Easy Hair Styles for the Summer Season

The heat is on an increase without any signs of dwindling, which certainly means a tough time for the skin and hair, and most of all a tough time for women. The skin can be taken care off, by using sunscreens and lotions but what about the hair. Just shampooing and conditioning is not enough, our hair need more.

We simply knot them up or have a ponytail during summers. Here are some really cool suggestions for your hair which can revamp the scorching summer for you. Read ahead.


Have you heard of the Sedu hairstyle lately? Who doesn’t love straight hair? A Sedu is a very straight and silky looking hair do. Just leave your hair open this summer, let them breathe. The Sedu is one of the most ‘in’ fashion hair do and it suits all most all the face shapes and skin tones. All you need is a flat iron to achieve this look and a flat iron is every girl’s companion these days due to its handy nature and the help they offer to transform the dry curly hair into beautiful manageable hair. Ceramic hair flat irons are the best for this job. Be it a party, college or a meeting it suits all occasions. But most of all you need healthy hair to have this hair do, brittle and dry hair won’t work well for it. But women with messy hair need no worry oil your hair regularly if you want t try the Sedu. The Sedu can have tiny curls and wobbly waves.

How to do Sedu Hairstyle in 5 Easy Steps:

Sedu Flat Iron

  • Step 1 Use conditioner in your hair.
  • Step 2 Dry it well with a towel.
  • Step 3 Use a gel or styling serum of your choice.
  • Step 4 Blow your hair dry as straight as possible.
  • Step 5 Finish by using the sedu hair iron.


On the other hand the bob spotted by Priyanka Chopra in “Pyaar Impossible” and the pony tail which you and me wear every day continues to woo the fashion world. The bangs and fringes are heating up the summer even more. The length, the cuts, the color are all in for the season.

Priyanka Chopra at Pyaar Impossible photo shoot in Yash Raj on 25th Dec 2009 (14)

The bob is an amalgamation of curves and sharp lines. Have a bob which is longer at one side than the other. Something like Victoria Beckham. You can have volume and layers for the bob, and tailor it according to your face shape. The best way to spot a bob is by turning the hair inside to the neck nape. Bob haircuts are chic and striking as well as cool and do not need more maintenance and it highlights the neckline and the flimsy facial features.

victoriabeckham Mandira Bedi is seen spotting a different and unique hair do now days. It’s a bob with fringes and looks great in the Indian traditional look as well as in the western facet. This hair do resembles the close cropped look too. The close-cropped short hair coalesce the young spruced strands with a feminine glamour and maintains a smart and sophisticated texture of the hair. The longer bangs are prominent for this haircut.


Every other girl on the street is seen with fringes and bangs these days. Fringes make an elegant, girly as well as a bold statement. It’s not at all compulsory to have the plain fringes; you can always play around with them. Try coloring them; choose a color which contrasts your hair color. For example, if you have copper hair or black hair you can have flaming red or may be burgundy. If you are corporate women, keep your fringes plain jet black.

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Even the B-Town is full of “fringy” beauties. Be it Katrina, Genelia or Priety Zinta all have fringes.


Having layers is the oldest hair do, which all of us have had at some point or the other in life. Shilpa Shetty is one actress who has had layers in her hair for quite some time now. Layers look great when they are curled from below or blown dry by out curling. And hair color looks great when applied to layered hair. You can even have ruffled waves and crimping in the layers. Try applying color only at the tips or edges of the hair.


If these are not enough, try having wavy hair for a change. Just let them be on their own. The messy look is very popular as the 80’s have had a comeback with a bang it is one of the “amazing without trying” look. It is styled with a mousse or wax depending preference. Have some serum and mousse for your hair. Avoid hair spray this summer. The colors you pick for your hair can be anything from a jet black to a flaming red or even bright shades like blonde and gold. Colors like green, pink, and blue are also ‘in’. Have them streaked rather than having the whole head with the same color. You can try different ways of coloring the hair too. Streaking is one ways to play with colors; you can have multiple colored streaking. A combination of red and golden streaking looks great.

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29 thoughts on “Easy Hair Styles for the Summer Season

    1. Hey Neha,

      Straightening irons are just too much of our companions,, portable and efficient, and women can’t get enough of something that is useful and makes her look beautiful..so go ahead…spill some more bucks on the iron, it’s a wise investment after all

  1. Hey Zeeba… Lovely article… :inlove:
    Can I ask you a favour??? Could you do an article on Updo hairstyles???

    I still have not decided upon a hairstyle and my engaement is on 30th May!!! 😯 :struggle: :struggle:

    I’d really need some help!!! :weep:

  2. nice!!!!!! really awesome write up …..i have been FOr-ever wanting a straightening iron….convinced my ma finally..gonna get one soon..she was afraid i will fry my hair …LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    1. hey fathima
      it DOES fry your hair
      it always shocks the hell outta my hubby with all the steam thingie coming out from my hair

    2. You could try the Phillips brand hair straightener. I have it and have used it a few times – my hair texture is still not bad 🙂 The trick is to apply some heat protectant serum into the hair prior to using the straightener. Of course, ensure that your hair is completely dry before straightening it. To keep the straightness in humid weather, use an anti-humidity spray, like Lee Stafford’s Climate Control spray: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00061/winter_beauty_02_61482a.jpg

    3. Hey Fatima,
      Good you convinced your mum for an iron… it does roast your hair, but it makes your hair look gorgeous too, so its a wise exchange. Go ahead with an iron. And I hope you won’t use it everyday, it may prove a bit messy to use it daily, twice a week is fine or thrice would also do. :ghost:
      .-= zeeba´s last blog ..Cinematographic Haven: Girl with a Pearl Earring =-.

      1. Oh i know…my cusin sis has it and her hair looks UH-MAZING… yeah of course i aint gonna use it daily,,,just when i go to the mall or a wedding or somewhere else really dressy……

  3. i hve a straightening iron.. but every time i use it .. it makes my hair frizzy and dry 🙁 .. i do apply habib’s serum before ironing.. but instead of providing some protection and shine to my hair, it keeps building on my scalp. :-(( and within few hours my scalp start flaking and itching… :reallyangry:
    can any one plz help me what kind of products can be used to get straight glossy hair after ironing… ?:-)

    1. Reena do you oil your hair?

      I mean if you use a serum you shouldn’t have a problem, but I would advice you to condition your hair tips better. I mean we usually condition our whole head while makes our hair oil, so try conditioning your hair ends well. I hope this would reduce the dryness….and for your scalp keep oiling it….use hair oil regularly. This will provide a nice shine and also reduce itching. 😀
      .-= zeeba´s last blog ..Cinematographic Haven: Girl with a Pearl Earring =-.

  4. i have morphy richards slim iron
    and wide iron by remington
    both awesome

    i also use toni & guy heat protecting spray
    and another brand from Australia

    i know u are supposed to use these heat protection stuff 😐

  5. Dont kill me , But I can’t help but notice Mandira.. pale on the face <> then she have lovely bronzed decolletage with bronzed skin upto the half of her hand and then <>again comes the pale legs.
    Isnt it odd ?
    Woman,warm up your complexion and bronze up the legs!

    Great article , I am fascinated by Sedu hairstyle !

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