What Should I Eat at Night to Burn Fat?

All of us lead very hectic lives, and that takes a toll on our health. This often is reflected in our body, skin and hair, notably in the form of lethargy, obesity, dullness and so on. Due to super packed days, we often lose out on nutrition during lunch time. To compensate for that and to make sure your body metabolizes what you eat, you can eat some healthy food items at night that aid weight loss. In this post, we discuss what you should eat at night to burn fat.

what you should eat at night to burn fat

1. Chicken breast/Lean Meat: Meat is a weight-loss friendly food and is loaded with proteins. Instead of eating large potions of starchy, carbohydrate rich food, you should eat lean meat. This reduces your midnight cravings and ensures your body is prepared to fight fat.

2. Fish (Salmon): Fish and seafood provide you protein, iodine and healthy fats. The combination ensures three-fold action on your body. Proteins aid in building processes of the body, iodine enhances thyroid function which actually controls many metabolic processes and Omega-3 fats help reduce inflammation.

3. Green leafy vegetables: Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are needed in numerous metabolic processes. Also, they are incredibly filling, so you won’t feel hungry for a long, long time.

4. Greek Yoghurt: Want to make your body burn fat while you snooze? Have a bowl of Greek yoghurt. As it is high in protein and low in sugar, it is a perfect way to end your day. It helps in overnight protein metabolism, that ensures you lose fat and gain muscle.

5. Cottage cheese/Paneer: This is a no-brainer. If you are a vegetarian, and cannot consume lean meat or fish, cottage cheese is your best friend. Cottage cheese or paneer, being derived from milk is rich in casein protein, which keeps you full overnight and aids in repairing muscles while you get your sleep. Not only this, it also contains the sleep-inducing tryptophan to help you fall asleep.

6. Eggs: If you are trying to lose fat, eggs are a must in your diet. They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and can make you feel full with a very low number of calories. So if you don’t want to have large portion sizes to satiate your hunger, having eggs for dinner is a no-brainer.

6. Cherries: Surprised? If you have a sweet tooth, then here’s the good news. Cherries can be your post-dinner desserts. They are a natural source of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Whole cherries or cherry juice can improve your sleep, reduce stress and enhance the body’s metabolism. They are also full of antioxidants, which can also help fight inflammation and ultimately fight fat.

7. Peanut butter toast: Your breakfast food is actually good for dinner too. Peanut butter toast is a perfect combination of all-round nutrition. Peanut butter contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps put you to sleep, and vitamin B-complex in whole grain bread will help you absorb it. Peanut butter is also a great plant-based protein and is useful in building muscle. Not just this, it is loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats to keep you full throughout the night.



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