8 Effective Ways to Treat Flaky Skin on your Nose

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How is everything doing? I am doing good and would be speaking about how to treat flaky skin on the nose. Have you ever encountered dry and flaky skin on your nose? Winter brings a lot of skin issues and flakiness on the skin which is one of the common problems faced by women. Although flakiness around the T-zone increases, one area where you often struggle with flaky skin is the nose. Flaky skin on nose simply means that you have a lot of dry and dead cells accumulated on the skin and in order to get rid of them, here are few easy home remedies to try. Read on to know more.

Flaky skin nose

1. Pore Strips:

Sometimes, pore strips can be one of the significant remedies to treat flaky skin on the nose. Using pore strips can be very painful, but using them in the right way can help to clear up the skin easily. Also, because a lot of oil gets accumulated on the nose, there are high chances of acne and blackheads getting accumulated there. Using pore strips can help to treat all of them and also get rid of the stubborn blackheads.


2. Peel Off Masks:

Using peel off masks can be another effective remedy that can help to get rid of the flaky nose skin. In order to get rid of the flaky skin easily, make sure you use oatmeal, honey, lemon to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised throughout the day. You can also make use of other peel off masks to prevent the nose skin from blocking.

8 Effective Ways to Treat Flaky Skin on Your Nose7

3. Egg Whites:

Using egg whites is another effective remedy that helps in keeping the skin on nose clear and protected. Using eggs whites can prevent the blockage and clears up the flaky skin easily. Take some egg white and apply on the nose. Now, allow it to dry and wait for some time. Once it dries, you can see the egg whites coming out automatically. Now, peel off the mask and moisturise your dry skin with the help of a moisturiser.


4. Sugar and Lemon:

A mixture of sugar and lemon can help to get rid of the flaky skin easily and also scrub away the dead skin cells. Make a mixture of sugar and lemon and scrub the nose for few minutes. Apply some moisturiser and watch out how flaky skin can be taken care of so easily at home.


5. Olive Oil:

Due to skin-nourishing fatty acids present in olive oil, it works effectively on the flaky skin. Take some olive oil and warm it for some time. Now, massage the affected area with olive oil and rub it gently so that the oil gets penetrated and locks the moisture. Another way to use olive oil is to mix it with some salt and rub on the nose to heal flaky skin.


6. Cucumber:

Cucumber is another great remedy that helps to treat flaky skin. Due to a natural astringent property found in cucumber, it can help to keep your skin hydrated. The Vitamin C present in the cucumber can help to reduce sunburn and facilitate skin repair. Grate some cucumber and scrub the affected area with its paste. Leave it for some time and wash off with warm water.


7. Coconut Oil:

Peeling of skin can be cured with coconut oil easily. Take some coconut oil and heat it in a microwave oven for some time. Now, leave it for some time and rub the affected area so that the oil gets deeply penetrated inside the nose. Once the skin is hydrated and moisturised completely, it will discourage the condition of the flaky skin.


8. Honey:

Take a small amount of honey and rub the flaky area for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture for 10-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Due to fructose, water, oil, glucose and enzymes present in honey, it can work great as a natural skin moisturiser which further prevents flaking of skin.


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