Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush Review

By Priya Sinha

Hello gorgeous ladies,
The right makeup tools can make a world of difference in the way you apply and blend makeup and the way it shows up on the skin. I learned this when I was taking a professional makeup course in India and am now a firm believer of this fact. So I never hesitate to pick up good quality makeup tools and especially from my favourite makeup brush brand Eco Tools. Today the brush that I am reviewing is Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush.
Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush

Claim/Product Description:

Price:CAD- 9.99

My Experience with Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush:

I have heard of makeup and skin care products that are mattifying. But a mattifying makeup brush? Really? This is exactly what encouraged me to get this Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush.

The packaging of this brush is a little bit different than the regular Eco Tools makeup brushes. The color theme is a pretty turquoise with floral prints on it. The Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush comes in reusable storage pouch made of cloth and clear plastic. This case is really small so it wouldn’t be too practical to store this particular brush in it since it will mess up the bristles when you take the brush out. But these cases can sure be used for other purposes, like carrying all your eye pencils together when you travel. Works for me! The handle is made of bamboo and the neck of the brush is made of recycled aluminum. The handle is very lightweight but still feels very sturdy.

The bristles are very densely packed but extremely soft so the brush feels almost spongy on the skin. I really like the concept of a duo fibre brush because it is packed densely at the bottom and has soft bristles all over that help blending so well. I prefer using this brush for setting powder, powder foundation & mineral foundation. This brush buffs on powder product very well and it leaves a very flawless and airbrushed look. I haven’t washed this brush yet but so far I haven’t noticed any shedding.
makeup brush

Overall I would say that this brush is an excellent makeup tool at a very affordable price point. The best thing is that this brush is sustainable and also cruelty free. Although I am not too sure about the ‘mattifying’ claim, as any duo fibre brush if used with a mattifying powder will mattify the face, right?

Pros of Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush:

• All Eco Tools brushes are made of recycled/recyclable bamboo handles, aluminum and taklon bristles.
• Feels luxurious and professional.
• Bristles are super soft, high quality, fluffy and feels spongy on the skin.
• Brush handles are the perfect size and weighted correctly.
• Blends makeup well.
• Bristles do not shed.
• Super affordable.
• Easily available online and in stores.
brush head

Cons of Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush:

• None!

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush?
As I mentioned earlier that Eco Tools is my most favourite makeup brush brand, I am quite biased about this makeup brush. But on a serious note, I am thoroughly enjoying this brush. I highly recommend this brush and this whole line to everyone as these brushes are super high quality and very affordable. But if you have any duo fibre face brush from Eco Tools you can skip this one. There is not a single brush from Eco Tools that has disappointed me so far and my love affair with this brand continues forever and ever and ever!!

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2 thoughts on “Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush Review

  1. this looks so fluffy and soft. and seriously what era of makeup to be living in. we have a mattifying brush. truely epic! 🙂 good review and lovely photos. 🙂

    1. Aww Thanks for your comment Rati 🙂 I a so glad that we now have so many brands at our disposal. I remember the generation of our moms had only Lakme….Lolzzzz

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