Effective Ayurvedic Drinks to Detox your Body in Winter

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Today, I’m going to share some Ayurvedic drinks that can help to detox your body in winter. Detoxing helps in flushing out the extra fats from your body. But, the main problem comes when you don’t know how to detox your body and lose weight, especially in winter days. Drinking detox drinks will not only help in weight loss but it will also help in cleansing your immune system and flush out the extra and unwanted fats from the body.


Here are some ayurvedic drinks to help you detox your body.

Effective Ayurvedic Drinks to Detox your Body in Winter:

1. Amla Juice:
Amla Juice is one of the magical drinks that you should be drinking to flush out the extra and unwanted fats from the body. Amla Herbal Juice aids in weight loss and also help to boost the working of your immune system. All you need to do is, take some amlas and soak them in water for ten minutes. Now blend them in a grinder to prepare the juice. Now, drink this concentrated juice in one attempt and relax for some time. If needed, you can alternatively take some other drink to balance the tangy taste of amla. You should drink this juice every day to flush out the extra fats from your body and hence, detoxing your system.


2. Coriander Lime Green Tea:
Coriander Lime Green Tea is one of the easiest drinks that helps in aiding weight loss. It helps to balance the radicals that help to detox the body and also prevent the signs of ageing. Take a freshly brewed green tea and add one spoon of honey and a spoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well and garnish them with fresh coriander leaves. This drink is not only good to cleanse the system but also aids in weight loss.


3. Aloe Vera Juice:
Aloe Vera is one of the effective and healthiest drinks. Aloe vera has been aiding weight loss since centuries as it not only helps to flush out the toxins but also helps in weight management. You should scoop out one spoon of fresh aloe vera gel and mix it with water. Drink this water every day to bring down the level of toxins in the body. If not water, the gel can be mixed with orange juice.


4. Ginger and lemon water:
Ginger and lemon water are one among the effective ingredients that help in controlling the weight gain in a person. It is one of the healthiest ayurvedic weight loss drinks with a fusion of lemon and ginger. Take one cup of warm water and grate some ginger. Add the ginger juice and mix it with water. Now, add some lemon juice to the water and mix it thoroughly. This drink helps in keeping your digestive system healthy and strong.


5.Warm Lemon Pepper Water:
Warm Lemon Pepper Water should be consumed on an empty stomach as it helps to aid in weight loss. This drink is cost effective and can be consumed every day. Take a cup of warm water and add one spoon of pepper powder and lemon juice. Having this mixture in morning in an empty stomach helps in weight loss.


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