Three Easy Summer Hairstyles

The official first day of summer for northern hemisphere is june20- jume21, which is today. Of course that doesn’t mean anything to people in Delhi who have been facing the heat for a month now. Even an hour spend in travelling during the day time can make you pull your hair out. I am a very patient person but this year my patience is being tested.

Anyways if any of you is also suffering the same way, here are 3 easy hairstyles for summers.

Half-Up Bouffant

half up bouffant
How To:
1. After you shampoo, use a leave in conditioner. Also spritz some volumizer spray before drying your hair.
2. Use a large flat iron to set the crown area of your hair and let the lower half dry for natural looking curls.
3. When they do, back comb these curls/waves for more volume and a fliffy look.
4. Spritz some light hold spray and clip your hair half up. This doesn’t have to neat and tidy as the look is natural and effortless.

Side Braid

side braid hairstyle
How To:
1. This is best suited for naturally wavy or curly hair as waves hold together better than straight strands. If you have fine straight hair then start with using a curling iron to create loose waves and put some shine serum at the ends.
2. Make a side parting and gather hair to one side( usually the opposite side of your bangs but do what you suits you).
3. Start braiding loosely form just below the chin and secure with a clear elastic.
4. Hold the braid and give it a few shakes to make it look natural.

Messy Side Updo

messy side updo hairstyle

messy side updo
How To:
1. Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and towel dry.
2. Scrunch a curl enhancing mousse into damp hair and let it dry naturally.
3. Gather your hair into a low, loose ponytail but don’t pull your hair the last time you wrap it around, leaving your hair in a loop.
4. Leave a few face framing strands of hair and curl them up just a bit.
5. Secure with a light hold hairspray.

You can also find Mrunmayee’s version of messy bun HERE.

What are your favourite ways of keeping your hair off your face for summers? Share with us below..

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16 thoughts on “Three Easy Summer Hairstyles

  1. I love the Angelina Jolie;s hairstyle a lot!! Even the Messy side updo is awesome! Thanks a lot for tips! I always wonder about hairstyles, am not good at that! So my look gets boring may times

    1. Tapaswini..check out hairstyle videos on youtube.. a lot of them look so complicated but hardly take 10 mins..

  2. all the 3 hair dos r very simple to make yet lukng very classic :yahoo: .. nice post aashima.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  3. first one :waytogo:
    my hair naturally wavvy to curly like that in the first pic :wilt:
    i dont like my hair
    looking at that i may do something

    1. Hi Neha.. i think wavy hair is the best kind of hair to have. you can straighten it up or get them curled and have fun..naturally straight or curly hair do limit ur options very much..dont worry and keep experimenting..

  4. I loved all three. Great suggestions. Although a lot of time we know things but until someone tells it directly to us it doesn’t really strike. Don’t know how many times we must have seen these pictures but wouldn’t have given a thought of trying these. Thankoo for this article. I’d definitely try these. :))

    1. Im glad you liked it Rati..I always look forward to your feedback..
      share your pictures when you try any of these.. 🙂
      and i cant find you on fb 🙁

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