11 Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Wedding Expenses

By Chanchala Bose

Hi folks,

The wedding season has just started and everything is insanely overpriced. The prices of the wedding venues, dresses and everything else have increased overtime. So, what to do? Are there any smart and creative ways to cut down your wedding expenses? Well, yes, there are some ways that can help you save a lot. Let’s have a look at these clever tips and tricks now!

Cut Down Wedding Expenses

Get married on a weekday

Everything is costly over the weekends and the same goes for wedding related necessities too. If you are getting married on a weekend then it’s going to cost you extra bucks. So compromise a little and choose your date accordingly.

Don’t go for custom made cards

Guests don’t have the time to give a detailed look to your card. So, just go for the simple but classy designs. Believe me, doesn’t matter how beautiful your cards are, they will eventually get thrown away.

Try to go for budding photographers


If you go for an established photographer to shoot your wedding, then it might cost you a bomb. If you hire a budding or new photographer, they will take extra care with equal precision and will not charge too much. But make sure you go through their portfolio and get a trial shoot done.

Go for a package

When you are looking for wedding venues and other services, try to go for a complete package rather than booking individual components. Individual components will involve a lot of coordination and will cost you much more.

Opt for a wedding venue outside the city

Wedding venues inside the city cost much more than the ones that are located outside the city. And outside the city, you can enjoy much more space and comfort. You can even find something unconventional at cheaper price.

Opt for gardens


Gardens look much more pretty and involve lesser decoration than the halls. Hence, they are more beautiful and cheaper. Plus, gardens feels so much more vibrant than closed halls.

Opt for floral decorations

Floral decorations are always better than any other expensive decorations. They look very pretty and natural too.

Opt for artificial flowers


Natural flowers are not only costly but involve high maintenance too. So, why not go for artificial flowers? Artificial flowers will look as beautiful and won’t look stale by the time your guests arrive.

Buy wedding lehengas during offseason

When you are thinking of buying your dream wedding lehenga then, of course, you must do some research. If you’re getting married anytime in future, try to buy your lehenga or any wedding dress during offseason. This way, you can get a pretty lehenga but at a much cheaper price.

Opt for a morning wedding


In India, night weddings are extremely common. Hence, day weddings turn out to be cheaper because the venues are usually free during day time and there are a lot of other savings as well.

Go for a wedding at the end of wedding season

Opt for a wedding day towards the end of the wedding season when all the craze is decreasing and vendors are just trying to make some extra money. This is the best time when you can get discounts.

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