice, but a few more are even better. If a side plait is your go-to style because it’s easy and quick to do and instantly makes you look to pull together, try adding a few more braids into the mix as an update. Once the side braid is in place, add a few more loose braids. You can further wrap it all up into a messy nest or bun on top and don’t be afraid to let some pieces fall out. Reduce the frizz and flyaways with a few spritzes of setting spray once you’ve set your braids in place.

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