Follow These 16 Easy Tips to Get Beautiful and Super Soft Hands

I am back after a little gap with this article which, hopefully, will be helpful for each of you. My mom was away from home for a week and I had to do the household chores. On the day of my mom’s return, I noticed how one of my fingers on the right hand had turned numb, black and hard to touch. I made me sad, and honestly it is surely going to take a while before getting cured. I now realise how I should have taken better care of my hands. Here I am sharing a few of the tricks and tips that will help you achieve beautiful and smooth hands.

1. Always have a pair of gloves in your kitchen, and please make sure you wear them while doing jobs that could lead to roughness. It will protect your hands and nails both from all the harmful chemicals.

2. Your nails play a major role in the beauty of your hands. We believe that wearing a nail polish does the entire job. But you may also consider nail sculpting and nail mending for better nail health.

3. If you feel like your nails have lost their shape/health and look bad, do consult a dermatologist. Nail mending technique helps the nails to be pretty for a great extent as well. Cuts and breaks on the nails can be treated with nail mending fluids. For holes and tears, fillers can be used.

4. Nail lacquers provide artificial coating to your nails. There are three kinds of them – base
coat, top coat and the enamel varieties. Base coat is used for polishing your nails. It has gelatin content which is not so harmful. A nail polish which has a safe chemical pigment called Cellulose Nitrate is the one called nail enamel. The top coat is usually a colorless coat; it also has a sun protection content in it which helps to prevent the discoloration due to sun rays.


5. Nail polish removers remove a great deal of natural protein as well. They may also lead to nail dryness and the nails might lose their strength too. So use a nail polish remover only if it is necessary.

6. That painful thing which we usually get near the bends of the nails is called hang nails. Scratching those sides and biting your nails are the possible reasons why you get them usually. If you have that habit, do take a pledge to quit. For treating this, use a hand cream regularly and massage the nails and fingers for a while. Carefully remove the nails that are bulging out, if you have any. If enough attention is not paid to hangnails, you may get infection and pain.

7. If you easily get redness in your fingers and around your nails if you do not pay sufficient attention and keep hands wet for long. Don’t hold yourself from consulting a doctor if you have been facing this problem for long.

8. Eating papaya, banana, carrots etc will meet the biotin requirement of your nails naturally. If necessary, you can take biotin supplements too.

Follow These 16 Easy Tips to Get Beautiful and Super Soft Hands

9. Dry skinned beauties have high chances of getting black scars and wrinkles. For treating skin dryness, it is better if you use the natural fruit extracts. Take some lukewarm water, add some salt and dunk your hands for some time. After washing and drying your hands, apply some papaya juice or tomato juice and give a quick massage. Wash off after 15 minutes.

10. Use a mild, soap-free cleanser instead of a hand wash and strong soap. Don’t skip your hand cream after each wash.

11. Take extra care if you have crossed 45 years. As we do most of the jobs with our hands, we need to care for them more now. Have calcium supplements for strengthening your bones and do take intervals if you need to type or write for long.

12. It is said that you can judge the overall health status by looking at your nails and hands. You have pink colored nails resembling your overall health. If you have hemoglobin issues, your nails will look pale. If you sense an unusual discoloration of nails, consult a doctor immediately.

13. For cleansing your nails, use lemon juice or tomato juice.

Follow These 16 Easy Tips to Get Beautiful and Super Soft Hands

14. Take four spoons of pineapple juice and 3 tsp of almond oil and dunk your hands for about 15 minutes. We can get back the lost beauty of our hands with this tip.

15. Dip your nails in rice water for 15 minutes. It helps to prevent nail breakage.

16. Here is a simple exercise for your hands and fingers – fold your palm inwards tightly and then extend your fingers outwards stretching it to the maximum. This simple exercise improves blood circulation, increasing health.

Follow These 16 Easy Tips to Get Beautiful and Super Soft Hands

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. So don’t forget to take care of your hands from now on beauties. Bye for now! 🙂

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