Effective Remedies For Dry and Chapped Lips: Ask IMBB

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Sreevidya asks:

Hi IMBBians,

I am a big fan of IMBB and I follow it regularly. Coming to my issue, I have dry chapped lips with pigmentation. I have tried many brands like maybelline, nivea, lotus, vaseline, biotique. Though they are giving nice results for that particular hour, my lips get dry soon. I keep drinking lots of water and keep applying balm regularly. Can you please suggest me some tips and also advice some lip balms which will help me a lot?

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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21 thoughts on “Effective Remedies For Dry and Chapped Lips: Ask IMBB

  1. as my mom always says apply ghee! i have done n it really works on keeping the lips soft n supple 🙂 also you cud try the burt’s bees lip balm..they seem to be the best!

  2. Apply oil in your belly button before you go to bed…preferably gingelly oil…has worked fr me…I read this tip in one of the beauty blogs.

    1. I’m glad u mentioned it Mithu, this would really work.. i remember my grandma giving me this tip.. 😛

      Give it a try sreevidya 🙂

  3. Ghee is the best solution, do try it during bedtime. During the day you could try Neutrogena lip balm (white packaging one, no colour/flavour), it worked wonders for me when no other product did.

  4. Scrub away the dry and dead skin, gently message ur lips with almond oil then seal it with heavy coat of lip balm and go to sleep…

    the morning u will be happy to see the results.. also drop a few drops of oil in ur belly button at nyt..tc

  5. I had been using TBS lip balms, and currently using Born Lippy Plum Lip Balm, with a slight purple tint this is my new favorite 🙂
    It moisturizes my lips and keeps them soft and also the smell and flavor are simply irresistible! 😛

  6. The best way 2 avoid chapped lips is to keep d dead skin at bay…. Before gng to bed, moisten ur toothbrush and gently scrub ur lips to get rid of the dry/dead skin and then coat ur lips wid a good lip balm (need not be a tinted one) …. U wud wake up wid rosy lips that u wud love…. personal experience…. 🙂

  7. exfoliation is a must for soft lips! There are plenty of lip scrubs available in the market these days. You can even prepare one at home using ingredients from the kitchen…you will find some great lip scrub recipes on IMBB.
    Try scrubbing off the dead skin post bath using a wet towel or petroleum jelly on a baby toothbrush but you need to be very gentle while doing this.
    For lip balm, I would recommend neutrogena norwegian formula..hands down the best i’ve used till date.
    Ghee/milk cream work wonders too!

  8. the sarso ka tel on belly botton idea works great. exfoliation too is a must. dont lick ur chapped lips..it worsens the condition. unfortunately, the lip balm has to be reapplied throughout the day. the best ultra healing lip balm i think is the body ahop hemp lip protector or cocoa butter lip care stick.

    1. I agree TBS cocoa butter lip care and hemp lip protector is the ultimate… likewise apply few drops of mustard oil on your belly button and please dont forget to drink warm milk before you go to sleep…. i must say that these helped me in overcoming my dryness of lips

    1. i also dont know the exact reason neha but it is tried and tested tip since ages.. even i also second that it helps in healing chapped lips…

  9. Very simple way to get soft lips
    Apply a good amount of lip balm ,olive oil, boroline any other moisturizing cream on your lips(I use boroline)
    After 10 min rub you lips with soft towel or cotton cloth with light pressure U will get very soft lips without any damage unless you rub very hard
    Than apply your lip balm
    U can try it any time, I do it at bedtime, it results in soft ,pink perfect lips

  10. Ghee.. the most economic and natural solution for damaged/chapped lips! apply just a drop or 2 max and by morning it will be perfect! U can prepare this in a small bottle by adding some beetroot juice for a pink tinge and let it work overnight!

    Fyi, all the chapsticks/lipbalms etc have some amount of beeswax which we end up consuming and is not healthy in the long run!

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