Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Purple-Plum Smokey Eyes

By “Makeover by Vrisha

Hi all,
This is an easy tutorial to get those purple-plum smokey eyes. The purple-plum smokey makeup is irresistible, especially for night parties and is a very glamorous look. It is perfect for your Date Night and Cocktail Parties.

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Purple-Plum Smokey Eyes

Products Used:

products used

Step 1:

step 1
Define brows. Apply primer and a soft purple eyeshadow all over eyelid. This will serve as a base for your eye makeup. I have used NYX milk and Bobbi Brown amethyst eye shadow. For brows, it’s the Milani stay put in dark brown.

Step 2:

step 2
Apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner in a V-shape. Pull it until the middle of your crease. This should create a depth to give an eye-contour like effect.

Step 3:

step 3
Apply a plum shade in the center of the crease. Now use a lighter illuminating satin shade in the inner most corner of your eyes.

Step 4:

Blend. Blend. Blend. Apply glitter (optional) from the inner corner of the eye up to 1/3rd of the eye lids.

Step 5:

Correct, conceal, brighten the under eye area. Use green corrector for neutralizing the red marks, orange for the black, and shade closest to the skin for concealing. Brightening the under eyes adds that necessary glow to the whole look. Once done, finish with the foundation routine, blush, contouring and lipstick with gloss.

Step 6:

final look
Apply liner, curl lashes, fix false lashes and apply mascara. This should complete the glam eye look.

Before and after:

before and after

About the makeup artist:

I got my first lipstick in 6th grade and since been passionate about makeup. It always remained a hobby until I moved to Turkey for work and had a chance meeting with one of the renowned MUAs there. There has been no turning back since. I moved to Bangalore, India, and started “Makeover by Vrisha” in 2015. If you want affordable makeup that is not made up, then drop a mail at Makeoverbyvrisha@gmail.com.

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    1. Thank you madhur, that’s very sweet of you. It’s a mix of sweet takerr and retro coral from Anastasia’s liquid lipstick range.

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