10 Effective Tips for Dry Chapped Lips

Winters are here and the maximum protection that we give these days is to our lips and skin, we witness a lot of dryness and chapped lips and it is impossible for me to sleep without a lip balm on, on days you have cold and end up breathing through your mouth, you wake with cracked lips, so here are some tips for the winter season to be followed to avoid dry and chapped cracked lips.

Soften dry and chapped lips

1. Try and avoid citrus fruits, cinnammon and mint and herbal teas on days you have chapped lips or otherwise too, these can make lips dry.

2. Simple things that we always find at home like coconut oil is very effective in treating chapped lips. Simply apply small amount of oil on your lips several times daily.Castor Oil is another remedy for dry lips. It instantly heals them and makes them soft.

3. Mix honey and glycerin together, and apply the mixture to your lips. This will heal cracked lips, and also keep them supple and soft.Milk Cream helps you get rid of the dead flakes of the lips and also hydrates and moisturizes the

4. This is a grandma tip, apply ghee, milk cream, mustard or gingelly oil on the belly button before you sleep, i have read this somewhere that Shobha De swears by this method as well.



5. It is known that lips exfoliate themselves, but still you might need to remove the flakes off,brush them gently with a toothbrush or else try this gentle sugar scrub once in a while.

6. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Though difficult in winters, try and avoid coffee and alcohol.Quit smoking as it will lead to dry lips and the skin around the mouth would get dry as well.

7. Look for balms with wheat germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil  as these really moisturize and lock it too.


8. Check the ingredients on your lip products, if it contains camphor or menthol, avoid them, these might dry out lips.

9. Try moistursing products like if at all you want to add color, avoid mattes.Sleep with a lip balm on at night. This is the colorbar lip pot I have shown here.


10. Apply just a thin coat of lip balm and pick one with some spf in it, lips are very sensitive to the sun and the glaring winter sun too.

Difficult but avoid licking your lips and breathing through the mouth, this will really leave the lips dry.

B complex vitamins help the skin retain moisture so consider supplements.

Before you step out into the cold dry air, do coat your lips with some think lating protection like a good lip balm.

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16 thoughts on “10 Effective Tips for Dry Chapped Lips

  1. I know yaaa these winters have made me breathe through the mouth soo much *cry* *cry* and that thing to stay without licking the lips is like not possible with me rofl although i will try *pompom* really good tips and must needed post for the season *clap* *clap* *clap*

  2. I apply mustard oil daily in my belly button before goin to sleep along with regular lip balm on lips.. It really works well.. Lovely post *happy dance*

  3. Really helpful tips… Can u suggest any good lip balm… I like ur lip colour…but i have brown upper lip and in my lower lip out line is brown can u suggest me…any… Thanks…

  4. Nice tips ! The ghee application on the belly button is done by me several times and it works. I also apply boroline and vaseline mixed on my lips before sleeping nd in morning while brushing I brush my lips too. And I get amazing soft lips every morning. 🙂

  5. *pompom* Neha lovely post. Quick easy tips for lovely lips.
    But……………… Hai me toh FIDAAA on your lips. *jai ho*
    In the first pic whats on your lips? *shy* Gloss/Balm..

  6. such beautiful lips u hav neha *puchhi* *puchhi* ……such a nice pic…it looks so healthy…wat u hav applied upon ur lips pls share!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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