Easy Ways to Get a Sexy Back!

By Chanchala Bose

Hi lovelies,
What do you see in a woman’s figure that makes you say “God! She is hot”. Well, of course the answer varies (let me know in the comments down below), but for me, a well-toned back is definitely a head turner. Yes girls, you heard me right. I love sexy, well-sculpted backs. If you love wearing those backless or low-back dresses, you’ll agree with me. So I’ll share with you all some tips to get that beautiful, envious back.

Easy Ways to Get a Sexy Back!

1. Improve your posture – Improving your posture will immediately make your back look longer, straighter, and more toned. You need to stand with your heels 4-6 inches away from your wall, and your shoulders, head, blades and buttocks should touch the wall. Now, with one of your hands reach backward with your palm touching flat against the wall. Slide your hand behind your lower back curve. Ideally the space between your lower back and the wall should be around the measure of one hand’s thickness. If there’s too much space, then you need to tighten your abs and if there’s little space then try arching your back more. Tightening your abs will help flatten the curve in your back.

2. Avoid slouching – Our work routines make us sit in front of desktop or computers for longer duration. This is the most obvious and main reason of back pains and your bad posture. Thus, the first step in achieving a beautiful and healthy back is to say no to slouch. This will pull your stomach inside and give you a much better posture and overall appearance.
avoid slouching

3. The ideal standing posture – Stand with your shoulders and backs relaxed. Pull in your stomach muscles inside but comfortably. You need to stand now with your feet hip width apart. Keep your arms, hands, neck in a relaxed and comfortable position. This is the perfect standing posture which is not only comfortable but also healthy in long run.

4. The ideal sitting posture – Your feet should rest completely flat on the floor so that your knees are in line with hips. Sit in your chair so that your lower back is supported by the chair. Raise your head upwards and tuck in your chin slightly. Your upper back, neck and shoulders should be relaxed. Make sure none of them are in slouching position.

5. Your workplace shouldn’t contribute to your bad posture – In most cases, it is observed that the long working hours at the desk are the major cause of your back pain. Your desk should be slightly up so that you can look up and sit tall. Your screen should be at the eye level and you shouldn’t be leaning forward. Your chair must support your lower back, so that your knees and hips are on level with each other. Your elbows should be at perfect 90 degrees and must be close to your sides while working.


6. Regular breaks is a must – Taking regular breaks is very important not just for your back but for your overall health too. Get up from your chair every 20-40 minutes. Move around or do some basic stretching exercises. If you can’t take breaks, remember to do some gentle stretches while sitting, and/or to change your position in your chair.

back exercise

Some more tips!
1. Regularly scrub your back to eliminate any dead skin cells. Dry brushing is really good for back.
2. Moisturise it after every bath session or whenever needed. Back with dry skin is a huge turn off!
3. Use sunscreen on the exposed parts of your back.
4. Use a foundation mixed with a highlighter to have that glowy back.
5. Include some back exercises in your everyday routine.

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