Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Long

Hi ladies,
Not many of us have the power to go to the gym daily or do aerobics, yoga, and swimming. Some of us are plain lazy. We hate that extra fat, we search all day on internet for some inspiration but not many of us act on it. If you are one of them, then this is the post for you. I will tell you how you can tweak your everyday habits just a little for a more fitter and active you!

Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Long (2)

Change your eating habits
Instead of having a heavy snack, have a fruit. Ditch those shakes for healthier options like green tea, lemon honey water and even low calorie milk too. Try to limit the quantity of sugar and salt in your diet.

Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Long

Eat spicy food
Spicy food heats the core of the body and it makes your heart beat faster. This in turn increase your metabolism and burn some extra calories. But have spicy food in moderation as it is not very good for your health.

Keep moving
Do not stay idle when you are at home. Staying on that couch is not a good idea all day long. If you have been sitting for too long, just stand up and take a walk around your home. Do not sit comfortably when you are talking on phone. Just do something other than sitting comfortably.

Eat less, but more often
Instead of having 3 large portions you can have 6 smaller ones. Digesting smaller portions will require more energy and will also burn calories and boost your metabolism.

Chew gum
Chewing keeps your jaw muscles moving and also help you feel full for longer intervals so you don’t binge eat. This will in turn help you with your daily calorie intake.

Practice deep breathing
Whenever there is a commercial on TV, practice deep breathing in that interval. Just breathe in and out deeply. It will get your diaphragm moving and will keep you active.

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Drink lots of water
Water is a necessity of life and of fitness too. It helps you stay hydrated and also flushes the toxins from our body. So drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

It means constantly moving something or the other. You can just roll your neck, stretch your arms, circle your legs or lift them. These are very simple things that you can do throughout the day. They will help you move your muscles a lot.

Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Long (3)

Take the stairs
Make a habit of skipping accelerators and take the stairs whenever you can, be it a mall, your apartment or your workplace. It increases muscle strength and power and also improves the overall health of a body.

Jumpstart your day with jumping jacks
Wake just 10 min early and do jumping jacks. They will raise your metabolism and you will be burning more calories than the usual. These tips you probably already knew, but it is time to incorporate all of them in your routine for a more fit and healthy you.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Burn Calories All Day Long

  1. I was chewing sugar free gum when I opened it. Now, I feel proud that I burned some calories! 😛 I would like to add a point. When I sit to work on my desk (I work from the comfort of my home 😉 ) I sit on a stability ball. Apparently it keeps the core engaged and also helps with concentration.

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