Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying

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Being a fashion designer(in making), we are taught in detail how to check the quality of garments before buying. Nobody wants to spend good amount of money in a store and come home to a defected piece. I am sure this must have happened to all of us. Sometimes, the piece is torn from somewhere, sometimes there are fitting problems, seam problems and at times, we get loose embellishments too. These days, the prevalence of fast fashion promotes quantity over quality which I feel is not right. So, here are some quick and easy tips to check the quality of garments before buying when you are out shopping!

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying5

What To Look For In A Garment?

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying3

• Breathability : Except on some occasions, our clothes have to be comfortable. Uncomfortable and tight clothes often lead to bad moods and also deter us from living fully.
• Softness : Whichever fabric floats your boat! But, it must feel soft against your skin and wearable too.
• We want sturdy clothes that are durable and that we can move in without having to worry about ripped seams and popped out buttons.
• We want our clothes to stay in same shape – neither get oversized after a single wash or shrink.
• Colors should not fade away after a single or multiple washes.
• Garment should be comfortable and good on skin and not cause any kind of uneasiness and irritation.
• Beautiful detailing like embroidery and bead work etc are important, but they should have been properly attached or stitched so that the embellishment should not start falling apart as soon as you wear it.
• It should not restrict our movements.

If we see some pricey pieces hanging, then definitely there is some quality and time put into it and also in embellishments and designing, of course. But, our mistake is when we don’t spend time to see the quality of tailoring, we rather spend time checking out how it looks good on the hanger and then on us. Maximum we check is the fitting of the garment and not the seams or inner parts of it. We never spend a minute to see which fabric is used to make that particular piece. We complain after coming home but there in stores we always forget to check for any manufacturing faults.

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Let’s check out some tips which will help you in buying the best garments, quality wise:

• I can’t emphasise enough on this but spend as much time as you can in the trial room ones you pick up all the clothes that you would love to try.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying7

• Especially when it comes to embellishment, try the cloth. The real strength and quality can be determined only when the piece is actually on your body.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying

• Price alone is no guarantee of quality. We need to check the craftsmanship gone into making a particular garment.

• Check the garment in good light or natural light. The store lightings are often manipulative and can make any color look good.

• Be very very careful during the sale time as generally all stores tend to put up few defected pieces in sale. And, that’s why you see the no return, no exchange policy during this time.

• It is mandatory for brands to specify the fabric they are using and how to take care of the fabric. Also, it helps you in skipping fabrics that irritate your skin. For example, fabrics like poly knits and satin could irritate people with sensitive skin.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying1

• Simple tip – don’t buy a garment if it does not fit you. No use of flukes here. But, still if you wish to get the garment altered afterwards, always check for seam allowance.

• Spend some extra time in checking the quality of zippers, buttons and pockets. Zipper should lie flat. Zip and unzip it a couple of times, just to be sure.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying6

• Check for buttonholes specifically. There are some brands which tend put clothes with defective buttonholes on their racks.

• When buying denims, you must always check the quality. The best denim fabric is neither too thick not too thin. Also, it won’t ever make you uncomfortable.

• Also, when buying denims, always sit on the floor in changing room and if the seams of the inner thighs make you uncomfortable, don’t buy it. Spending few seconds doing this will definitely help you buy a good denim and you won’t regret buying once you come home. Rather you will flaunt it and be happy about it.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying4

• When buying leather belts, bags or garments, check that it should not be creased. Leather tends to crease easily and then it looks old. And, it is difficult to bring it back to its original look at home.

• Check that the garment should be as supple as possible and it should feel good on your skin. People with sensitive skin must keep this in mind. Closely notice which fabrics irritate your skin.

• Also, while talking of fabrics, usually brands launch their clothes in fabrics as per the season, but you need to be careful from your side too. If you live in hot and humid environment, never go for polyester fabrics such a satins.

• Last, but not the least, always wash/dry clean the garment as per the instructions mentioned on the tag.

Easy Tips to Check The Quality of Clothes Before Buying2

• If you want to be extra sure about hygeine, get the garment cleaned once you come home because you never know who all have tried or what processes the garment has been under.

I hope these easy and quick steps will help you in every way possible and you will prefer quality over quantity in your wardrobe.

Happy shopping !

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  1. Thanks for the tips Amisha. I spend a lot of time in the trial room when I buy my jeans. I miss my Pearl days now. 🙁

  2. Wonderful post Amisha.I never check the zippers and buttons.Will sure do from now.Also sitting while trying Denim.Thank you so much.Good luck with your career.

  3. Those are some amazing tips you gave! It does get very confusing in the trial room sometimes. And I try to stay away from polyester as much as possible!

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