12 Things Most Effective Weight Loss Diets Have in Common

There are so many diet programs out there that claim to melt away extra pounds off you by employing different strategies – some promote food deprivation, some ask you to cut out an entire food group, some sell you appetite suppressant powders, and others just ask you to eat salads and drink fruit juices all day. A lot of weight loss diets have so many restrictions and strict rules that make adhering to the diet plan difficult after  a few days. However, all you yo-yo dieters, with the experience of trying out various fad diets under your belt without much success, here’s something to cheer you up – losing weight is not that difficult and definitely doable if you manage to find the right kind of diet which encourages you to eat instead of starve, does not require you to put in drastic measures, and promotes healthy eating – Rati Beauty diet is one such program. Do download the Rati Beauty app for more details. Like Rati Beauty diet, here are some amazing tips that most effective weight loss diets have in common. And we are sparing you the regular cliched tips like – avoid refined carbs, drink 8 glasses of water, avoid processed food for now.

Effective Weight Loss Diets Have in Common

1. They Do Not Consider All Calories As Equal: It’s not right to count only calories and ignore their nutritional profile because calories from refined and processed/junk food have empty calories with little to no nutritional value, and it’s not the same as eating calories from whole foods, vegetables, fruits, and organic food. Quality is equally important as quantity when it comes to calories because not all calories are created equal. Consider this, eating 500 calories of pizza is not equal to eating 500 calories of brown rice and vegetables where you are getting loads of healthy carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals that would boost the fat-burning process, whereas 500 calories of pizza is full of empty calories without any vitamin, protein or fiber content and would only add to the existing pounds.
2. Places you on Nutrient-Dense Food: They all believe that nutrients play an important role in weight loss and understand that certain nutritional deficiencies like vitamin d, copper, can in fact stall weight loss and lead to weight gain instead.
3. Gut Health is Important: One of the most important keys to lose weight – is a robust gut! From keeping metabolism high to regulating major hormones in the body (including that of fat-burning hormones), the gut does it all! An imbalance in the gut can trigger weight gain apart from causing inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and even increase in stress hormone. Certain studies have found that, just by change in the gut flora, a person can gain weight. In fact, overweight people have been found to have 20 percent more of the bacterial type called “firmicutes,” and a higher percentage of another bacterial species called “bacteroidetes” compared to thin people. Firmicutes absorb calories from sugar and facilitates their conversion into fat. Eat fermented food such as idli, dosa, ambali, dhokla, and probiotics such as buttermilk, kombucha to strengthen the gut for successful weight loss.
4. They ask you to Quit Added Sugar: They ask you to cut out sugar because sugar keeps you in the loop of hunger, overeating and cravings –  not to mention raising inflammation and rapid weight gain.

5. Avoid Seed Oils: With their high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, seed oils like canola, soy, cotton, sunflower oil can raise inflammation, free radicals and toxins in the body. eliminating seed oils can be a major step towards losing weight and getting healthy. Switch to healthier oils like olive, coconut oil with high healthy fats instead.
6. They Advocate Being on your Feet For Most Part of the Day: Though dieting plays a major part in wight loss, experts unanimously agree that weight loss is all about balancing 80% diet and 20% physical activity. Regular exercise is necessary to get fit and achieve an overall toned look as well.
7. Allow Cheat Meals: Cheat meals are essential to reset metabolism, satisfy cravings, prevent binge eating, to overcome weight loss plateau, and most importantly, to stick to your diet plan better. That’s why Rati Beauty weight loss diets promote indulging a cheat meal once a week to boost weight loss efforts. It’s a reward-based diet strategy that allows you to indulge in your favorite food outside of your diet program once a week and also sets the stage for burning of extra body fat further.
8. Use Cooking oil in Moderation: You can cut load of calories by just cutting back on cooking oil, even if it’s the healthiest oil on the planet (yes even olive oil). Limit the amount of cooking oil to cut back on calories.
9. Show you how to Portion Control: It’s a fact that to lose weight, one should get into a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories and burn off extra by exercising and being active. And portion control is an essential aspect to achieve calorie deficit. Portion control also involves being aware of the correct amount of food and serving sizes so that you do not fall out of calorie deficit. Ra about “9 Ways To Cut Portion Sizes Without Getting Hungry” in this post hr.
10. Find Better Alternatives to High Calorie Food: The most important change that one can start their weight loss journey with or in general get healthy is by swapping unhealthy food in their diet with healthy alternatives. Replacing these food items will help kickstart your weight loss process with full gusto and also would serve as small stepping stones to big successes. For example, ark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, peanut butter instead of chocolate spread, chia pudding instead of chocolate pudding, mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potato, sweet potato fries instead of French fries. Likewise, check out this list of “50 Healthy Food Swaps That Everyone Should Absolutely Try.”
11. Thy Ask you To Avoid Transfat: Fast food and bakery items may have transfat content with hydrogenated oils that raise inflammation an put you at a high risk of life-threatening diseases. Artificial trans-fat not only las to wight gain, it mobilizes fat from other parts of the body towards the belly area.
12. Sleep is Important: Major studies have shown a direct link between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Less amount of sleep can shoot up the levels of fat-storing hormones and impair the functioning of fat-burning hormones. Needless to say, hormones have the final say in determining whether your body should be storing fat or burning fat! So, get a lot of zzz’s at night.

With these amazing tips, lose weight like a boss!

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