10 Easy Ways to Dry Your Hair Faster

By Chanchala Bose

Hi fashionistas,

Everyone loves shampooed hair. Well, I guess most of us does. Wet hair with a fresh scent; who wouldn’t love it? It’s enough to perk up your mood at the starting of the day. But when you need to rush to office then those wet hair are no longer sexy. They feel like a headache. And especially in the unending rainy season which we are facing these days and in winters drying your hair becomes a headache. Of course, you can use hair dryers but using hair dryers frequently is something which is not very good for the long term health of your hair. So, what should you do? Worry not; here we are with some easy-peasy tricks on how to dry your hair faster.

Dry Hair Faster

1. Use conditioner

I know conditioners have numerous benefits. But you might not be aware of this one. Do you know a conditioner seals in moisture and helps to absorb less water thus promotes faster drying of the hair?

2. Keep moving your head right and left

This is such a fun tip. You just need to shake your head or turn it left and right faster so that the water does not stick to your scalp and moves out. This action will help drying your hair much faster.

3. Microfiber towel

There is nothing like a microfiber towel if you are focusing on drying your hair faster naturally. It absorbs water and helps drying your hair much faster than any other way.

4. Roots are most important

In case of drying your hair faster you should focus on roots. Don’t forget to scrunch your hair with your fingers regularly. This will dry out your roots and automatically the hair length will also get dried very soon.

5. Towel turban is a must

tying hair in turban

You know towel turban is one of the most unique ways of drying out your hair. And to me it looks incredibly stylish too. So, sport a big turban on your head and when you open it your hair will be dried to a large extent.

6. A wide toothed comb

A wide toothed comb helps to distribute the water from the hair and separate the hair strands. Thus, if you are facing the issue of wet hair then a wide toothed comb is a must have in your kit.

7. Try plopping and Wrap Hair in a T-Shirt:

You might have not heard of this. It is similar to the turban towel but with a cotton tee. Yes, wrap cotton T shirt on your head just like a turban. Cotton soaks water like anything and when you open your hair it will have wonderful waves and will be dry to a large extent.

8. Combing in the shower

When you comb your hair under the shower with a wide toothed comb then you will be all ready to go out with your head held high and faster dried hair.

9. Touch your hair the last

You should leave your hair open and do everything else first. Get ready with your makeup game and then at last touch or prep your hair. See it will be dry to a very large extent.

10. Play with your fingers

Last but not the least there is nothing like your fingers. Just play with your fingers between your hair and you will see dry hair in no time.

So, that was all about how you should dry your hair naturally without the torture of blow dryer. Let me know your favorite way to dry the hair naturally in the comments down below.

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